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Auction iharp. Sales by MESSES. CHURTON. ELPHICK. ROBERTS, & RICHARDSON. Oct. 6—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-st—Furs Oct. 20—At the Royal Oak Hotel, Flint—Dwelling- 11 house, &c. Oct.—At Auction Mart, Foregate-st.-Furniture i By MR. J. J. CUNNAH. Oct. 12 At the Smithfield, Chester Fat and Store Stock Oct. 12—At the Smithfield, Chester-Hill Ewes Oct. 13 At the Smithfield, Hooton Fat and Store Stock Oct. 12—At the Smithfield, Chester-Annual bale of Hill Ewes Oct. 14—At the Smithfield, Chester—Annual Show and Sale of Colts and Foals Oct. 14—At the Smithfield, Chester Horses, Carriages, Ac. By MR. GEORGE CAUNT. Oct. 8, &t\—At 12, Foregate-street, Chester- Jewellery, Clothing, &c. By MR. FRANK LLOYD. Oct. 5. 6, 7. A 8-At Wrexham—Horses and Ponies Oct. 14—At Wrexham—Coaching Horses Oct. 25—At the Wynnsta.y Arms Hotel, Wrexham Freehold Brickworks at Wheatsheaf By MR. ANDREW SMITH. Oct. 13 &. 14—At the Cattle Market, Derby—Horses By MESS RS. MAO UO.n* a LD, FRAfeER & CO. Oct. 6, 7, & 8—At Perth Sheep and Cattle MNNN 11C.5 tsu Auction. J,y (Wednesday). AUCTION FOREGATE-STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, & Co. will SELL BY AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, 6th October, 1897, commencing at 11 a.m punct- ually, a large Stock of Fashionable WINTER FURS, including valuable Sealskin Jackets and Capes, Bearskin and other Trimmings; Sable, Beaver, Otter, and other Muffs; Fur- lined Travelling Coats; Carriage and Hearth Rugs, Ac., &c. Catalogues may be had from the AUCTIONEERS. Sale of Valuable Freehold Dwelling-House, Fully Licensed Slaughter House, Yard and Buildings, AT FLINT. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK, & CO., iwM_ have received instructions from Mr. Benjamin Bennett. to SELL BY AUCTION, at the Royal Oak Hotel, Flint, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th October, 1897, at 3 for 4 o'clock p.m., punctually, the under-mentioned Valuable FREEHOLD PROPKKTY LOT 1.—An Excellent and Substantial DWELL- ING-HOUSE, known as w HILBRE with the front garden, yard, shed, shippon, &c., in the occupation of Mr. Rowland Hughes. The House contains 3 sitting-rooms, 5 bedrooms, kitchen, back kitchen, cellars, &c. LOT 2.—Fully-licensed SLAUGHTER-HOUSE at the rear of Lot 1, with the large enclosed yard, shippons, calf cote. stable, cart house, chop and boiler houses, loose box, hay lofts, piggery, poultry loft, &c. This Lot is very suitable for a mineral water manufactory. N.B.—Any further particulars may be obtained from W. H. CHURTON, Esq., Solicitor or the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARDSON, all of Chester. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the AUCTION MART, CHESTER, about the third week in October, 1897. an assortment of excellent HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and other EFFECTS. On TUESDAY NEXT. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his WEEKLY SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES. Sale to commence with Cattle at Eleven o clock prompt. Entries respectfully solicited. On TUESDAY NEXT, October 12th, 1897. Annual sale of HILL EWES. at the SMITH- FIELD, CHESTER. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH is favoured with instructions from Mr. W. E. Swetenham, to conduct his annual sale, comprising :— 300 First-rate Black-faced Ewes. 100 ditto Cheviot Ewes (guaranteed correct and never had cross-bred lambs). 100 Grand Young Cross-bred Ewes. 60 Black-faced Wether Lambs. 60 Cheviot Wether Lambs. 6 Pure-bred Leicester Lambs, bred by Mr. Richard Capstick, Bremar 8 Grand Leicester Shearling Rams, three bred by Mr. Wm. Parker, Great Stanney Hall. Sale at Two o'clock prompt. Auction Offices :—Grosvenor Chambers, Chester. On WEDNESDAY NEXT. MR. J. J. CUNNAH will hold his WEEKLY SALE of Fat and Store CAT1LE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES, at the SMITHFIELD, HOOTON, at One o'clock prompt. Entries respectfully solicited. On TUESDAY, October 12th, 1897. At the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his ANNUAL SALE of HILL EWES, com- priaing- 700 Grand Blackfaced EWES. 300 Young Cheviot EWES. On THURSDAY, October 14th, 1897. CHESTER HORSE FAIR. At the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his 16TH ANNUAL SHOW and SALE of COLTS and FOALS, when the following PRIZES will be given:— £1 for the Best Cart Colt Foal. JB1 for the Best Cart Filly Foal. JB1 for the Best Foal suitable for Harness or Hunting purposes. JE1 for the Best Yearling Colt or Filly suitable for Agricultural purposes. jEl for the Best Two-year-old Colt or Filly suitable for Agricultural purposes. JE1 for the Best Yearling Colt or Filly for Harness or Hunting purposes. JE1 for the Best Two-year-old Colt or Filly for Harness or Hunting purposes. Entries close October 9th. Judging at 11 o'clock. Sale at Half-past Twelve. Entry Forms from the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor Chambers, Chester. On THURSDAY, October 14th. 1897. