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auction Diatp. Sales by MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK., ROBERTS. & RICHARDSON. i Sept. 25-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Houses and ija,nd at Wa'. erton Sept. 23 & 2V—At the Auction Mart Foregate street-Household FurBiture and Effects Sept. 29-At the Patten Arms Hotel, Warrington- Building Land and Quarry at Helsby Sept. 30-At the Great Western Goods Yard-Hay, Railway Sleepers, Timber, &c. By MR. J. J. CUNNAR. Sept. 25-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Villa Residence and -Dikel,ing-Houses in Cambrian View and Cambrian Orescent Ti R„a Sept. 27—At The Cottasre, Ellesmere Port—Horses, Live Stock, a.nd Effects Sept. 28-At the Smithfield, Chester-Fat and Store 8tock Sept. 29-At the Smithfield, Hooton-Fat and Store Stock Sept. 29-At the Smithfield, Hooton-Rams and StOre Ewes Sept. 30-At the Smithfield, Chester-Stock Rams and Store Ewes Oct. 5-At the Smithfield, Chester-Dutch Bulbs and Plants OctChester-Annual Sale of Hill Ewes Oct 14—At the Smithfield, Chester—Annual Show and Sale of Colts and Foals By MR. FRANK LLOYD. Oct. 5, 6, 7, & 8-At Wrexham-Horses and Ponies By MESSRS. W. G. PREECE & SON. Oct. 1-At Shrewsbury Smithfield Shropshire Sheep By MESSRS. WM. HALL,WATERIDGE & OWEN Sept. 25-At Shrewsbury-Horses By MR. GAVIN LOW. Sept. 23-At 50, Prussia-st., Dublin-Store Cattle By MESSRS. MACDONALD, FRASER & CO. Sept. 28-At Lairg, Sutherlandshire-Sheep Sept. 30 & Oct. 1-At Inverness-Sheep and Cattle Oct. 6, 7, & 8-At Perth Sheep and Cattle Sales bs Suction. On Saturday Next. WAVERTON, NEAR CHESTER. Sale of Two Valuable Dwelling-Houses, with large Garden, situate near the • Brown Cow Inn, about hali-a-mile from the Waverton Station, and about h-If that distance from the new station now in course of erection. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. WUI SELL BY AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel Chests, on SATURDAY, the 25th September 1897, at Two for Three o'clock punctually, subject ^TWmble Freehold DWELLING- HOUSES, known as Holly an<* R°ae Oottase with the yards, out-offices, and large S"deS' b Artag thereto in the rejectee occupation of Mr. Beal and the Owner. The Property has a considerable frontage to a good road, and a portion of the Land is eligible for ^w^f-For any further information apply to W. H. CHURTON, Esq., Solicitor or the AUCTION- KERB. all of Chester. AUCTION MART, FOREGATE-STREET, U CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. will K'BODSEHOLS-^NXTDta suitas, upholstered in tapestry, damask, and cloth, double and single-headed couches, single and lounging chairs, mahogany, zebra wood, and Sd dining, loo, card, and other tables several fine-toned full compass cottage pianofortes, maho- gany pedestal sideboards, mahogany and rosewood cbiffonnieres, mahogany escretoire, maboga y bureau, brilliant chimney glasses and overmantels, chemists mahogany shop fittings, mciudnig upn ht and counter show cases of various sizes, fitted with Sate glass miniature billiard board with balls and cues, antique oak linen chest, clocks and time- nieces -lass china, plated goods, keyless watches, bicycles iron and brass bedsteads spring, hair aud wool mattresses, feather beds, mahogany wardrobes, dressing and wash tables, chests ot drawers, toilet services, iron and brass fenders, linen and blankets, carpets, a few books, kitchen ii 1-(mails, and other effects. Catalogues may be had from the AUCTIONEERS, Chester. HELSBY, CHESHIRE. By Order of Mortgagees. Sale of Valuable BUILDING LAND and STONE QUARRY, by Auction by MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO., at the Patten Arms Hotel, Warrington, on WEDNKSDAY, September 29th 1897 at Two for Three o'clock prompt, in one lot and subject to the conditions of sale of the Manchester Incor- porated Law Association and special conditions- All that Piece of BUILDING LAND and OUARRY, known as the Pump Lot,' situate on the westerly side of Helsby Hill, containing 8 acres 3 roods and 19 perches or thereabouts in the occupation of Mr. Alfred Broady (excepting the Quarry, which is in hand). The Property commands extensive views of a fairly wooded country extending to Chester and the Welsh hills.. — There is upon the land a Bed of excellent Red Sandstone nearly 40 feet deep, and from the adjoin- ing quarry large quantities of stone have been supplied to the Birkenhead, Holyhead, and other dock and harbour works. For particulars and plan apply the Auctioneers, Messrs CHURTON, ELPHIUK, ROBERTS, and KICHARDSON Chester; Mr. CHAS. E LINAKER Estate Agent, Frodsham or Messrs. JEPSON and SON, Solicitors, 6, Booth-street, Mosley-street, Manchester. Sale of about 80 Tons of Hay, Railway Sleepers, Timbers, Firewood, &c., at the (rJi.DAi WESTERN GOODS YARD, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. have received instructions to bliiljL# lix AUO- TION, on THURSDAY, Sept. 30th, 1897, com- mencing at Eleven o'clock a.m. punctually, the under-mentioned HAY. SLEEPERS, TIMBERS, and FIREWOOD, viz. SLEEPERS, TIMBERS, AND FIREWOOD, lying in the Great Western Goods Yard, Chester. 80 Stacks of Old Sleepers 18 Stacks of Old Timbers 13 Stacks of Firewood HAY. 2 Stacks of Hay, lying at Helsby Station 1 Stack of Hay, lying at Hooton Station 1 Stack of Hay, lying at Brymbo Station 1 Stack of Hay, lying at Parkgate Station N.B.-Any further information may be had from Mr. AD \MS. Permanent Way Inspector. at the Chester General Railway Station; or the Auc- TIONEERS, Chester. On Saturday Next. Sale of Freehold Villa Residence and Six Dwelling- Houses in CAMBRIAN VIEW and CAMBRIAN CRESCENT, CHESTER. MR JOHN J. CUNNAH is instructed to SELL BI AUCTION, at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, September 25th, 2 30 for 3 o'clock, subject to conditions to Ken produced, the following Valuable FREE- HLo?iP-AlUhIt Newly-erected Detached RESI- DENCE, known as BROOK HOUSE situate in Cambrian View, in the occupation of Mr. R. Lamb. The House contains vestibule and entrance-hall with Minton tiles, drawing-room, dining-room, breakfast-room, six bedrooms, dressing-room, oatn- room w.c., kitchen, back kitchen, store-room, cellar and usual outoffices. There is a garden back and front, and greenhouse. and the property commands extensive views of the Welsh Hills and tte E.tyarj;ot the „ DWELLING. being NO. 5, Cambrian Crescent, in the SIS Mr. Harker. Yearly rent £18, ^T^-AK^'MESSUAGE or DWELLING- uruTqv' being No 7, Cambrian Crescent, in the occupation of Mr. Watts. Yearly rent £18, 'TOT r-ALUTOT'MESSUAGE or DWELLING- Q Cambrian Crescent, M the occupatioi, of Mr. Plevin. Yearly rent £18, tenant I-AH that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, being No. 11, Cambrian Cre^ent' in occupation of Mr. Price. Yearly rent £ 18. tenant 6a-AH that MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE; being No. 13. Cambrian Crescent in the occupation of Mr. Davie*. Yearly rent £ 18, "S 7%-AUtot"'MESSUAGE or DWELLING- TinTT^V being No. 15. Cambrian Crescent, in the Sion of Mr. Richards. Yearly rent £ 1810, tena4p rates. T ix Houses, Lots 2 to 7, will first be offered in one lot and if not sold will then be offered as lotted above. Each of these houses contains entrance-hall, two sitting rooms