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DISTRICT AND PARISH COUNCILS. HAWARDEN PARISH. The electors of the Parish Council have now an opportunity of realising the cost of the maintenance of a Council in their midst, through the provision of printed copies of the accounts. The rates supplied L100 (July 22nd, 1895, R50, and 14th March, 1896, L50). The expenses have been for the first election, £31 3s. repairs to the Gladstone Fountain, R3- 17s. 4d.; and establishment charges for layo, £ 11 Os. 9d.; 1897, R14 6s. 6d., making a total of E507s. 7d., leaving a balance for the present Council of R39 12s. 5d. The meetings of the Council have been frequent, being 19 in 1896, and 16 in 1897; while committee meetings numbered 15 in 1896, and 7 in 1897; while there were eight inspecting committees appointed to visit and report on drainage, ditches, fences, footpaths, roads, stiles, railway crossings, watercourses, and water supply. The results of the Council's work is not recorded, and so left for the judgment of the electors, which cannot but be favourable, considering the limited power allotted to Parish Councils. HOPE PARISH. APPLICATION BY THE CLERK FOR MORE SALARY. A meeting of this Council was held in Abermorddu Board School on Tuesday evening, Mr. E. O. Probert presiding. The Clerk read a reply from the Secretary of State re Shelbourne's grave, in which he said that, providing the Council saw no objection and the coffin was not disturbed, the grave might be opened for the purpose desired with- out the licence of the -Secretary of State.— After some discussion, Mr. T. H. Ellis moved that Shelbourne be allowed to open the grave he thought his late wife was buried in, in the presence of the members of the Parish Council, he bearing all expense.—The clerk was accordingly instructed to write to Shelbourne to this effect, allowing him to view the co ffin plate only, the work to be done by the parish sexton. -Mr. H. G. Roberts, C.C., wrote to say that Mr. Win. Lewis and he had visited the Gwalier at Caergwrle, and there were undoubtedly nuisancel at the top of the lane which should be reported to the District Council.—Mr. Wm. Lewis proposed that the clerk write to the I District Council to instruct their sanitary officer to visit the Gwalior, Ffrith, and Ffrwd.— Mr. Wm. Piercey seconded, stating that he could testify very strongly to the nuisances at the Gwalior. In one case there was stagnant water under a house. The chairman of the Sanitary Committee ought to be notified of the visit of the sanitary authority, that he might be present.—Mr. Fred. Jones, the clerk, said he was sadly underpaid, and when he took office, it was to oblige .the Council. If he had been'asked at the formation of the Council to take office, he should have refused. The work had greatly increased, and he now found that much of the work of the Burial Board also went through his bands, and, he might add, that he was paid less than other officers in the surrounding districts.—Mr. Bellis thought it better to postpone the matter until they had information from p-irishes as to payment of their clerks.—The Cit- 1. k said other officials received 9-10, and Mr. Bellis rejoined that he knew some who received P,5.-The Clerk com- plained of the vast amount of work entailed in letter writing.—Mr. Bellis said he had been talking to the ratepayers, and they con- sidered the clerk was better paid than any other officer in the parish, and he thought so too.—Mr. Piercey did not see why extraneous matter should be introduced. They had nothing to do with his other work as assistant overseer; the question was whether he was deserving of this increase or not. (Hear, hear.)-Mr. Bellis thought the Clerk had a very nice living. (Laughter.) The Clerk said he could not do the work under X10. He might as well tell them straight. (' Oh !')—Mr. Ellis moved that the question remain in abeyance until such time as they received information from the surrounding parishes as to what was paid.—Mr. Bellis seconded, and eventually the resolution was carried. FRODSHAM PARISH. UNFORTUNATE BONDSMEN. A meeting of the Frodsham Lordship Parish Council took place in the Boys' School, Overton, on Monday night, Mr. H. Tiley presiding. The Chairman read a letter from the solicitors of the bondsmen of Mr. John Challoner, late assistant overseer-who, it is alleged, has decamped, leaving the overseers over £ 24.1 in debt—demanding the sum of L20 15s., said to be due to Challoner as salary.—Asked to read the minutes of a meeting held on April 15th, 1896, bearing on the assistant overseer's salary, the Clerk read the following :—" On the motion of Mr. Jas. Percival, seconded by Mr. Thos. Lewis, it was resolved that the usual salary of 910 for the half-year be paid the assistant overseer, on account of making out and collecting the poor rate." Regarding the other 10, the Chairman said that.C5 of it was for the sanitary rate, but it was not legally due to Challoner, he having only made demand notes out, and not collected money, whereas according to appointment and resolution he should have done both. The other X5 was promised by the two late overseers on account of Agricultural rate, and they were not really bound to pay that sum.- Mr. Charles Reynolds: It will, after all, only be an act of grace for us to sanction the pay- ment of that X5 for agricultural rate.—Mr. James Percival: I think it is our duty to do all we can for the bondsmen.—Mr. Robert Shepherd: For the parish as well as the bondsmen.—The Chairman said that out of the X15 two guineas were due to Mr. Riley, and a month or six weeks' salary to Mr. George Aston, present assistant overseer, who worked Mr. Challoner's time out when that person left them in the lurch.—Mr. James Percival moved, that in the opinion of the Lordship Parish Councillors, it was a fair thing to do to advise the overseers to allow the £ 15, after deducting the two guineas and Mr. Aston's six weeks salary, subject to having proper security guaranteed.—Mr. Davies seconded, and on being put to the meeting it was carried unanimously. On the motion of Mr. R. Bate, seconded by Mr. Lewis, it was resolved that the present assistant overseer receive the same salary as before, namely, £5 for the half year, for making out and collecting poor rate. Letters were read by the Chairman from the chairman of the Helsby Water Committee, with various suggestions as to amalgamating with them, but it was resolved to leave them on the table.- The Clerk said that X121 10s. 5d.-half the sum owing bad been paid over by Mr. Challoner's bondsmen to the overseers.


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