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his next MONTHLY SALE of HORSES, CAR- RIAGES. and HARNESS, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER, on above date. Further entries are solicited. Sale to commence at One o'clock punctually. JOHN A. LYON AUCTIONEER, ESTATE AGENT, PRACTICAL LAND SURVEYOR & VALUER (Agent for the Linen Hall Estate). 23 Years' practical experience in Sale and Valua- tion of every description of property. Valuer for Hotel and Inn Change of Tenancy. Sales conducted. Cash settlements with Vendors at close of Sale. Furniture stored in dry lock-up rooms. OFFICES 7, ST. WERBURGH-ST., & LINEN- HALL, CHESTER. CHESTER. By Order of the Executors of the late W. M. Burton, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, and Silversmith, 12, Foregate-street, Chester. MR. GEORGE CAUNT (of Liverpool) has received instructions to SELL BY AUC- TION on FRIDAY NEXT, and several following days. on the premises, 12, Foregate-street, com- mencing each day at Eleven o'clock and Six p.m., the whole of the Valuable Stock of DIAMOND and GENERAL GEM JEWELLERY, 18-carat Gold Watches and Chains, Silver and E.ectro Plate, a large quantity of Sheffield Cutlery, Gems, Rifles, Field and Opera Glasses, valuable Pictures, China, Coins, Medals, Furs, Carpets, and upwards of 2,000 suits of Clothing, Blankets, and a vast accumulation of miscellaneous property. The Order of the Sale will be Jewellery, Plate, Guns, Pictures, China, &c., each day at 11 o'clock; the Soft Goods in the evening at 6 o'clock. To be viewed each day prior to the hours of sale. Particulars may be had on application to the AUCTIONEER, 25, Lord-street, and 20, Harrington- street, Liverpool. Telephone 5536. Telegrams 'Rostrum.' PERTH AUCTION MARKET. GREAT ANNUAL THREE DAYS' SALE of 75 000 Blackface and Cheviot Hill SHEEP and LAMBS, and 3,000 West Highland and Cross CATTLE. WEDNESDAY FIRST, 6th October, at 9.30 a.m.— 28,000 Blackface and Cheviot cast EWES, all uncrossed, sound, hardy, Ewes, direct froi* the principal Hill Flocks in the North and West of Scotland. 1,400 West Highland BULLOCKS & HEIFERS, 1, 2, and 3 year olds. THURSDAY, 7th October, at 10 a.m.— 30,000 Blackface and Cheviot WETHERS, 1, 2, and 3 year olds, the largest and best show in Scotland. FRIDAY, 8th October, at 10 a.m.— 10,000 Blackface, Cheviot, and Cross GIMMERS. 3,000 Greyface and Blackface LAMBS. 1,500 Cross CATTLE. 120 Milch COWS and CALVING QUEYS. N.B.—The attention of South Country Buyers is specially directed to the above well-known Sales, which comprise the largest and best selection obtainable of Scotch Hill Sheep and West High- land and Cross Cattle. Commissions executed for Buyers unable to attend. MACDONALD, FRASER, & Co., LTD., Perth. Sales bg Auction. F' I-F. THIS WEEK 1,400 HORSES. FRANK LLOYD'S GREAT NORTH WALES PRIZE HORSE SALES at WREXHAM. TUESDAY, Oct. 5th, 250 High-class Hunters, and Harness Horses, including 20 Match Pairs WEDNESDAY, Oct. 6th, 350 Small Horses, Trotting and Show Cobs and Ponies, including 60 winners at the leading shows of England and Wales THURSDAY, 7th, 320 Welsh Wagon Geldings, Lurry and Van Horses. An exceptionally grand lot. FRIDAY, 8th, 350 Young Horses and Foals, in- cluding 130 Two and Three-year-old Shires, 100 Shire Foals, 120 Hackney and Hunter Foals, and Young Horses THURSDAY, Oct. 14th, the North Wales Coaching Teams of 150 Horses. Parade and Judging 10-15. Sales 12-0. Horses guaranteed. Two days' trial. Catalogues 3d. FRANK LLOYD, Wrexham. VALUABLE FREEHOLD BRICKWORKS. MR. FRANK LLOYD has received instruc- tions from the Executor of the late Thomas Clayton, Esquire, to offer for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, on MONDAY, 25th October, 1897, at Three o'clock precisely, subject to conditions to be then pro- duced and read, the following Valuable Freehold PROPERTY :-All that FREEHOLD BRICKWORKS, situate at Wheatsheaf, Gwersyllt, about 22 miles from Wrexham, comprising 9a. 3r. lip. of Land, with the Plant, Machinery and Buildings, and other things necessary for the carrying on of the Works as a going concern. The Great Western and Wrexham, Mold and Connah's Quay Railways have sidings into the Works. N.B.—The Works will be offered together, with an option which the vendor has secured to purchase at a fixed price from an adjoining owner 5 acres of freehold land containing an excellent bed of clay, lying between the Great Western and Wrexham, Mold and Connah's Quay Railways. Plans and particulars can be obtained from the AUCTIONSSR and from MESSRS. EVAN MORRIS & CO., The Priory, Wrexham, Solicitors. SHIRES AT DERBY. SHIRES AT DERBY. CATTLE MARKET, DERBY. MR. ANDREW SMITH will SELL BY AUC- TION— On WEDNESDAY, October 13th- 160 SHIRE FOALS 650 YEARLINGS and Two-years-old FILLIES and ENTIRE COLTS On THURSDAY, October 14th- 120 SHIRE MARES, Three-years-old and over GELDINGS, and 40 LIGHT HORSES j (many fit for town work). Sale on the 13th at 11 o'clock, and on the 14th at 12 o'clock prompt. Write for catalogue (free) to the AUCTIONEER, 16. Derwent-street, Derby. IMPROVED WATERPROOF WAGON AND JL CART SHEETS. Prices 4 by 3yds.. 18s. 5 by 3, 22s. 6 by 4, 3os.: 6 by 5. 