four bedrooms, kitchen, back kitchen, outside wash-house and w c., and has a garden in front and a yard at back. The whole .f the property is in a perfect state of ^For further particulars apply to the AUC- TIONEER, Grosvenor Chambers; or to Messrs. BROWN & DOBIE, Solicitors, 45, Northgate-street, Chester. On TUESDAY NEXT. AT THE SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his WEEKLY SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES. Sale to commence with Cattle at Eleven o clock Entries respectfully solicited. Sales fog Auction. ."r- ,Or' On MONDAY NEXT, Sept. 27th, 1897. Sale of Live Stock and Out-door Effects. at THE COTTAGE, ELLESMERE PORT. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH is favoured with instructions from Mr. D. Watkins (who is going abroad for the winter) SELL BY AUCTION his HORSES, LIVE STOCK, HAY, and' OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, including roan harness mare, by Pride of England,' 7 years old, 15hds. 2ins. black gelding, rising 4 years old, 15hds., by Lord Raglan set of thrill gears, set of brass-mounted shandry harness, set of full-sized silver-mounted trap harness, riding saddle, girl's saddle, two riding bridles, well made dogcart, in very good condition, well-built shandry, tip- cart, a large quantity of timber and firewood, 12 couples of young fowls, three well-bred young dairy cows, in calf and in milk; roan heifer, pure bred Jersey bull, double-barrelled gun, bagatelle board, 7 feet long, on mahogany stand; archery set, complete; stack of prime upland hay, two movable wood ereotions, forming poultry houses, and out- door effects. Sale to commence at Two o clock prompt. Auction Offices, Grosvenor Chambers. Chester. On WEDNESDAY NEXT. MR. J. J. CUNNAH will hold his WEEKLY SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEr, PIGS, and CALVES, at the SMITHFIELD, HOOTON, at One o'clock prompt. Entries respectfully solicited. On WEDNESDAY, Sept. 29th, 1897, at the SMITH- FIELD, HOOTON. 1%/WR JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his M_ ANNUAL SALE of RAMS and STORE EWES. The present entries comprise upwards of 40 Grand Shropshire and Leicester RAMS and RAM LAMBS. 6 Grand Border Leicester SHEARLINGS. « £ SSSS'cyyiOTtd BLACKFAOED EWES. Sale at Twelve o'clook noon. > Further entries respectfully solicited, to the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor Chambers, Chester. On THURSDAY, September 30th, 1897, at the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. The present entries comprise 60 Grand pedigree Shropshire Shearling KAJVLO, and RAM LAMBS 35 Pure-bred Leicester RAMS and well-grown RAM LAMBS 50 Young Shropshire and Clun EWES 75 Young Cheviot EWES 150 Black-faced EWES Sale at half-past Eleven punctually. Further entries for catalogue respectfully solicited to the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor Chambers, Chester. On TUBSDA Y, Oct. 5th, 1897, At the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR TOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his ANNUAL SALE of DUTCH BULBS and FLOWERING PLANTS, at Three o'clock prompt. Catalogues from the AUCTIONEER. On TUESDAY, October 12th, 1897. At the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR. JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his ANNUAL SALE of HILL EWES, com- prising (jranc[ Blackfaced EWES. 300 Young Cheviot EWES. On THURSDAY, October 14th, 1897. CHESTER HORSE FAIR. At the SMITHFIELD, CHESTER. MR JOHN J. CUNNAH will hold his 16TH ANNUAL SHOW and SALE of COLTS and FOALS, when the following PRIZES will be given :— „ £ 1 for the Best Cart Colt Foal. 91 for the Best