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úcster 100 Years Hgo.

w Ifotal dokuimcttt ottings





SATURDAY'S FOOTBALL. A crowd of some 1,200 to 1.500 witnessed the Combination encounter between Chester and Rock Ferry at Tomkinson-street on Saturday. Both clubs turned out their best strength, the home team, consisting of Coventry, goal; Evan Roberts and Wilson, backs; Barker, Porter, and Cook, halves; and Gordon, Spencer, Blakeman, Speakman, and Lewis, forwards; while among the Rock Ferry men appeared Lipsham, Ast- bury, and H. Jones, who played for Chester last season, with Farrell, who also has in a former season appeared in the ranks of the Cestrians. Thus considerable interest was evinced. Chester lost the toss and kicked off against a fairly strong wind. The visitors immediately took possession of the ball, and made a sharp attack. This was soon repelled, however, and the Cestrians, quickly getting into their stride, turned the tide of aftairs, Astbury and Jones having rather a restless few minutes in their own quarters. Gordon and Spencer, on the right, worked together with a dash and combination that fairly took away the breath of the opposing defence, which escaped on one or two occasions by miracles. Lewis and Speak- man on the left, and Blakeman in the centre, also put in splendid work, but, notwithstanding all the smartness and pace of the home front rank, the Rock Ferry goal was kept intact, and Chester for a time had to retire on the defensive. Coventry ran out to save, and did so, although he only got back in time to save again on the rebound. Back again Chester went to the attack, back they came to protect their own citadel; so the game went on until half-time, up to which period no goals had been scored. The pace abated not one bit on the re-start, although during the opening exchanges it seemed as if Rock Ferry, even with the wind against them, were going to put on the pressure. Gradually the play was forced back upon them, however, the Chester half-back line being conspicuous for some excellent play. Barker shot right into the Rock Ferry goal mouth, and the Chester men being well up, there occurred some exciting play there, the supporters of the home team holding their breath with suspense. Blakeman got hold, but he was surrounded by enemies, and although he made a plucky effort, to score his shot went just over. A corner resulted from similar play in the same quarters, but the visitors got this away, and went on a fast excursion up to the other end of the field, where Harry Jones shot, Coventry clearing with a mighty kick that once more transferred the scene of operations. The Cestrians had been baffled long enough, and they redoubled their efforts. Gordon obtained possession, and raced along, passing beautifully to his attendant Spencer, who with an express shot, which the goalkeeper never saw till he turned round, scpred amid the vociferous applause of the spectators. Spencer immediately afterwards got another opening, but this time the goal- keeper saved, he having to do so pretty often after this. Rock Ferry repeatedly broke away, and at last they equalised, Coventry being hampered by three or four Rock Ferry men in his attempts to save. And now the game waxed fast and furious, each eleven making strenuous efforts to get ahead. The issue hung in the balance right to the end of the game, Chester having the best of the exchanges, though not by much. At last Lewis got a pass from the right and put the ball into the net. The referee, however, ruled that Lewis was offside, and as the game ended immediately afterwards the result of the match was a draw of one goal each. It was a splendid game, fast, well contested, and enjoyable. Saturday was a great day for the home clubs engaged in League conflicts, and in no case was a visiting team successful in securing two points; while only one club, Sheffield United, managed to avert defeat, they, as is their wont, securing a point at Nottingham at the expense of the Forest. The Villa emerged successfully from their conflict with Bury, as was generally anticipated, after having most of the play throughout, scoring 3 goals to 1, despite the excellent defence of the visitors. Derby County, who usually find West Bromwich stiff opponents, gained a splendid victory after being two goals behind at half-time; and North End accom- plished a smart performance by defeating the much-improved Sunderland team. Bolton Wanderers just pulled through their game with Notts County, the latter being yet minus a victory and Stoke found the Rovers in a happy mood, only getting through after being a goal behind at the interval. Everton scored three goals to the one put through by Wolverhampton Wanderers, while Liverpool had an unpleasant experience with Sheffield Wednesday, leading by one goal at half-time, and being beaten by four to two at the final.


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