45-i. 7 by 5, 52s.; 8 by 6, 72s. Marked name and address Free. 1000 always stocked; samples free. HARNESS AND SADDLERY—Four-in-hand, Dog Cart, Brougham, Trap, &c. Also Farmers' Light and Heavy CART HARNESS in all lo ai styles. HORSE CLOTHS—Waterproof Oilcloths, lined, best quality, collar check. Prices 36 by 54 in., 6s. 9d; 510 by 54 iii., 9s. 6d. 60 by 54 in., 10s.; 60 by 60, 10s. 6d. Other sizes proportionate prices. Used universally by corporations, teamowners, farmers, coal merchants, furniture removers, etc. Samples free. ANDREW POTTER, Melbourne Works, Wolver- hampton, Maker to the Royal Farms. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS J. OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSKS Houses to be Let, Apartments to be Let, Situations Wanted, Money Wanted, Situations Vacant, Miscellaneous Wants, Apartments Wanted, Lost or Found, Situations Vacant, Miscellaneous Wants, Apartments Wanted, Lost or Found, And Articles to be Sold, Ire inserte(I in the CHESTKR COURANT at the undermentioned charges:- One Insertion (20 words) Is. Three Insertions 2s. 6d. And 3d. for each additional line-a line contains abont eight words. ,J. Eo be Let. .r. T 1ST OF RESIDENCES, ISSUED MONTHLY, SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION TO W. & F. BROWN & CO., CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. HOUSES TO LET. T AMONT, SON, & CO., UPHOLSTERERS, FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. LIST SENT ON APPLICATION. SHOW ROOMS EASTGATE STREET. WAREHOUSE FOR STORING FOREST HOUSE (in separate rooms). TO LET, Two good OFFICES (en suite), on first floor, 2, Newgate-street. Rent £ 20.— Apply by letter, Box 126, P.O., Chester. TO LET, HOUSE, No. 56, Watergate-st .Chester. Rent £ 40.—For particulars apply to Messrs. SHARPE & DAVISON, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. TO LET, or SOLD, HOUSE, Dee Banks, near river; three entertaining, five bedrooms modern conveniences.—Apply SMITH, 'Rudale,' Dee Banks, Chester. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, PERCY HOUSE,' Eaton-road, Chester, containing 3 entertaining-rooms and 9 bed and dressing-rooms, bathrooms, two w.c's.-Apply G. F. ADAMS, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. TO LET, at Lady-day next, REDDISH HALL FARM, Reddish, near Stockport, now in the occupation of Thomas Henry Burgess, containing about 112 statute acres. — Apply to HILL and CORDINGLEY, 90, Old-street, Ashton-under-Lyne. TO LET, a commodious and well built HOUSE, known as Crook House,' Chester, suitable for offices, with large garden thereto.—For particu- lars apply to Messrs. SHARPE & DAVISON, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. HOUSE, NO. 9, BRIDGE PLACE.—TO BE LET, this commodious RESIDENCE, con- taining large dining and drawing-rooms, study, and seven bed and dressing-rooms.—For further particulars apply to Messrs. BARKERS, COPPACK, and WICKHAM, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester. HIGHFIELD, WREXHAM.-TO BE LET, this MM very Desirable RESIDENCE, with stabling, coach-house, shipons, tennis courts, conservatories, kitchen and flower gardens, pleasure grounds, and about 5 acres of good Pasture Land. Rent R65. Immediate possession. Apply Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & Co., Solicitors, Wrexham. CHESTER.—TO BE LET, unfurnished, the Commodious RESIDENCE, No. 10, Nicholas- street. Three sitting-rooms, conservatory, 8 bed and dressing-rooms, bathroom, w.o. and lavatory, good kitchen and offices, small garden. Rent R60 per annum. Apply W. and F. BROWN & Co., Eastgate Row, Chester. HORNTON GRANGE, GRESFORD. — TO BE LET, this Substantial Detached RESI- DENCE, containing three entertaining-rooms, six bedrooms, dressing-room, bath and w.c., stabling, coach-house, servants'-room, harness-room, lawn, garden, &c. Rent X85. Immediate posseision.- Apply Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & Co., Solicitors, Wrexham. TO BE LET, or Sold, with immediate possession, "STONE VILLA," Cheyney- road, Chester, containing large entrance hall, dining and drawing rooms, kitchen, pantry, &c.; five large bedrooms, bath room, 2 w.c's., good cellar, conservatory and out-houses, and extensive gardens.—Apply to Mr. F. TURNER, Solicitor, 9, St. John-street, Chester. CHESTER.—DORCHESTER HOUSE, BOUGHTON.-TO BE LET, this capital FAMILY HOUSE, which faces south, and contains three entertaining-rooms, seven bedrooms, two dressing-rooms, bath (hot and cold water), and excellent domestic offices. Two small conserva- tories and a garden in terraces sloping down to the river, with a landing stage for boat.—Apply to MILLS & FLETCHER, Land Agents, Surveyors, and Valuers, 49, Hamilton-square, Birkenhead. FLINTSHIRE.—TO BE LET, for a term o" years, with immediate possession, "LLWYN OFFA," beautifully situated, one-and-a-half miles from Mold, a comfortable commodious FAMILY RESIDENCE, containing 3 reception rooms, 8 large bedrooms and dressing rooms, six good attics, coach house, three-stall stable, loose box, gardens, pleasure grounds, with or without farm-house and building, and 25 acres of good pasture land, with shooting over 300 acres adjoining.