Cart Filly Foal. JE1 for the Best Foal suitable for Harness or Hunting purposes. JE1 for the Best Yearling Colt or Filly suitable for Agricultural purposes. JE1 for the Best Two-year-old Colt or Filly suitable for Agricultural purposes. £1 for the Best Yearling Colt or Filly for Harness or Hunting purposes. £ 1 for the Best Two-year-old Colt or Jmly tor Harness or Hunting purposes. Judging at 11 o'clock. Sale at Half-past Twelve. Entry Forms from the AUCTIONEER, Grosvenor I Chambers, Chester. XOHN A. LYOW( eJ AUCTIONEER, ESTATE AGENT, i PRACTICAL LAND SURVEYOR & VALUER j (Agent for the Linen Hall Estate). 23 Years' practical experience in Sale and Valua- tion of every description of property. Valuer for Hotel and Inn Change of Tenancy. Sales conducted. Cash settlements with Vendors at close of Sale. Furniture stored in dry lock-up rooms. OFFICES 7, ST. WERBURGH-ST., & LINEN- HALL, CHESTER. 2,000 SHROPSHIRE RAMS & EWES, AT SHREWSBURY, ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, 1897. LAST GREAT SALE OF THE SEASON. MESSRS. W. G. PREECE & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, as above, with- out reserve, at SHREWSBURY SMITHFIELD- 2,000 SHROPSHIRE SHEEP, All of Flock Book Pedigree, and from the most eminent and reliable Breeders in the district. THE GREAT PRACTICAL SALE OF THE YEAR, and the best opportunity for obtaining the T5FNT CLASS OF THE PRACTICAL AND RENT-PAYING TYPES OF THE TRUE SHROP- SHIRE. 250 Grand CLUN EWES included. Sale to commence at 10-30 to a minute. Commissions executed, and catalogues from W. G. PREECE & SON, Shrewsbury. On Saturday Next, Sept. 25th, 1897. j -g VALUABLE HORSES.-At SHREWS- I XoO BURY, RAVEN HOTEL REPOSI- j TORY (the property of County Gentlemen and Farmers), to be^ SOLD BY AUCTION at the MONTHLY HORSE MART for Shropshire and North Wales, on SATURDAY NEXT, Sept. 25th, 1897, including Hunters, Hacks, Harness Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Agricultural, Dray, and Van Horses. Full particulars in Catalogues on application. N B —No dealing transacted by any member of the firm, who act solely as agents between Vendors ^WILLIAMHALL, WATERIDGE, & OWEN, Auctioneers (acting solely as agents). AUCTION OF STORE CATTLE AT 50, PRUSSIA STREET, DUBLIN, TO-MORROW (THURSDAY), 23rd SEPT., At 12 o'clock sharp. Entries reach 300 Head, and include a number of Cross Polls, &c., in forward condition. Catalogues on application to GAVIN LOW, Auctioneer, Cattle Salesman, 50, Prussia-street, Dublin. MACDONALD. FRASER, & CO., LTD.'S itL LTD.'S GREAT AUTUMN SALES OF 90,000 HILL SHEEP, AND 4 200 WEST HIGHLAND, BLACK POLLED, 4.CUU cross CATTLE> AT LAIRG, PERTH, AND INVERNESS. AT LAIRO, SUTHERLANDSHIRE. On TUESDAY, 28th Sept., at 12 noon. 3,000 Sutherland Cheviot EWES i^ GIMMERS 1^000 Cheviot 2 and 3 year old WEI HERS, the best in Scotland. AT INVERNESS AUCTION MART, Two Dlys- bile of 26,000 Hill SHEEP and 1,200 CATTLE. THURSDAY, 30th Sept., at 11 a m. 9,000 Cheviot and Blackface 1, 2, and 3 year old WETHERS. 4,000 Cheviot, Blackface, and Cross LAMBS. 1,200 Black Polled, West Highland, and Cross CATTLE. FRIDAY, 1st. October, at 11 7,000 Cheviot uncrossed cast EWES & GIMMERS. 6 000 Blackface uncrossed cast EWES ana GIMMERS. NOTE.-The Inverness Sale comprises anrst-ciass selection of Cheviot and Blackface Hill Sheep and West Highland and Black Polled Cattle. AT PERTH AUCTION MART. Great Annual Three Days Sale of 71,000 Black- face and Cheviot Hill SHEEP and LAMBS and 28,000 dJrect from the principal Hill Flocks in the North of Scotland. 1 400 West Highland BULLOCKS & HEIFERS, 1, 2, and 3 year olds. THURSDAY, 7thOctober atlOam. THURSDAY, 7thOctober atlOam. 