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HARVEST FESTIVALS. ST. OSWALD'S. The services at this church on Thursday were specially fine from a musical point of view, as the organ, which has been undergoing a process of renovation and repair, was used again for the first time at these services. The church lends itself admirably to decoration, and this work was well carried out. There were several services during the day, but the evening was the principal one, at which the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis were sung to Stainer in B flat. There was no anthem, but as a climax the Te Deum was sung to Garrett in D as an act of thanksgiving. The sermon in the evening was preached by the Rev. Stapleton Cotton. Mr. J. T. Dean presided at the organ. The thanks- giving services were continued on Sunday, when the offertories throughout the day were given to the Chester General Infirmary. ST. JOHN S. The annual harvest festival was held at St. John's, Chester, on Thursday evening. The fine old church had been tastefully decorated by a number of ladies. There was a large congrega- tion. The musical portion of the service was rendered by the choir in a manner deserving of nothing but commendation. The anthem was Praise the Lord, 0 Jerusalem' (Maunder). The lessons were read respectively by the Rev. G. C. Briggs (curate-in-charge of St. Barnabas) and W. Sparling (Upton), while the prayers were intoned by the Rev. Hicks (curate). The sernaon was preached by the Rev. J. N. Gourlie, formerly surate of St. John's, and now of Edinburgh. The other clergy present were the rettor (Canon Cooper Scott), the Revs. A. G. Child and F. Wansbrough (Burwardsley). BUNBURY. The harvest festival was held in the Parish Church on Tuesday. The afternoon and evening services were fully choral. The Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis were sung to B. Tours in F, and Stainer's anthem Ye shall dwell in the land' was effectively rendered by the choir. The service in the afternoon was conducted by the Rev. W. A. Edwards, vicar, the lessons being read by the Revs. F. R. Wansbrough (Bur- wardsley) and W. H. Cogswell, D.D. (Wallasey). In the evening the vicar and the Rev. D. Edwards (Rbyl) read the lessons, and the service was intoned by the Rev. R. M. Jones (Rhyl). Appropriate sermons were preached by the Revs. W. H. Cogswell and D. Edwards to large congregations. The church was beauti- fully decorated by the following :-Miss Bailey, Miss Dutton, the Misses Cawley, Mrs. and Miss Parker, Miss L. Woodward, Miss Kirkpatrick, the Rev. W. and Mrs. Heath, Mr. Neal and Mr. Mossford. Plants and flowers were received from Haughton Hall, Foxdale, Peckforton Castle, The Oaklands, Tilstone Lodge, Spring- field and Priestland, while an abundant supply of corn, vegetables, roots and fruit were sent by farmers and others in the neighbourhood. Mr. J. Morris Taylor presided at the organ. BUCKLEY. The harvest festival at St. Matthew's Church was held on Tuesday, which was the anniver- sary of the dedication of St. Matthew's Church, in the year 1822. The church was very taste- fully decorated by the following :—Altar, Mrs. Drew pulpit, Mrs. F. W. Prince; organ, Miss Tyson; lectern, Miss Jacobs and Miss Price; font, Miss N. Gibson and Miss Florrie Gregory choir stalls, Mrs. G. A. Parry and Miss Aggie Gregory; clergy vestry, Miss Kate Jones; lamp and windows, Mrs. Hayes Jones and Mrs. Usher, assisted by Mr. J. Hayes Jones (verger) and Mr. John Short (vicarage gardener). There was a crowded congregation at the evening service, when the Rev. S. E. Gladstone preached from St. John vi., 27. The Rev. Harry Drew (vicar) intoned the service, and the newly- appointed curate, the Rev. W., Parry de Winton Kitcat, read the lessons. The choir, which was augmented by some members of the Hawarden choir, rendered the singing in an excellent manner. Mr. R. W. Pringle (organist of Hawarden Church) presided at the organ, and Mr. James Griffiths also accompanied the hymns on the cornet, in addition to the organ, an arrangement which had a most pleasing effect. BICKERTON. On Tuesday evening the annual thanksgiving service for the ingathering of the harvest was held in the Parish Church of Holy Trinity. The sacred edifice had been prettily decorated by the following ladies:—Mrs. and Miss