—Application to be made to MR. CHARLES MANSBRIDGE, St. Asaph. RESFORD.—To be LET, Unfurnished, xJT the Stone-built Gothic FAMILY RESIDENCE 'GWASTADD,' with 10 Acres of Grounds, Woodlands, and Pasture Land, situate 4 miles from Wrexham and close to Cefy-y-bedd Station (Wrexham and Liverpool Line). The House contains entrance hall, with oak stairoase, 3 recep- tion-rooms, business-room, 4 principal bedrooms, 2 dressing-rooms, bath-room, w.c., 2 servants' bedrooms, store-room, day and night nurseries, kitchen and offices, and the usual out-door appur- tenances. Stabling for 2 horses, coach-house and other requisite out-offices. Also 2 Cottages.—For j all further particulars and orders to view, apply to W. & F. BROWN & Co., Eastgate Row, Chester. prospectus. ip The SUBSCRIPTION LIST OPENED on MONDAY, October 4th, 1897, and will CLOSE on or before WEDNESDAY NEXT, October 6th, for Town, and THURSDAY, October 7th, for the country. THE DEE ESTATES -L LIMITED. Incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1893. SHARE CAPITAL £ 425,000, Divided into 175,000 5 per cent. Cumulative Preference Shares of Li each, and 250,000 Ordinary Shares of JB1 each. Payable—5s. on Application 5s. on Allotment; and the balance on November 11th, 1897. 100,000 of the Ordinary Shares will be set apart to provide Working Capital. DEBENTURES. Issue of £175,000, Four per cent. First De- bentures, redeemable after lat. October, 1902, at the option of the Directors at 105 per cent., on their giving six month's notice of their intention to do so. The Debentures will be secured by a Trust Deed constituting a first specific charge by way of mort- gage upon all the real property of the Company, and a first floating charge upon the undertaking and all the other assets, present and future, of the Company, including uncalled Capital for the time being (if any). The interest will accrue on the amounts as paid up and be payable half-yearly on the 1st day :of April and the 1st day of October. The first payment of interest upon the amount paid up will be made on the 1st April, 1898. Issue Payable— £ 25 on Application; 125 on Allotment; and the balance on November 4th, 1897. TRUSTEES FOR DEBENTURE HOLDERS. Sir Clarence Smith, Kt., J.P., 4, Queen Victoria- street, London, E.C. William Wright, J.P., Wollaton, Nottingham. SOLICITORS FOR TRUSTEES FOR DEBENTURE HOLDERS. T. and A. Priestman, Temple Buildings, Hull. DIRECTORS. The Right Hon. the Earl of March, Chairman, Sir William H. Bailey, Sale Hall, Cheshire (Managing Director Sir W. H. Bailey, Hydraulic Engineers, Limited, Manchester). Percival Fowler, M.Inst.C.E., F.G.S., Westminster, London. Wm. Nocton, Langham Hall, Colchester (Director Law Fire Insurance Society). Geo. H. Skelsey, Oxton, Cheshire. Marshall Stevens (Managing Director Trafford Park Estates, Manchester). BANKERS. Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 222, Strand, London, W.C.; Chester and other Branches, and their Agents. The Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co., Ltd., Manchester. The York City and County Banking Co., Ltd., York. The Bradford Old Bank, Ltd., Bradford; and their Branches. SOLICITORS FOR THE COMPANY. Ashwell and Tutin, London and Nottingham. BROKERS. London Read and Brigstock, 5, Austin Friars, E.C. Liverpool: Hook and Bradshaw, 4, York Buildings, Sweeting-street. Manchester Staveacre and Walton, 17, 18, and 19, Haworth's Buildings and Stock Exchange. Dublin: Henderson, Inglis and Smith, 38, Dame- street. Glasgow John Dykes, Jun., 92, St. Vincent-street. Sheffield F. E. and S. Smith, 1, George-street. AUDITORS. Mellors, Basden & Co., 35, St Swithin's Lane, London, E.C., and Nottingham. SECRETARY (pro tern.) AND REGISTERED OFFICES. Albert Henry Bellingham, Bank Buildings, Chester. PROSPECTUS. This company has been formed for the purpose of acquiring and developing the Dee estates, com- prising upwards of 3,000 acres of cultivated laud situated between the city of Chester and Queen's Ferry more than 1,200 acres of marsh land having a frontage to the river Dee and the estuary; and reclamation rights over the estuary of the Dee and Mostyn Marshes, an area estimated at about 19,000 acres, excepting so much as constitutes the bed and banks of the river vested in the Dee Con- servancy Board as well as the shipbuilding yard, stone quarries, and rocks at Connah's Quay and the Mostyn Docks. The estates are bordered on the north by the Wirral peninsula, a favourite residential district, the popularity of which has greatly increased since the opening of the Mersey Tunnel Railway, enabling almost any part of the peninsula to be reached from Liverpool within half an hour. The tunnel was opened in 1886, since which the popula- tion of West Kirby and Hoylake has increased in a remarkable extent, and both places have developed so rapidly that the population has increased many times over. It will be seen, by reference to the plan accom- panying the prospectus, that