30 000 Blackface and Cheviot WETHEKo, l, and 3 year olds, the largest and best show in Scotland. FRIDAY, 8th October, at 10 a-m. 10,000 Blackface, Cheviot, and Cross GIMMERS. 3 000 Greyface and Blackface LAMBS. 1,500 Cross CATTLE. N0^.—The Station of South Country Buyers is specially directed to the above weH-known Sale8- which comprise the largest and best selection obtainable of Scotch Hill Sheep and Cattle. Commissions executed for buyers unable to ^MACDONALD, FRASER, & Co., LTD., Perth. Sales fop Ruction. 1,000 HORSES-OCTOBER SALES. THE NORTH WALES QUARTERLY PRIZE HORSE SALES AND FOAL SHOW AT WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD'S GREAT SALES— TTJBSDXY, October 5th, Hunters and Harness Horses. WEDNESDAY, 6th, Small Horses, Show Cobs and Ponies. 50 Prize winners entered. THURSDAY. 7th, The Great Sale of Wagon Horses. FRIDAY, 8th, Shire Mares, Geldings, and Fillies and Foals of all classes. 750 Horses entered. Limit 1,000. Entries taken during Crewe Sales. They Close FRIDAY, September 24th. Prize List and Entry j Form ready. — Host. OST, Small LEATHER PORTMANTEAU marked 'M.S.Write Box D 46, C our ant Office, Chester. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSICS •— Houses to be Let, Apartments to be Let, Situations Wanted, Money Wanted, Situations Vacant, Miscellaneous Wants, Situations Vacant, Miscellaneous Wants, Apartments Wanted, Lost or Found, And Articles to be Sold, .4.r. inserted in the CHESTER COURANT at the undermentioned charges.- One Insertion (20 words) Is- Three Insertions ^s- oa- And 3d. for each additional line—a line contains a\>out eight words. Eo be Let. T 1ST OF RKSIDKNCES, ■ 1 ISSUED MONTHLY, SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION TO W. & F. BROWN & CO., CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. HOUSES TO LET. T AMONT, SON, & CO., JLJ UPHOLSTERERS, FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. LIST SENT ON APPLICATION. SHOW ROOMS: EASTGATE STREET. WAREHOUSE FOR STORING: FOREST HOUSE (in separate rooms). TO LET, Two good OFFICES (en suite), on first floor, 2, Newgate-street. Rent Applybyletter, Box 126, P.O., Chester. O LET, HOUSE, No. 56, Watergate-st,Chester. Rent £ 40.—For particulars apply to Messrs. SHARPE & DAVISON, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. FARM TO LET, 'MOUNT PLEASANT,' situate about three miles from Mold con- taining one hundred and seven acres, about fiftj' of which are grass—Apply to view to R. E. BIRCH, Estate Office, Maes Elwy, St. Asaph. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, PERCY HOUSE,' Eaton-road, Chester, containing 3 entertaining-rooms and 9 bed and dressing-rooms, bathrooms, two w.c's.-Apply G. F. ADAMS, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. TO LET, at Lady-day next, REDDISH HALL FARM, Reddish, near Stockport, now in the occupation of Thomas Henry Burgess, containing about 112 statute acres. Apply to HILL and CORDINGLEY, 90, Old-street, Ashton-under-Lyne. TO LET, a commodious and well built HOUSE, known as Crook House,' Chester, suitable for offices, with large garden thereto.-For particu- lars apply to Messrs. SHARPE & DAVISON, Solicitors, 12, Abbey-square, Chester. IGHFTELD, WREXHAM—TO BE LET, this H very Desirable RESIDENCE, with stabling, coach-house, shipons, tennis courts, conservatories, kitchen and flower gardens, pleasure grounds, and about 5 acres of good Pasture Land. Rent X65. Immediate possession. Apply Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & Co., Solicitors, Wrexham. HOUSE, NO. 9, BRIDGE PLACE.-TO BE H LET, from 1st September next. This com- modious Residence, containing large dining and drawing-rooms, study, and seven bed and dressing rooms.