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Bloodless Anasmics. We can never tell what the ultimate result of poor blood will be. We call the condition it represents, "Anaemia." This is bac< enough in itself, but worse things will follow unless we make rich blood. Anaemia is starvation. So are all the exhausted con- ditions that invite disease. Scott's Emulsion ÃT:£,-r: r- I"D" is above all else a food for making rich blood. It Jv is the highest grade medicinal cod-liver oil (there I are several grades), combined with Hypophosphites. I t is palatable and so easy of assimilation that it nourishes when other foods seem to tax the system. After you have taken Scott's Emulsion a few day 1 i you will want to continue with it, for you will feel the beneficial effects of rich blood. Food is greater than drugs. There is only one way to get the BEST. Look for our trade-mark! Trade-Mark. Scott & Bowne, Ltd., London. E. C. All Chemiats, 2/6 and 4/6. DINNEFORDS MAGNESIA The best remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; and the safest Aperient for delicate Constitutions, Mipg, Children, and Infants. SOLD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. ¡ GOLD MEDALS, 1884-86. Used in the Royal Nurseries. THE BEST FOOD FOR I N F ANTS. SAVORY & MOORE, LONDON. In Tins, Is., 2s., 5s. and 10s. each. Obtainable everywhere. # then guard against it and all fj 1 its after effects by using • • • S MELLIN'S 2 COD LIVER OIL EMULSION Sample, post frw on appgcatioa, from M*HIA Is Emulsion Co., Ltd., Peckham, London. POLISHING-A PLEASURE STEPHENSON'S ^BK FURHITUBE SoLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS & IRONMONGERS. Sole Proprietors, STEPHENSON BROS., Bradford. COCKLE'S PILLS. o COCKLE'S PILLS. o COCKLE'S PILLS. o In universal use since the dawn of the century. A tried and trusted family medicine, prescribed by medical men for the common ailments of every- day life, such as ACIDITY. 4 HEARTBURN. INDIGESTION. BILIOUSNESS. SICK HEADACHE. DISORDERED LIVER. These famous Pills will keep you in perfect health the stomach clean, the bowels free, the liver active, the head clear, and the skin and complexion pure and free from blemish. "N USE FOR 92 YEARS. COCKLE'S PILLS. COCKLE'S PILLS. COCKLE'S PILLS. Cockle's Pills are purely vegetable- warranted free from mercury. JIay be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Boxes At I S. I id., 2S. gd., 4S. 6d.. us., and 22s. 41 Groat Ormond Street, London, W.C. PENNYPOYAL T OW'S S rOR F C M A L E S QCICKLT COXBXCT ALL IBBXeTTLABlTIXS, BBHOVB ALL (OBSTRUCTIONS, and relieve the distrening tymptomt to prevalent with thetez. Boxes, 1/1J42.9 (containsthree times the quantity), of all Chemists. Sent anywhere on receipt of 15 or 84 stamps, by E. T. TOWIiE A Co., Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. Brmre of Iw I I BORWICK S The best POWDER BAKI" POWDER I In the World. POWDER




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