the estates are within easy distance of Liverpool, Birkenhead, and other important towns, and have exceptional railway facilities, the value of which cannot be over- estimated. The estates have recently been further opened up by the Hawarden Bridge over the Dee, and by the Dee and Birkenhead Railway, this new route from Liverpool considerably lessening the distance, bringing the estate into close touch with the largest commercial centres in the world, and consequently being of enormous benefit to the property. The estate is freehold, held under 6 Geo. II., cap. 30, and subsequent Acts. It is free from land-tax, and subject only to the Hawarden annuities, amounting to 9250 per annum, of which £ 130 per annum is charged upon and sufficiently secured by other property of ample value. The Hawarden annuities were charged by 26 Geo. II., cap. 35, in consideration of which the Lord of the Manor of Hawarden and others interested granted to the vendors' predecessors in title all their commonable rights in, over, and upon the lands in that manor on the north side of the river Dee (which comprises most of the enclosed lands). The company will acquire these rights, which they are advised include the mines and minerals. The company also acquire the rights of the vendors (if any) in the mines and minerals underlying the estuaries and other portions of the estate. An Act of Parliament passed in the year 1732, and subsequent enactments, granted certkin powers to reclaim the estuary of the Dee, which powers are continuous, and will be vested in the company. The land, which at various periods has been re- claimed from the river Dee, is exceedingly rich and fertile. Converted into farms, it lets readily at good rents, and considerable portions of it have been sold at prices varying from X60 to R80 per acre. For agricultural purposes the land cannot be excelled, and is capable of producing magnificent crops of all kinds within the first yeat of cultiva- tion. There are at present on the estate a large number of farms, having excellent homesteads and farm buildings, and well let to a responsible tenantry, for the most part of long standing. Of the 1,260 acres of what are known as the Mash Lands, having a mile frontage to the Dee, 43 acres were recently sold to Messrs. Summers and Sons, corrugated iron manufacturers, who have es- tablished entensive works thereon. The whole of the Marsh Lands are particularly well adapted for the erection of manufactories of every description, especially for chemical works, ironworks, &o., the refuse of which, if properly tipped, could be used in connection with the construction of em- bankments and sea-walls. Manufacturers would consequently not only possess the manifold advantages arising from the situation, but would be further benefited by having at hand a ready means for the disposal of their refuse, facilities for which are lacking elsewhere. A site has been laid out on the estate near the golf links and works thereon to build a village. Twenty- houses belonging to the company have been already erected, and are well let. As there is an increasing demand, it is intended to proceed immediately with the erection of a considerable number of addi- tional houses, the rents of which will yield an increasing income to the company. The whole estate has been inspected and valued by Mr. Chinnock. sen., of the well-known firm of Messrs. Chinnock, Galsworthy, and Chinnock, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, to whose detailed valuation (exclusive of the minerals) the directors invite special attention. VALUATION OF MESSRS. CHINNOCK, GALS- WORTHY, & CHINNuCK, 11, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, London, S.W., 26th July, 1897. To the Dee Estates Company, Limited. THE DEE ESTATES. Dear Sirs,—In accordance with instructions received, we have made a personal survey of the above freehold estates, situated in the parishes of Hawarden and Northop, in the counties of Flint and Chester, for the purpose of advising what in our opinion is their present value. The estates are divided into four parts, as follows:— A. R No. 1. The agricultural lands 3,100 0 No. 2. Marsh lands. 1,260 0 No. 3. The east and west estuaries and Mostyn marches, about 19,000 0 No. 4. Connah's Quay and Mostyn Docks.. 21 3 the whole embracing a total area of about 23,381 acres. TENURE. We are informed that the whole is freehold, being held by Royal Charter from the Crown, and that it is free from tithe and land tax, but is subject to the Hawarden annuities, of which £ 120 per annum is payable out of the above property, but it has been arranged that X5,000 consols be purchased by the vendors and transferred to trustees for that pur- pose, the income of which will be sufficient to cover this charge. The estates extend from north to south for about 18 miles along the estuary of the river Dee, with an average width of about two miles, and are most favourably situated, being within a short distance of large centres of industry. The city of Chester is about one and a half miles distant from their