—For further particulars apply to Messrs BARKERS, COPPACK & WICKHAM, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester. THORNTON GRANGE, GRESFORD. TO JL BE LET, this Substantial Detached RESI- DENCE, containing three entertaining-rooms, six bedrooms, dressing-room, bath and w.c., stabling, coach-house, servants'-room, harness-room, lawn, garden, Ac. Rent £ 85. Immediate possession.- Apply Messrs. EVAN MORRIS & Co., Solicitors, Wrexham. CHESTER.— DORCHESTER HOUSE, C BOUGHTON.-TO BE LET, this capital FAMILY HOUSE, which faces south, and contains three entertaining-rooms, seven bedrooms, two dressing-rooms, bath (hot and cold water), and excellent domestic offices. Two small conserva- tories and a garden in terraces sloping^ down to the river, with a landing stage for boat. Apply to MILLS & FLETCHER, Land Agents, Surveyors, and Valuers, 49, Hamilton-square, Birkenhead. TO BE LET ON LEASE, the SALT recently proved on a large Estateat Chartley, Staffordshire. The Great Northern Railway (Stafford and Uttoxeter) and the North Stafford- shire Railway (Macclesfield and Colwich) run I through the Estate, as also does the Trent and I Mersey Canal. In boring Salt was proved to exist in many beds at a depth from 336 to 512 feet, and frcm 397 to 409 in a solid bed.—Apply to Messrs. GERMAN & SON, Estate Agents, Ashby-de-la-Zoucb; or to Mr. R. SMALLMAN, Mining Engineer, 1 Nuneaton. be j&oltK ON SALE. DOG-CART, in good condition — P. POWELL, Coachbuilder, Chester. OG CART FOR SALE, in good condition.— Apply W. & F. BROWN & Co., Eastgate Row, Chester. GRASS FARM FOR SALE, near London; modern House, farmery, 130acres; freehold. < £ 1,560.—Address GRASS,' Rutters, 5, Newbridge- street, London. (Stamp.) TO BE SOLD, a small VAN, 5ft. 6in. by 3ft. 6in. suitable for baker and grocer. Price £ 14.—POWELL, Coach Builder, Commercial Hall, Frodsham-street, Chester. OR SALE, STORE PIGS, Young Tamworth Boars and Gilts; bred from prize winners, Cheshire Show, 1897. Also Large White York- shires.-For particulars apply DODD & SONS, 33, Bridge-street, Chester; or Little Mollington. SHUTTLEWORTH & SONS, Portmanteau, K-7 Bag, Dress Basket, and Trunk Manufacturers. Dress Baskets Re-covered and all Repairs by practical men. Show Rooms above shop, 40, Bridge-street, Chester. TO BE SOLD by Private Treaty, a First Class DAIRY FARM of 22a. Or. 24p., known as JBLEAKLEES,' KingBley by Frodsham. Good House and Outbuildings. The Farm is satis- factorily Let to a responsible Tenant, who has 7 years to run.—For further particulars apply to MOSELEY-WILLIAMS, Solicitor, 18, King-street, Manchester; or NORCROSS, Kingsley Hali, I Frodsham. IMMOVABLE SCALPETTE, FROM 91 Is. TO 95 5s. NEW WEB FRINGE, I HAIR COMBINGS FROM 5S. 6D. | MADE UP, 2s. PER OZ. TAILS OF PURE HAIR, 5s. 6D. TO 63s. DELICATE SHADES OF HAIR. T. SEALES BROWN, 3. LEECE STREET. LIVERPOOL. manteb. -F_F-'>,J" APPRENTICE WANTED, to the Stationery A- and Fancy Goods trade, &c., &c.-Apply HUKE'S LIBRARY. Chester. WANTED, at once, HOUSE, with Stables attached, in or near town.—Apply 3, Bridge-street, Chester. Å REPRESENTATIVE is WANTED in Chester A for an important Company. To a suitable person the remuneration will be most liberal. Address Box H 81, Office of this Journal. AS Thorough MAID to one lady experienced in all duties, good needle woman and packer, accustomed to travel.-F. CURWOOD, Rose Hill, Ruabon. WANTED, good HOUSE, with Garden and WI Land, not far from station, at Neston, Parkgate, Heswall, or neighbourhood; overlooking Se preferred.—Reply j'- B-. office of this paper. WAITER, or Temporary Butler.