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-0 MOLD. THE COSMOPOLITAN SOCIETY.-In reply to a request that he would again favour the Mold Cosmopolitan Society with a paper, the follow- ing communication has been received from the Rev. Father Baille, S.J., from Vers-en-Montague, Jura:—" It would have been a great pleasure to me to become more acquainted with the members of the Mold Cosmopolitan Society, who gave me such a friendly welcome a few months ago. But as I am to spend the next year in Italy, in the neighbourhood of Rome, the great distance which will separate me from Mold makes me regret the impossibility of answering your very kind invitation. I wish to be re- membered to all my friends in Mold whom you might meet, and whom I shall not forget; and I will pray God Almighty to grant you every blessing. Wishing you great success for the coming session.-Yours very sincerely, Louis BAILLE, S.J." FASHIONABLE MARRIAGE.—The marriage was solemnised at the Parish Church, Mold, at half- past one on Wednesday, of Mr. Arthur John Lawman, solicitor, and Mayor of Torrington, North Devon, and Miss Fanny Pring, youngest daughter of Mr. William Pring, The Mount, Mold. The Rev. E. M. Roderick was the officiating clergyman, and the service was fully choral. The bride, who was attired in an ivory liberty satin bodice trimmed with chiffon, and orange blossom court train, and who carried a shower bouquet, was given away by her father. The bridesmaids were Miss Agnes Benedict Jones (Beaumaris), Miss Ethel Johnson (Mold), Miss Editha Pring Fowler (Torrington), and Miss E. Edwards (Mold). Two of the brides- maids were attired in gold liberty silk dresses with Dutch bonnets to match, and carrying baskets of flowers, whilst the others were dressed in white muslin over gold silk, with Victoria bonnets, and carrying shower bouquets. Mr. Frank Weller officiated as best man. After the ceremony the wedding breakfast was par- taken of at the residence of the bride's father, and a reception was also held. The bride- groom's presents to the bride were a bouquet, a diamond pendant, and a ruby double heart and to each bridesmaid, heart and ruby horseshoe bracelets and gold bangles. DEPARTURE OF JESUITS.—On Friday a corres- pondent interviewed the Rev. Father Petit, the principal at the St. David's Jesuit College, near Mold, and was informed that it was the inten- tion of this Order of Roman Catholic ecclesiastics to vacate this building in the course of the next two weeks. The Jesuits purchased the college 17 years ago from the county authorities of Flintshire, by whom the building was erected about 25 years ago as a gaol. The Jesuits have greatly improved the property during their occupation, and the reason for their abandonment of the college is a desire to return to France, where they will carry on the work of the training of priests in a suitable college at Lyons, thus saving con- siderable expense in travelling. The number of priests at St. David's College has varied from 60 to 100 at a time. Each year an ordina- tion has taken iplaoe, and the newly ordained clergymen have left to take charge of Catholic churches in Egypt, Armenia, and Syria. One of the features of the college is a magnificent library of about 20,000 volumes, including nearly all the works of Catholic writers and versions of the scriptures in every known language, and these are now being packed and forwarded to France. The reverend fathers state that their relations with the Welsh people have been of a most cordial character, and that they will remember their residence in the Principality with pleasure for many years to come.


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