f prospectus. "J' southern extremity, while Birkenhead and Liver- pool are respectively about seven and eight miles distant on the north-east Bide, with several smaller populous towns fringing their boundaries on the east and west sides, and having a population within a radius of ten miles approaching two millions, which is rapidly increasing. They are particularly well circumstanced for railway communication, haviug several lines of railway passing through or adjacent to the pro- perty, viz. :-The London and North Western and Great Western Railways from Chester to Liverpool via Hooton; the North Wales and Liverpool Railway connecting Liverpool and Chester; the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway connecting Chester with North Wales and Sea- combe the Wirral Railway between West Kirby and Liverpool. There are four stations im- mediately adjacent to or on the property, viz.:— Blacon, Saughall, Welsh-road, and a Golf Station. THE AGRICULTURAL PORTION. No. 1. This portion of the estate comprises a compact and fine stretch of agricultural and accommodation land consisting of 3,075 acres, intersected by the main roads from Chester to Queen's Ferry, the whole being let to a highly respectable and responsible tenantry, mostly of long standing. The soil is of a deep sandy loam, easily worked and of great natural fertility, pro- ducing excellent crops, which here meet with a ready sale. Good water is obtainable throughout the estate within easy distance of the surface. No. la. At the southern western extremity of the estate there are 25 acres of land near the rail- ways, with two stations in close proximity, which is set out for a village, 20 cottages having already been erected, there being a great demand for same, and we are informed that about 200 cottages are required, and that provision is likely to be made for them. MARSH LANDS. No. 2. This comprises 1260 aores, having frontage of upwards of a mile to the river Dee, which is adapted for the erection of works, as has been proved by the land, comprising 43 acres, recently sold off to Messrs. Summers and Sons, corrugated iron manufacturers, on which have been built very valuable and extensive works, employing six hundred hands, with the option of purchasing a further 60 acres during the next one and a half years. THE ESTUARIES OF THE DEE. No. 3. This comprises the east and west estuaries of the River Dee and Mostyn Marshes, embracing an area of about £ 19,000 acres, portions of which are undoubtedly ripe for reclamation, and which we consider may be turned to profitable account. When this is effected there will be a further valuable extension of frontage to the river Dee which would be available for works. On the northern extremity of the west estuary, contiguous to West Kirby and Hoylake, there are 1,000 acres of land lying between West Kirby Point and Hilbre Island, that appear ripe for reclaiming, and when accomplished would form a valuable extension of West Kirby for building purposes. MOSTYN DOCKS AND CONNAH'S QUAY. No. 4. Mostyn Docks require improvement and extension, when a considerable accession of traffic and greatly-increased revenue may be expected. It is only 20 miles by water from Liverpool, and the nearest point thereto in North Wales. A steamer plys between it and Liverpool daily, and has done so for over 25 years, carrying passengers and produce at a quicker and cheaper rate than by rail. There are large ironworks employing a large number of hands immediately adjoining, besides the new works of the Magnetic Sewage Purification Company, which are now in course of erection and nearly completed. Connah's Quay and shipyard, which is also situ- ated on the western side of the river Dee, consists of about five acres, at present mostly used as a shipbuilding yard. VALUE. The present value of the property to a great extent lies in the land already reclaimed, and which is yearly increasing by reason of the populous sur- roundings. The ultimate value of the estuaries is, however, speculative, and for the purposes of this report we have thought it advisable to treat a considerable portion of them as being of nominal value. We believe that the estate generally possesses many valuable features, which in the hands of capitalists are capable of great develop- ment, and probably a large profitable return. We value the properties in their present state as between a willing seller and willing purchaser at the sum of Three hundred and forty-seven thousand and twenty-seven pounds (9347,027), exclusive of the mineraIE;Yours faithfully, CHINNOCK, GALSWORTHY, & CHINNOCK. The estate has also been inspected by Mr. Chas. Morris, F.S.I., of Nottingham, who reports that the total surface value is £ 360,660. The chief feature of the company's operations will be the reclamation of considerable areas of the land now forming part of the Dee estuaries, either by means of one large scheme, or by several smaller schemes dealing separately with parts of the estate. A waterway is proposed to be reserved on the Wirral side, which will take off the water from