Brassey, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Haswell; and Mr. C. Whitting- ham. The service was fully choral, the vicar (the Rev. J. Melville Hall) intoning the prayers, and the rural dean (Canon Royds) reading the lessons. The musical portion of the seevice was effectively rendered by the choir. The anthem was "I'he Lord is loving' (G. M. Garrett). An excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. M. G. Graham, late of Malpas. CONNAH'S QUAY. On Monday and Tuesday evenings the mem- bers of the Welsh Congregational Church held their annual harvest thanksgiving service. At each of the services special hJmns were sung, Mr. H. Lloyd conducting. The services were attended by large congregations. KELSALL. The harvest festival was held in St. Philip's Church, on Tuesday evening, when the sacred edifice was crowded. As usual the church was beautifully decorated, the work being under- taken by the following ladies :—Mrs. Atkinson, the Misses Maddock (2), the Misses Turner (2), Mrs. Clarke, the Misses Lightfoot (2), and Mr.' Atkinson, while Mr. J. Tomkinson, of the Wil- lingtons, sent a choice collection of plants. The service, which was fully choral, commenced with the processional hymn Come, ye thankful people, come.' The anthem was All Thy works praise Thee,' which was beautifully rendered by the united choirs of Tarvin and Kelsall. The special Psalms were the 147th, 149th, and 150th, which were sung to chants by Walmsley, Woodward, and Humphreys. The preacher was the Rev. E. S. Richardson, vicar of St. Matthew's, Bolton, who delivered an excellent sermon from the text The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof.' The col- lection, which amounted to X4 3s., will be divided between the Roof Restoration Fund and the Sunday School Fund. The following clergy took part in the service: The Revs. T. J. Evans (vicar), B. N. Atkinson, S. Cory (Duddon), and A. H. Heygate (Ashton Hayes). SAUGHALL. The harvest festival was held at St. Bartholo- mew's on Wednesday evening, when so large a congregation assembled that many parishioners had to return home, owing to lack of accommoda- tion. The sermon was preached by the Rev. U. H. Allah, M.A., who was formerly curate-in- charge of St. Bartholomew's, and who was a general favourite not only among Church people, but among the Nonconformists. The decorations, as usual, were pretty in the ex- treme. ALDFORD. The harvest thanksgiving service was held in the Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Aldford, on Thursday evening, the service being con- ducted by the Rev. W. Hall, of Chester. The chapel was tastefully decorated by the following: Mrs. Astbury, Mrs. Cuffin, Mrs. Bowker, Mrs. Lewis, and Miss M. Cotton. Mrs. Mullock, of Poulton, kindly gave a cheese, other members of the congregation giving eggs, butter, bread, honey, fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Mr. S. Thomas presided at the harmonium. TARVIN. The annual harvest festival was held on Wednesday evening. The preacher was the Rev. Edward Bryans, rector of Minchinhamp- ton, eldest son of the Rev. W. Bryans, for many years vicar of Tarvin. The service was fully choral, and opened with the well-known hymn All people that on earth do dwell.' The Rev. B. N. Atkinson intoned the prayers, the Rev. J. Cory read the first lesson, and the Vicar the second lesson, after which the special harvest anthem, All Thy works praise Thee, 0 God' (Caleb Simper), was splendidly rendered by the choir, the soprano solos being admirably sung by Miss R. Sherwin. Praise is due to Mr. Wilkes (choirmaster) and to Mrs. Wilkes (organist) for the musical part of the service. The Rev. E. L. Bryan in his sermon said he esteemed it a great privilege to stand in that pulpit once more, after so many years of absence. Tarvin Church was 4car to him in a peculiar sence-more than any other place could be, and he was glad to see such a large congregation gathered to give thanks for the bountiful harvest. The church was tastefully decorated by Mrs. Evans, Miss Frewin, Miss Stottenhoff, Miss Ankers, Miss Robinson, Miss Fauster, Miss G. Howcroft, Miss Lea (of Stapleford Hall), the Misses Smith, the Misses Wright, Miss Handley, Miss Shur- rock, Miss Ball, Miss Howcroft, Miss Sherwin, the Misses Egginton, Miss Robinson. Flowers and fruit were sent by Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Dodd, Mrs. G. Johnson, Mr. J. Roberts, Mrs. A. Wright, and Mrs. Beckett; while Mr. S. Wilson contributed a small haystack. The beautiful plants which were placed around the altar and choir stalls were kindly lent by Mrs. Frewin The collection realised £ 5 7s., and will be divided between the Chester Infirmary and the Diocesan Societies. WHITCHURCH. Harvest thanksgiving services were held at the parish church on Thursday. The church was full at the evening service, the clergy present being the Revs. W. H. Egerton (rector), A. H. Talbot (Provost of Denston), E. D. Holditch, J. L. Vincent, G. R. Plant, and G. H. C. Moir. The Rev. E. D. Holditch read the first lesson, and the rector the second, the prayers being intoned by the Revs. Plant and Vincent. During the service special hymns were sung, the anthem being Sing a song of praise' (by Sir John Stainer). The sermon was preached by the Rev. A. H. Talbot, the text being taken from Mathew iii., 12. KINNERTON. This was held on Thursday evening, the church for the occasion being tastefully and neatly decorated, and looking extremely effective. Pot plants were sent by Mr. Collinge, Mr. Beckett, and Mr. Evans (Post Office). The chief decorators were Mrs. Trampleasure, the Misses Cannon, Miss Bletcher, Miss Price Davies, and Mrs. Shingler, the three latter undertaking the dressing of the lamps. The service was very hearty, Miss Collinge singing Bunnett's Nunc Dimittis as a solo very sweetly. The Rev. Chaplin Wilkinson preached an excellent sermon to a crowded congregation on goodness. On Sunday afternoon a festal children's service was held in conjunction with the above, the Rev. J. C. Trampleasure officiating. Collections at both services were divided between the Chester Infirmary and the medical charity of the district. FRODSHAM. Successful harvest festival thanksgiving ser- vices were held in the Union Church, Frodsham Bridge, on Sunday, when sermons, appropriate to the festival season, were ably preached by the Rev. E. Herbert Hooper, the newly- appointed pastor. The interior of the church was beautifully adorned with harvest produce, fruit, and exquisite flowers, in a very artistic style, by members of the congregation, and were much admired by those present. Special hymns, &c., were sung by the augmented choir. In the afternoon, a children's service was con- ducted by the Rev. J. Osborne, B.A., of Runcorn, who gave an address, and the special hymns were well sung by the juveniles, great credit being due to Mr. C. H. Hibbertt for his evident labour in preparing them. The collections were in aid of the Sunday School fund. The first of the annual harvest festival thanksgiving services was observed in the Iron Church, Frodsham, on Thursday evening. The interior of the sacred edifice presented a very pretty appearance, being beautifully decorated with harvest produce, flowers, fruit, and evergreens. The following ladies were responsible for the decorations :-The Misses Ashley, N. Wilkinson, A. Wilkinson, A. Teare, G. Edwards, A. B. Edwards, A. Robinson, Alice Barrow, and Annie Barrow. Burstall's cathedral responses were used, and the service, which was fully choral, was intoned by the Rev. W. T. Dickinson, senior curate, while the Rev. H. B. Blogg, M.A., vicar, read the two lessons. An appropriate sermon was preached by the Rev. A. Spafford, of Birkenhead, late vicar of Helsby, his text being taken from St. Mark, iv. chap.—' Firat the blade, then the ear, and then the full corn in the ear.' The musical portion of the service was very effective, the efficient choir, under the conductorship of Mr. C. H. Hibbertt, choirmaster and organist, being heard to excellent advantage. The anthem, Ye shall dwell in the land' (Stainer), was finely rendered, solos being well sung by Mr. John Holland, sen. (bass), and Miss Terry (soprano). Special harvest hymns were sung, O God of Abraham, praise' being the pro- cessional, and Onward, Christian soldiers' the recessional. The collection was in aid of the Chester Infirmary and the Parochial Nurse Fund. The service was continued on Sunday evening, the church being packed. The Rev. A. P. Alexander, vicar of Alvanley, preached, and special hymns and services were again taken. The collection was for church expenses.



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