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ART METAL WORK IN GATES* AND GRILLES. & 9^ 151? Jc |y]1i IRON HURDLES, WIRE FENCING, FIELD GATES, CORRUGATED IRON ROOFING, &c. W. H. PEAKE & SONS, MANUFACTURERS, ,25 & 27. SEEL STREET, LIVERPOOL. N 0 H 0 Iti E sVIJE JOHN HILL& SON'S RICH CAKES. For Breakfast, Dinner, Tea. or Plc-nle, they are Just the right finish, and they charm all. Yearly Bales excead 12,000,000 lbs. Sold by Grocers and Stores. Refuse Imitations. TUDNO CAKE FACTORY, Ashton-under-Lyne. FOR SUMMER USE. CARBOLIC #^SUllilVL§4 TOILET SOAPS IMlllBTlTim (6d. Tablets). IIMimOllV CARBOLIC PRICKLY yrZiti 1 HEAT SOAPS (6d. and 1s. Bars). ARE THE BEST. Can be obtained at Chemists, Stores, &c., or 1/- worth aud upwards post free for value. F. C. Calvert & Co. P Manchester Awarded 76 Gold and Silver Medals, &c. JThe PICK c TEA aye, the choicest leaf that's plucked, is bought and blended by Brooke, 'V" Bonds, and you buy it in the dainty lemon-tinted packet, guaranteed by their celebrated seal and signature. Brooke, Bonds get the pick of all the v.\ finest gardens in British India and JSf. Ceylon, aye, and the pick of all the j thousand times a thousand chests that are sold in the London Tea Market, ■*9* « the largest in the world. So you may f-» be absolutely sure that the very best 3^. tea that you can buy anywhere at the <i price + èz I BROOKE, BONDS'. 2^ The best possible proof that this is so, is the fact that two-million "DBF British people drink BROOKE, BONDS' ''V TEA every day. These 2,000,000 nJfer patrons are all shrewd judges of what they get, week after week, and you a will realise, as well as they do, that they would not buy Brooke, Bonds' Tea, year in, year out, unless they had found out for themselves that this is the perfection, the very pick v&gm o' tea. It is sold by AGENTS EVERYWHERE, At 1/ 1/2,1/4,1/8, 2/ 2/4, 2/8 a lb. — *• !T BROOKE, BOND & CO.,X LIMITED, THE LANCASHIRE TEA WAREHOUSES s^ I. A, BOON TO WEAK MEN- An originally scientific means of Curing NervoB*] Debility and its Various Physical and Nervous Aw** ments without the use of Nauseous Stomach Medicines* The Method is easy and, and a Permanent Effective Cure is ensured ir all cases of Weakness w*1 Young and Old Men. A fully Explanatory Pamjr nle sent sealed, Post Address—J. MUBRAY, 7 Southampton Bow, Bio* Holborn, London, W.C. FOB THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. f CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE FAMED CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE- FAMED CCLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE.. | J FAMED [ THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. j THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. I THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. I THE BLOOD The Blood is the source from wbi^" | our systems are built up. and fro"! f TTTTH WT.OnTl which -we derive our mental as we» 11(1 as our physical capabilities. If tbf _rT„ _r „ „ „ blood is diseased the body is disease rflHE BLOOD and enfeebled. 1 Clarke's Blood Mixture is THE BLOOD ranted to cleanse the blood ft0zi all impuriti'S, from whatever cau^7 r uu t>T aati arising. In cases of Scrofula, Scur^J| rilHt BL.OOD Eczema> Bad Leg3( skin and Diseases, Pimples, aud Sores of rriHE BLOOD kinds its effects are I Thousands of wonderful cures THE BLOOD effected by it. Langley, Wiveliscombe, Somer9fl*r THE BLOOD 23rd July, 1896. Dear Sirs,—1 beg to testify[to rwf itTj* bt aat\ efficacy of Clarke's Blood Mix^ r|lH.E BLOOD Kor some cousi(jerabie time I -rL suffering very badly from Ecze^*T FT1HE BLOOD the pain and irritation at night JL something dreadful. My neck THE BLOOD bad I could not wear a collar. first it came on I attended a docto*i mTTir RT OOT* 8'ave me ointment, lotion, r|Uii<j BLOOD meaiCjne but all to no purpose, T- TI_, T1T gradually got worse. I was readifA HE BLOOD about a cure effected by Blood Mixture, and thought I w01ifl niHE BLOOD ir7.a bottle, but with very 1^' I faith. After I had one battle t rr,TTp t>t nrm sores began to dry up and f 1 lrlrj BLOOD ftn(| when I had taken three M 2s. 9d. size, I was completely cui°" THE BLOOD I shall alwaj s recommend it to one I know suffering from THE BLOOD disease, as it is really a marveUo C thing, and deserves recornme»d £ mwF prnnn £ ion' A11iI,can sa^ is- that 1 ^3 r I Uiii BLOOD truly grateful for my recovery. JL remain, yours faithfully, „ THE BLOOD "ALBERT XT,, THOUSAN DS OF TESTIMONIAL J B lHE BLOOD I For cleansing and clearing ies rriWTi1 TfTnnn bk"a froin a11 impurities, Cl»r^w r 11x1 & BLOOD Blood Mixture cannot be too -1- recommenced. ,ug THE BLOOD As this mixture is pleasant to taste, and warranted free TWT7" TIT rvrm thing injurious to the raost deUCg, HE BLOOD constitution of either sex. T__ infancy to old age, the propria, T |1HE BLOOD solicit sufferers to give it a tria* I test its value. THE BLOOD Sold in bottles 2s. 9d. each b Chemists and Patent Medicine » g ■ iTTTTt tjt AA"n dors throughout the V/orld, or gj f I 1 nxli iJLUUJJ to any address on receipt o stamps by the Proprietors, rtr1jg THE BLOOD Lincoln and Midland Counties V1 Company, Lincoln. -j* v CCLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTt^ J FAMED CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTU*^ FAMED WHEN you ASK for CLARKE'S BLOOD MlXT^f don't be put off with something else. retailers stock substitutes for all articles in large dei^^eg0 and pay their assistants a commission on the sale o» imitations. This explains why different article^ the one asked for are so frequently put before EVERY MAN AfJ SUFFERING from NERVOUS and PHYSl^ DEBILITY should send for a valuable PeJz £ eit explaining how all nervous and organic may be successfully treated without stomach meaic** The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect I and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Post D. NORTON, 249t. HIGH HOLBOBN, LONDON, Established 30 Years.