the high lands seaward and the flow of fresh water to the sea will prevent the silting up of the channel. There would then be reclaimed an area estimated at 15,000 acres, having a river frontage to the Parkgate shore of eight miles, a three-miles sea frontage to the west near Hilbre, and a ten- miles frontage to the river Dee. It is also intended to improve and extend the Mostyn Docks, and to construct a new dock at Connah's Quay, there being every reason to anticipate a large volume of traffic, and conse- quently a considerable and an increasing source of profit to the company. When the east and west estuaries of the Dee and Mostyn Marshes (some 19,000 acres) are taken in hand, there will be a further valuable extension of river frontage available for the erection of industrial works while that portion of the west estuary between West Kirby Point and Hilbre Island should form a valuable extension of West Kirby for building purposes. Reclamation works have generally proved one of the best and most permanent investments, and there is no doubt that the Dee Estate is particularly. well adapted for such purposes, the land becoming very productive, and comparing favourably with other estates upon which similar schemes have been carried out. The reclamation of the River Tees, which in nearly every detail resembles the present under- taking, resulted in a striking commercial success, more especially in view of the fact that it was necessary in the case of the Tees to obtain an Act of Parliament, and that one-fourth of the proceeds went to the Crown and a like proportion to the frontagers. The amount expended was X92,000, resulting in a return of £192,410 by the sale of part only of the reclaimed land, of which sum the shareholders received C96,205 as their proportion of the proceeds of land actually sold, leaving a similar amount to be divided between the frontagers and the Crown, the proprietors having then about 1,400 acres to sell, besides a consider- able tract for further reclamation. No Act of Parliament is necessary for the principal object of this company, viz., the reclama- tion of the estuaries of the Dee, the powers to execute the works having been already obtained, and the shareholders will be entitled to receive the whole of the benefits resulting from the under- taking. The comparison which has been instituted between the two reclamation schemes—the Tees and the Dee-is, it will be seen, largely to the advantage of the present undertaking. Mr. Alexander Wilson, C.E., in his report on the reclamation of the Seine (an undertaking carried out under conditions very similar to those which apply to the present scheme), states that not only was the navigation of the river very considerably improved, but that alluvial plains, 20.645 acres in extent, have taken the place of the shifting sands behind the embankment, the value of these plains when finally reclaimed being estimated at £ 1,338,400. It may be found desirable to form subsidiary companies for the purpose of dealing with some portions of the estate, either for reclamation, ship building, mining, or other works, for which the geographical position and conveniences of the Dee estate render it peculiarly suitable. From these sources the shareholders in the present under- taking should derive very considerable benefit. The purchase price is fixed by the vendor, Ernest Terah Hooley (who is the promoter of the company), at 9500,000, payable as to one-half in cash, and the balance in cash, debentures, or preference or ordinary shares, or partly in one and partly in the other, at the option of the directors. The vendor will pay all expenses of every kind up to and including the completion of the purchase. A London Stock Exchange settlement and quota- tion will be applied for in due course. CONTRACTS. The following contracts have been entered into:— An agreement, dated the 6th day of July, 1897, and made between George Henry Skelsey, of the one part, and Ernest Terah Hooley, of the other part, being the contract for purchase by the said Ernest Terah Hooley. Agreement for sale, dated the 28th day of September, 1897, and made between the said Erne st Terah Hooley, of the one part, and Herbert Percy King, as trustee for and on behalf of the company' of the other part. There are also other contracts relating to the formation of the company and subscriptions to the capital and otherwise, to none of which the com- pany is party, but which may technically fall within section 38 of the Companies Acts, 1867. Subscribers will be held to have had notice of all these contracts, and to have waived all right to be supplied with par- ticulars of such contracts, and to have agreed with the company, as trustee for the directors and other persons liable, not to make any claim whatsoever, or to take any proceedings under the said section in respect of any non-compliance therewith. Applications for shares and debentures should be made on the forms enclosed with the prospectus, and forwarded to the bankers of the company, with the amount of the deposit. If no allotment is