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THE NEW SHOTTON HOTEL. + LETTER FROM THE REV. S. GLADSTONE. A fortnight ago the Hawarden magistrates granted a licence to the Kelsterton Brewery Company for a new hotel, to be erected on a site near Shotton Station at a cost of some £ 2,500. The Rev. Stephen Gladstone, rector of Hawarden, has now sent the following letter to each of the members of the licensing com- mittee of the Flintshire County Council, in whose hands lies the power of confirming or otherwise the licence .-—" Hawarden, Sept. 7, 1897. Dear sir,—I beg to set forth some very serious grounds of objection to the confirmation of the above licence. The application was rejected last year on the specific ground that the site chosen for the licensed house, being right opposite the large schools and school- chapel of St. Ethelwold's, would entail injury to the many purposes for which these schools are used-both on Sundays and weekdays-as day and Sunday schools, and for regular divine service. It is obvious that, especially in the case of the 300 children regularly using these schools, it is most undesirable to place licensed premises just opposite, and especially when other sites are open for the purpose. Two such sites are open, close up to the Shotton Junction Station, where admittedly hotel accommodation is urgently needed. I submit that this applica- tion should have been refused again, as every- one expected would be the case, because: (1) The same objections thought fatal to it before still hold good, the fact that the house was to, be better and larger not in any way meeting these former objections (2) The licensed house, besides being a most unsuitable vis-a-vis for those attending the schools and school chapel, would also be seriously injurious to the material interests of the school; (3) Two other applica- tions for licences, involving other and better sites, were made, and there was an overwhelm- ing local consensus (of which I am personally aware) in favour of one of these, even the teetotal party dropping opposition to a licence under the idea that, if granted at all. the licence would be given to the party which at the time gave proof of possessing the confidence of the whole local community. Had it been thought possible that the Kelsterton Brewery Company would get the licence, there would certainly have been strong opposition, and I should have repeated the objections I made last year. I venture to hope that it is not too late to have the matter reconsidered, in the interest of those very considerations which I am sure the magistrates have most at heart."

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