-Engage- ments solicited for weddings, balls, ban- quets, shooting parties, etc 25 years experience. —Address WAITER, 8, St. Werburgh-street. DISENGAGED-50 COOKS, Kitchen, Scullery, 11) Upper Housemaids, Parlourmaids, Grooms, Coachmen, Gardeners, Hotel Cooks, Chambermaids, Waitresses.—Mr. HAYCOCK, Chester-st., Wrexham. L^DY Desires AFTERNOON ENGAGE- MENTS French and German (acquired abroad), Latin, Mathematics, Elementary Musio, &c.-m Mrs. BROWN'S Registry, Cuppm-strset, Chester. GEORGE DAY IMPORTS ALL THE BEST _BRANDS OF HAVANA CIGARS. SINGLE BOXES AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Real Imported Havanas, from 21/- per 100 HIGHEST QUALITY. LOWEST RATES. EVERYTHING OF THE BEST. AGENT FOR BARLING'S ") PIPE S LOEWE'S ) EASTGATE STREET, CHESTER. Telegrams: GRATITUDE, Liverpool.' Telephone (Central): No. 6,830. ALMOND & COBB, WHOLESALE AND EXPORT PAPER-HANGINGS MERCHANTS, J- 137, DALE STREET, LIVERPOOL. Lignomur, Lincrusta Walton, Anaglypta, Cordelova, also Japanese and other High-Class Decorations supplied. DONALD ALMOND, ROBT. COBB, Late Manager and Secretary respectively of Dean & Co., Ltd. ISAAC WILLIAMS AND SON, REGISTERED PLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, & GAS FITTERS, i. CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. Plumbers' Brasswork of all descriptions; Patent Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, &c. Glass of all qualities and patterns kept in Stock. AT THE REMBRANDT GALLERY, IN CASTLE-ST., LIVERPOOL, DIJNTHORNE & BIPOWN GIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE RESTORATION of OLD PICTURES, PRINTS and DRAWINGS, and the REPAIRING and REGILDING of FRAMES. OLD MEZZOTINT ENGRAVINGS and COLOURED PRINTS PURCHASED. ON VIEW. PORTFOLIOS of Recently Published ETCH- INGS, and MEZZOTINT ENGRAVINGS. THE ECONOMIC BANK, LIMITED, 34, OLD BROAD-STREET, LONDON, E.C. 2 Interest allowed on Deposits, repayable on demand, on all sums up to £500. 2 on minimum Quarterly balance of current accounts when not drawn below JE15. Cheques can be drawn ior guint5 J under zEl. All funds invested under the Trust ( Investment Act, or in Colonial Government Securities. No charge for keeping accounts. SAMUEL GURNEY MASSEY, Managing Trustee. UNION CREDIT BANK, LIMITED. LJ (ESTABLISHED 1838.) Head Office: 38, RENSHAW-ST., LIVERPOOL. ADVANCES made at unusual low rates upon personal security, deeds, shares, life policies, &c. Repayable by instalments or in one sum. Full particulars on application personally or by letter. CALVERT'S Is unequalled as a remedy for Chafed Skin, Piles, Scalds, Cuts, Sore Eyes, Chapped Hands, Chil- blains, Earache, Neuralgic and Rheumatic Pains, Throat Colds, Ringworm, and Skin Ailments generally. CARBOLIC Large Pots, l/H each, at Chemists, or post free for value. Illustrated Pamphlet of Calvert's Carbolic Prepara- tions sent post free on application. OINTMENT. F. C. CALVERT & CO., Manchester. 8 AGAINST ACCIDENT, FIRE, OR THEFT, Up to L10 for 7/6, E15 for 10/ 920 for 12/6; and Insure against PERSONAL ACCIDENTS WHILST RIDING, IN THE National Cycle & Motor Car Insurance Co., LIMITED, 33, KING WILLIAM STREET, LONDON. THE IMPROVEMENT OF LANDED ESTATES. THE LAND, LOAN, AND ENFRANCHISE- MENT COMPANY. (Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament). ADVANCES MONEY to LANDOWNERS for the Erection of Farm Buildings, Farm Labourers', Artisans', and Miners Cottages; Drainage, Water Supply, Road-making, and for the general Improvement of Land, including its development for Building purposes. Also for alterations and additions to Mansions, Stables, and Outbuildings, on Settled Estates, including their Sanitary Improvement and Electric Lighting. Advances can also be made for the Construction of Railways under the Light Railways Act. The amount borrowed being charged on the property benefited, and repaid by way of annuity. No investigation of title is necessary. Prospectus, forms, and further particulars may be obtained at the Company s offices. EDWIN GARROD, Secretary, No. 22. Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. IMPROVED WATERPROOF WAGON AND t CART SHEETS. Prices:-4 by 3yds.,18s.; 5 by 3, Marked name and address Free. 1000 always stocked; ^HARNESS AND SADDLERY-Four-in-hand Dog Cart, Brougham, Trap, &c. Also Farmers Light and Heavy CART HARNESS in all local styles. HORSE CLOTHS—Waterproof Oilcloths, lined, beat Quality collar check. Prices 36 by 54 in., 6s. 9<1; 5? by MIS 9s! 6d.; 60 by 54 in., 10s.; 60 by 60, 10s. M. Other sizes proportionate prices. Used universally by corporations, teamowners, farmers, coal merchants, furniture removers, etc. Samples free. Wol ANDBEW POTTER, Melbourne Works, woiver humnton. Maker to the Royal Farms. TvR, ^OTT'S piLLS The Safest Medicine. Mild but Effectual. D R. SCOTT pILLS Contain the finest drugs that can be procured. D R. SCOTT-S pILLS Cure Sick Headaches and Nervous Depression. D R. gCOTT'S pILLS Cure Indigestion and Restore the Appetite. D R* SCOTT'S pILLS Strengthen and invigorate the whole Nervous System. D R. SCOTT'S pILLS The best Family Aperient Medicine and Blood Purifier. DR. ^COTT'S pILLS Can be taken at any time without danger from wet or cold. D R. SCOTT'S pILLS Should be kept at hand by all Heads of households. to resort to on any slight occasion of ailing on the part of those under their charge, as by paying attention to the regular action of the Stomach, Liver, and Bowels mauy a severe illness is avoided or nutated. They wiUbe found in slight cases by a single dose to restore health to the body, with a happy frame of mind. DR. QCOTT'S X>ILLS 173, SEYMOUR PLACEPLoendo0n, W. Do' not be persuaded by anyone to buy any other Medicine instead, but insist on having the right thing, which is wrapped m a square green package. MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, Without Fees, Costs, or Sureties, Repayable by Instalments or in one sum. SPECIAL TERMS TO FARMERS. Farmers requiring Money to increase their stock or to pay rent will find it to their advantage to write to me for terms before applying elsewhere. ALAN LLOYD, 29. PRINCESS-ST., MAN CHESTER, CYCLES! CYCLES!! CYCLES! IDE I MAZEPPAI CYCLES, HIGHEST GRADE. 1897 Patterns now ready. Call and inspect our special LADY'S PNEUMATIC Price .£10 10 0 GENT'S do. do. ElO 0 0 Complete with all accessories and guaranteed for twelve months. Cash or easy payments. Write for our catalogue. GEORGE & CO., CYCLE FACTORS, SCOTLAND ROAD, LIVERPOOL, opposite Crane & Sons. Telephone 1915. ELLIS'S TABLE WATERS. I am of opinion that Ellis's Soda and Potass Waters are most excellent, and confidently recommended them. The Water is of exquisite organic purity. The quality of the Gas is excellent. J. A. Wanklyn, M.E.C.S., Prof, of Chem. Well charged with Gas. Quite free from lead, ammonia, and organic matter: clear, palatable, and in every respect of the very best quality for drinking." Percy F. Frankland, B.Sc., F.C.S. CAUTION.—See that the bottle labels and the corks bear the marks R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin and the' Goat on Shield' Trade Mark. None Genuine without. London Agents BEST & SONS, 22, Henrietta-street, W. Local Agents: J. BOWEDUTTON & SONS, Bridge-St. SOLit ADDRESS: 1 B. ELLIS & SON, Ruthin, North Wales.






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