made, the deposit will be returned in full, and where the number of shares or debentures allotted is less than the number applied prospectus. I for, the balance will be applied towards payment due on allotment, and any excess will be returned to the applicant. Failure to pay any instalment on debentures will render the previous payments liable to for- feiture. Copies of the Prospectus, with Forms of Applica- tion for Shares and Debentures, can be obtained at the offices of the company, or from their bankers, brokers, or solicitors. The Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Contracts and Certificates specified above, and print copy of the Draft Trust Deed can be seen at the offices of the company. London, 2nd October, 1897. j&o foe &oltu ON SALE, DOG-CART, in good condition.— P. POWELL, Coachbuilder, Chester. GWILYM EVANS' Quinine Bitters Co. Ltd., Llanelly. Good Investment, 500 £ 1 Shares on Sale, 15s. paid. Can divide. Offers wanted. Average dividend for over 10 years, 7 per cent.— H. PADFIELD, 110, Huskisson-street, Liverpool. I710R SALE, STORE PIGS, Young Tamworth Boars and Gilts; bred from prize winners, Cheshire Show, 1897. Also Large White York- shires.—For particulars apply DODD & SONS, 33, Bridge-street, Chester; or Little Mollington. SHUTTLEWORTH & SONS, Portmanteau, Bag, Dress Basket, and Trunk Manufacturers. Dress Baskets Re-covered and all Repairs by practical men. Show Rooms above shop, 40, Bridge-street, Chester. IT WILL PAY YOU TO NOTE THIS. I have a quantity of Good Government GOODS passed out of service for other patterns. s. d. Light Waterproof Sheets, 6ft. by 3ft 2 6 „ 6ft. by 6ft 5 0 Heavy, Large, Dark, Grey Waterproof Cloth Capes .2 6 Large Dark Grey Waterproof Overcoats 7 6 Patent Adjustable Headstalls, with lead attached 1 6 Horses' Nosebags, with Wide Leather Straps 1 6 Good All-wool Butis, 41b. weight.3 0 Waterproof Horses' Loin Cloths 46in. by 42in. 3 0 White Rubber Sheets, Brass Eyeletholes, 46in. by 42in..2 0 Very Strong Leather Leggings, per pair 2 0 Pocket Filters, as used by British officers .1 0 Shoulder Bags, large, with Shoulder Straps .1 0 Government Traces, 10ft. 7s.; 6ft. 5s, pair. Horses' Neck Collars, all leather, any size.6 6 Splendid, Stout, New Leather Driving Heins, 25ft. in length 4 6 Very Strong, All-leather, Horses' Head Collars .2 6 Any of the above carriage paid to your home from H. J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Bye. IMMOVABLE SCALPETTE, FROM £1 Is. TO X5 5s. NEW WEB FRINGE, I HAIR COMBINGS FROM 5s. 6D. J MADE UP, 2s. PER oz. TAILS OF PURE HAIR, 5s. 6D. TO 63s. DELICATE SHADES OF HAIR. T. SEALES BROWN, 3. LEECE STREET. LIVERPOOL. "0.1- SEantefc. A Gentleman requires APARTMENTS.— Address, stating terms, to S 28, Courant Office. WANTED, good GENERAL SERVANT, and to assist in Waiting. Character indispen- sable. Wages £ 12.—Apply CITY ARMS, Saltney. AGENTS WANTED to push first-class Machinery Oils. Liberal Commission. — Box 31, Post Office, Liverpool. A YOUNG LADY (Certificated), a successful Teacher, would be glad to give lessons in DRAWING and PAINTING in Schools, Families, or at Home.—Address D. 47, Courant Office. A YOUNG DANCING MISTRESS RECOM- MENDED for the neighbourhood of Chester. Moderate terms; good reference.—Address Mrs. ANTROBUS, Eaton Hall, Congleton. FREE Tic&ETto KLONDIKE GOLDFIELDS and £ 30 POCKET MONEY.—For full par- ticulars send lid. to the Weekly Budget, Red Lion Court, Fleet-street, London. A REPRESENTATIVE is WANTED in Chester for an important Company. To a suitable person the remuneration will be most liberal.— Address Box H 81, Office of this Journal. WANTED, a FURNISHED RESIDENCE, convenient for Manchester line, and hunting in Cheshire, preferably within a few miles of Chester 3 sitting-rooms, 6 bedrooms, &c.; stabling.—Apply to W. and F. BROWN & Co., East- gate Row, Chester. A STEADY INCOME derived from investing in our Special Combinations." The feeling of security which our method affords will recommend it to investors. 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(ESTABLISHED 1838.) Head Office: 38, RENSHAW-ST., LIVERPOOL. ADVANCES made at unusual low rates upon personal security, deeds, shares, life policies, &c. Repayable by instalments or in one sum. Full particulars on application personally or by letter. CALVERT'S Is unequalled as a remedy for Chafed Skin, Piles, Scalds, Cuts, Sore Eyes, Chapped Hands, Chil- blains, Earache, Neuralgia and Rheumatic Pains, Throat Colds, Ringworm, and Skin Ailments generally. CARBOLIC Large Pots, If I! each, a.t Chemists, or post free for value. Illustrated Pamphlet of Calvert's Carbolic Prepara- tions sent post free on application. OINTMENT. F. C. CALVERT A CO., Manchester. D R. SCOTT'S pILLS The Safest Medicine. Mild but Effectual. D R. SCOTT'S piLLS Contain the finest drugs that can be pre cared. D R. SCOTT'S pILLS Cure Sick Headaches and Nervous Depression, D R. SCOTT'S pILLS Cure Indigestion and Restore the Appetite. jQB. jgCOTT'S ipiLLS Strengthen and invigorate the whole Nervous System. JJR. 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