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FRODSHAM. METHODIST FREE CHURCH.—The annual harvest festival thanksgiving services were held at this church on Sunday, morning and evening, with an address in the the afternoon, before good congregations, the preacher being the Rev. T. Percival. The collections, which amounted to over L3, were in aid of the circuit fund. On Monday evening a service of song, entitled 'The Joys of Harvest,' was well ren- dered by the choir. AN INSOLENT TRAMP.—At the Police C ourt on Monday Edward Albert Irvin, tramp, was brought up before Dr. Steele for begging in Main-street on Sunday night.-P.C. Price proved apprehending prisoner after he had been in the Bear's Paw and Golden Lion Hotels using insolent language to cyclists and others when refused assistance. Sergeant Clays had cautioned him the same night against begging. He was sent to prison for seven days. ELECTION OF NEW DRAINAGE BOARD.—On Thursday night, in the Town Hall, Frodsham, a meeting of ratepayers within the district of Frodsham and Helsby Drainage Board was held, when the following were present :-Messrs. Ralph Bate (chairman), C. E. Linaker (clerk to the Board), J. Priestner, T. Littler, Robert Shep- herd, T. Ellams, H. M. Davies, and John Ashton. Mr. Linaker submitted a list of eligible persons for appointment, viz.: The proprietors of not less than 20 statute acres within the specified district, the heir apparent of the proprietor of not less than 20 statute acres within the district, the occupier, either yearly or other- wise, of not less than 20 statute acres within the district, and the agent of a proprietor of an estate of not less than 20 statute acres within the district, such agent acting under a written authority. Mr. Henry Davies asked how it was that his name was left off the list, he being occupier of more than 100 acres, rented from the Ship Canal Company.—Mr. Linaker (clerk) replied that although Mr. Davies was undoubtedly the ocQupier of the said land, it was not, in his opinion, ratable property, on account of it being higher than the level of the marsh lands. He, however, promised to ascertain exactly how much land Mr. Davies did rent from the Canal Company. The following gentlemen were then, on the proposition of Mr. Ashton, elected members of the Board for the ensuing year Owners—Messrs. A. Hervey Talbot, Aston Hall; William Higson, Oakmere Hall; R. Bate, Netherton; and G. D, Wray, Halton. Agent-Mr. St. John Charlton, Cholmondeley. Occupiers-Messrs. J. Priestner, J. W. Andrews, James Andrews, Thomas Andrews, and William Booth, Frodsham; J. Ellams and W. Oakes, Netherton, J. Littler, Woodhouses; J. Percival, Godscroft; and Abram White, Helsby. A vote, of thanks to the chairman terminated the meeting. PAROCHIAL COMMITTEE.—The usual monthly meeting of the parochial meeting was held in the Police Court Room, Frodsham, on Friday, Mr. Thomas Earlam presiding. Reference was made to the various wooden structures erected in Frodsham during the past few years, without the authority of the committee, and in direct contravention of the bye-laws.—Mr. Farrington, having been requested at last meeting to pre- pare a report on the matter, said that he, along with Mr. Diggle (surveyor) had made a tour of inspection of both sides of Main-street, and as far as they could ascertain there was only one case that objection could be made to, that being the premises of Mr. E. Lawless, grocer and baker, where there were wooden erections in the shape of a bakehouse, stable, and pigsty adjoining Smithy-lane. The buildings, which had been erected about 10 years, were originally supposed to be only of a temporary character, and were not only undesirable but no consent had been obtained before building, and they were in contravention of the bye-laws which had come into force prior to their erection. Mr. Lawless had been written to, and appeared at the meeting. On being asked for an explana- tion, he replied that it was true his buildings were only temporary ones, but now that he had purchased the property, it was his intention to pull them down and erect permanent brick buildings, in accordance with the views of the committee. The matter was therefore left over until next meeting, to give Mr. Lawless time to prepare plans of his alterations for the committee. Letters were read by the clerk from Messrs. Clarke and Bull in reference to new water cart for the township for next season.—The clerk was requested to apply to owners of land for sanction to put water pipes in Smithy-lane to Glebe-terrace.—A letter was read by the clerk from the Lordship Parochial Committee, referring to lamps in Red-lane, in which the request of the Township Committee was acceded to, viz., that each defray one half the expense of lighting the said lane, providing the lamps near Hillsboro would be lit with the rest, and that the necessary sanction of the Board be granted.—It was also resolved to erect a new lamp in Bridge-lane.—Mr. W. E. Shore (chair- man of Lighting Committee) reported that after due consideration it was deemed unneces- sary for the present to place lamps in front of Globe-terrace and in Ship-street.—Tenders were read for painting pillars, brackets, and cages of lamps in the township, and on the motion of Mr. J. Edwards, seconded by Mr. Davies, Mr. F. W. Spencer's tender was accepted.—Mr. G. Jones (assistant overseer) read his report in reference to arrears in water rates, in which £ 21 13s. was found to be unpaid on June 24th rate. The next business before the meeting was relative to the proposed new building or show- room to be erected in church-street by Mr. John Palmer, sculptor and monumental mason. Eventually the chairman proposed that the plans be again submitted to Mr. Palmer, to be amended in accordance with the bve-laws. Mr. C. E. Linaker seconded the proposition, and on the matter being put to the meeting the numbers were found to be seven for (including chairman's vote) and six against, whereupon Mr. James Edward cried out' chairman voting again.' On being requested to withdraw that statement, and give due deference to the chair, he blankly refused. In consequence of this the chairman withdrew his vote, thus making the numbers six each way, and the plans were left on the table, after an hour had been spent on the subject.

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