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I'm tester 100 Years Aqo.…


I'm tester 100 Years Aqo. « INTERESTING REMINISCENCES. Being notes given week by week of matters con- nected with Chester and the locality a hundred years ago. leonlpiled from the Chester Courant, Oct. 3rd, 1797.) EMBARRASSING. A. droll adventure took place at Margate a *0w days ago, the commencement of which was Nearly tragical, but it, fortunately for the persons concerned, terminated in a farce. By some neglect of the driver, the machine, in which were two ladies, got afloat, and, it being e bb of the tide, was drifting fast to sea. Their cries attracted the attention of three gen- tlemen whs were amusing themselves in swimming. They got into a boat, and pushed off to the succour of the afflicted fair ones, to whom they presented themselves literally in Puris naturalibus. Life is sweet, and the damsels were happy to be rowed to shore." CHINESE MANNERS AND CUSTOMS. "The Chinese are perhaps upon the average better able to support moderate labour with ttle intermission than any of the lower classes hn Europe. They are bred in better and sounder habits, and continue longer under the direction their parents. They are for the most part j they marry early they are less exposed T° 'he temptations of debauchery; are less liable w contract diseases which corrupt the springs life; their lives are more regular and uniform, has been calculated upon the authority of facts and observations that, notwithstanding the baneful luxuries in which the European Tlch indulge, the disorders of repletion, inactivity and vice to which they are subject; the mean "duration of their lives exceeds about ten years that of their inferiors, whom excessive fatigue had contributed to wear out before their time, whom poverty had deprived of the means of proportional comfort and subsistence who are more exposed to the inclemencies of the weather And accidents of life, and less guarded against their effects, as well as most liable to diseases, with less leisure or means to cure. The Chinese have no Sunday nor even such a division as a week. The temples are, however, -open every day for the visits of devotees. Persons of that description have from time to time made grants, though to no great amount, for the maintenance of their clergy, but no lands *re subject to ecclesiastical tithes. A land tax has been substituted in the last reign to a poll x, as better proportioned to the faculties of Individuals. Most imports and all luxuries are likewise taxed; but the duty being added to the original price of the articles, is seldom dis- tinguished from it by the consumer. A transit uty is laid likewise on goods passing from one Province to another. Each province in ^hina, which may be compared to an European kingdom, is noted chiefly from the production of some particular article, conveyance of which, to supply the for it in the other, raises this duty to Considerable sum, and forms the great internal mere of the empire. Presents from the /paries and subjects of the Emperor and the ^cations of opulent criminals are not over- Duhl enumerating the resources of the • jr?asury- Taxes, such as upon rice, are on ei^f. ,^n kind. The several species of grain can! many of the poorer classes of the an 6 u are exempted from the taxation; s wheat, to which rice is always preferred." «»P. QUEEN'S BOUNTY. ■wi'fv. i,6 Presenk Queen of Portugal, in common r ^ounf1'ymen, entertained a strong pre- th«p n • °r tne English nation. The protection with !^e.1Vfe^ fr om England in their last war Brifi ^he generous assistance of the earth8 ,r^ament at the time of the great by ^uake, were held in grateful remembrance acofiJ61^ ^>or^uf?uese. Previous to the Queen's dern S1°n throne, she had evinced a ten- to that religious frenzy and affli TCy w^h which she is now so heavily lje and as soen as she had possessed el* of the reins of government, nati 8 her affection for the English issued an ordonance that every OftVSb,manwho would embrace the doctrines atn ^.kurch of Rome should receive a reward, and unbng in currency to about four pounds, than a D8W 8U^ oloaths; her success more Ve efiualled her expectations, not a British an SSe I ntered the Tagus but the men were one a|i converted as good Catholics as money ere C ^3 could make them, and as for the b0y i the packets, tbey received the Queen's tin. money (as they termed it) five or six 68 over, as they constantly complained on a return from Falmouth of the strong U^^lts their relatives and friends had made at|Q their newly-adopted tenets. The Queen length discovered that the pious work she fk ^egun could not be accomplished, even if whole riches of the Brazils had been put in Requisition, and the ordonance was revoked to the great dissatisfaction and chagrin of the British tars."

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