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COURANT Office, Tuesday Evening.






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WIRRAL FOAL SHOW. The eleventh foal, yearling, and two-year-old show and sale, under the auspices of the Wirral Farmers' Club, were held in the Hooton Smith- field on Monday. The entries numbered 108' an increase of about 25 upon last year, and there was a better attendance than usual around the enclosure, despite the rather chilling wind, which made standing for any length of time in the open very uncomfortable. The following gentlemen acted as judges.— Heavy horses, Messrs. J. Hill (Smethwick Hall) and J. Stuart (Knutsford); light horses, Mr. W. Jones (Neston) and Captain Kerr. In point of quality there was also a considerable improve- ment visible, and the club, by promoting this annual show among its members, has done much to improve the breed of horses in the district. In the heavy classes there were over eighty entries. The mares shewn were par- ticularly good, there being many useful breeding animals among the number. The foals were also a superior lot, those bred by Mr. Chadwick's horses being particularly promising. In the class for cart colt foals there were twelve entries, and among the number were several very fine youngsters. Mr. P. Allen, of Willaston Hall, Chester, had matters pretty much his own way in this section, carrying off all three prizes, the first- prize winner, a grey colt by Apostle, having also occupied the same position at the recent Chester show. Cart filly foals were also a good class, and in this section premier honours were awarded to a chestnut colt out of Fearless by Apostle, the property of Mr. Thomas Davies, Need wood, Bebington. She is a beautiful short-legged filly, with perfect feet and joints, and was placed by the judges before a massive black filly belonging to Mr. John Bentley, Church Farm, Stoak, near Chester, which was first in its class at Chester. She is rather higher in the leg than Mr. Davies's filly, but is a very good type of animal. Mr. Davies's filly was also awarded a special prize, presented by the Sheriff of Chester, for the best filly foal in the show. The silver challenge cup, value ES, for the best cart mare and foal, the gift of Mr. G. W. Ziegler, was won for the second time by Mr. P. Allen, and now becomes his property outright. The Shire Horse Society's medal for the best brood mare went to an exceptionally taking grey mare, the property of Mr. Geo. A. Brown, of Bankfields, just beating Mr. S. Jones' two- year-old bay byCalwich Combination, a previous winner. The yearling and two-year old classes were not numerous, but the quality was good. In the section for hunters and roadsters com- petition was fairly keen. In the class for hunters, colt or filly, there were five entries, and Mr. Geo. A. Brown proved an easy first with a beautiful bay filly, full of quality,and with fine action. She is of the true hunter type, with the right sort of shoulder. The second prize winner, belonging to Mr. J. Barnes, Lower Bebington, was also a very nice animal. The roadster class attracted 14 entries, and here Mr. Geo. W. Ziegler, Landican, was placed first with the chestnut filly out of Unique which won at the Birkeahead show. She is a lovely even filly, with perfect hocks and knees, but lacked a little in dash. The second prize winner, belonging to Mrs. Milton, Raby Hall Farm, had real hackney action, but was rather light in bone. In the class for foals by Mr. G. W. Ziegler's horse Surefoot, Mr. Thos. Molyneux, of Neston, secured first place with a beautifully even chestnut. At the close of the show, the foals and mares entered for sale were put up by auction by Mr. John P. Carter, of Chester, by whom the club had been granted the use of the smithfield. The show through- out proved a great success, and the arrange- ments made by the committee and secretary, Mr. T. Johnson, of Prenton, were in every respect complete. The officials were:— President, Mr. Thos. Davies, Needwood; vice- presidents, Messrs. W. Houghton, Oxton, and R. Jones, Arrowe; and stewards, Messrs. G. H. Smith, R. Ravenshaw, and W. Milton. The following were the awards:— Cart colt foaL-I, 2 and 3, P. Allen, Willaston Hall, Chester; r, Mrs. Milton, Raby Hall Farm, Bromboroagh; h c, John Christopherson, the Stud Farm, Hooton. Cart filly foal.—1 and h c, T. Davies, Needwood, Bebington; c, Malcolm Taylor, Barnston, Birken- head. Foal by Wirral Club Horse.—1 and 2, T. Davies; 3, R. P. Jones, Arrowe; h c, Mrs. Gaskell, per A.G., Prenton Hall; c, P. Parkinson, Bidston. Foal by Mr. Hughes' horse Atlas 111.1, Malcolm Taylor; r, W. Smallwood, Ledsham; c, J. Barnes, Lower Bebington. Foal by any of Mr. Chadwick's horses.-l, T. Davies 2, 3 and h c, P. Allen; c, Exor. of late J. Kellett, Overpool, Sutton. Special prize for best filly foal.—T. Davies. Silver challenge cup, value£5, for best cart mare and foal, the property of a member of the Wirral Farmers' Club: 1, P. Allen, Willaston Hall; r, executors of late J. Kellet, Overpool, Sutton h c, Chas. Hancock, Barnston. Shire Horse Society's medal for best shire mare, filly, or filly foal, that is registered or eligible for registration in the stud book: 1, Geo. A. Brown, Bankfield's Farm, Eastham 2, S. Jones, Poole Hall, Little Sutton. Yearling cart gelding or filly: 1, Thos. Davies, Needwood, Bebington; 2, Mrs. Gaskell, per A. Gr., Prenton Hall; 3. Geo. A. Brown: h c- T- I P. Briscoe, Thingwall. Two-year-old cart gelding or filly: 1, S. Jones; 2, Mrs. H. Ledward, Hill Bank, Frankby; 3 and h c, John Christopherson, Stud Farm, Hooton; c, E. Tickle, Burton. Hunter colt or filly.-l, Geo. A. Brown, Bank- field's Farm, Eastham; 2, J. Barnes, Lower Bebington 3, Malcolm Taylor, Barnston, Birken- head. Roadster colt or filly.—1 and c, Geo. W. Ziegler Landican; 2, Mrs. Milton, Raby Hall Farm, Brom- borough; 3, Thomas Molyneux, Neston; r, Wm. Norman Briscoe, Great Neston. Foal by Mr. G. W. Ziegler's horse, 'Surefoot.'— 1, Thomas Molyneux, Neston; r, Thos. Davies, Needwood, Bebington; c, George W. Ziegler' Landican, and Malcolm Taylor, Barnston, Birken- head.








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