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CITY POLICE COURT. 0 WEDNESDAY.—Before Messrs. W. Brown, R. Jackson, J. G. Frost, and Dr. Taylor. CHANGE OF TENANTS OF THE 'CROWN AND GLOVE. Mr. F. Lloyd, solicitor, made an application on behalf of Charles Mortimer, Wrexham, for temporary authority to sell at the Crown and Glove, Eastgate Row.-The Chief Constable The conduct of this house has not been quite satisfactory. That is the reason they are getting rid of the tenant. The applicant's character, however, is all that can be desired.—The Bench granted the application. THURSDAY.—Before Messrs. W. Brown, R. Jackson, and J. G. Frost. AN EX-POLICEMAN'S CRUELTY TO HIS WIFE. Elizabeth Hughes summoned her husband John Hughes, living at 12, Mill-street, Hand- bridge, for persistent cruelty to her.—Mr. E. Brassey, who appeared for complainant, said the parties had lived in Chester about twenty years, and practically all that time defendant had been illtreating his wife. The man was of drunken habits, and it was on this account that he was dismissed from the Liverpool police force, of which he was a member for five years. Complainant summoned him in 1894 for beating her, but this did not deter him from continuing such conduct. He said he would starve her to death, and continually beat her. A doctor, who treated the woman, said she was suffering from innumerable bruises from head to foot.' A month ago the man twisted her arms badly, intending to disable her for work. Defendant for some time past had done no work, and drank very much. The wife, who was obliged to live separately, desired a maintenance order for 5s. a week, and wanted the custody of the children.—Complainant, in giving evidence, said the bruises mentioned by the doctor were caused by her husband's violence towards her.- The Bench granted a separation order, giving the wife the custody of the two children, and ordering defendant to pay 5s. a week for their maintenance. EXTRAORDINARY THEFT.-Robert Glover, of no fixed residence, was charged in custody with stealing a quantity of hardware goods and a handcart, together the value of C7 14s. 2d., on Monday.—Charles Arthur Shorthouse, hard- ware merchant, Linenhall-street, said he engaged prisoner as a vanman to solicit orders. On Monday the man went out on his work with a quantity of hardware on a handcart, and did not return. Prosecutor had not yet recovered the property.—Detective-Inspector Gallagher deposed to receiving prisoner from the Wrexham police. The man admitted the charge, and said the prosecutor sent him out to hawk, and paid him 2s. in the £ on the sale of the goods.—Prosecutor said he denied sending prisoner out to hawk.—Prisoner was sent to gaol for seven days. ASSAULT.—Frederick Dodd, a shoemaker, residing in Lower Bridge-street, was summoned for assaulting Jane Dodd, a neighbour, on Monday last.—Complainant said defendant made allegations against her, which she denied, whereupon the man struck her heavily on the face several times.—Evidence was given in support of the case, and defendant was fined 20s. and costs, or an alternative of 14 days. imprisonment. AN OVERCROWDED LODGING- uousE.-Mary Sheen, 3, Herbert's-court, Crook-street, was summoned for keeping an unregistered lodging- house.—Detective Inspector Gallagher, who visited the house, said it contained only one bedroom, and had nine people sleeping in it, men and women being mixed up indis- criminately.—A fine of 10a. and costs was imposed. FRIDAY.—Before Messrs. W. Brown, J. J. Cnnnab, and R. Jackson. A HUSBAND'S DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT.—Wm. White, 48, Egerton-street, was charged in custody with threatening his wife, Margaret White.—Mr. W. H. Churton, for complainant, said his client had been compelled to take proceedings against her husband on account of his violent conduct towards her. Late on Wednesday night defendant came home in a drunken state, his wife and the rest of the family having retired to bed. He had a key, but instead of opening the door, he kicked and hammered it. His wife came downstairs and opened the door. Seeing his condition she ran upstairs; defendant followed her, stumbling heavily on the way, and threatened to put a bullet through her, and set fire to her bed. He also threatened his daughter in a most outrageous way. Complainant, whose life was in imminent danger, ran into the street partly dressed. Defendant then locked the front door, and the woman was kept in the street about two or three hours. The man had on numerous occasions abused his wife, and she wished him to be bound over in substantial sureties, in order to ensure peace in future.— Evidence was given in support of the case, defendant's son, Charles White, stating such disturbances had taken place continually for many years.—The Bench bound defendant in the sum of E20, with a surety of a similar amount, to keep the peace for six months, failing the production of which he would be sent to prison for a month. Mr. Churton applied for another summons against defendant for persistent cruelty, which was made returnable for Monday. SATURDAY.—Before Messrs. T. Smith and R. Jackson. TEMPORARY AUTHORITY.—Mr. W. H. Churton applied on behalf of a young man named John Jones, living in Seville-street, Chester, for temporary authority to sell at the Duke of Wellington public-house, flandbridge.- Granted. ° MONDAY.—Before the Mayor, Messrs. W. Brown, L. Gilbert, and R. Jackson. HE CAN Now HAVE A FREE RIDE.—Joseph Shepherd, of no fixed residence, was charged in custody with travelling on the London and North-Western Railway on Saturday without paying his fare.—Prisoner pleaded guilty. Ticket Collector Sheffield stated that on Satur- day night he collected the tickets from the Birkenbead train outside Chester Station.— Prisoner, when asked, did not produce his ticket, and said "Don't interrupt me, I am busy in conversation with these gentlemen." Wit- ness then went into the compartment, and rode into the station. On the arrival there prisoner made an attempt to escape. He afterwards admitted having no ticket, and said he was weary of tramping about, and got into the train to have a ride as far as it went. (Laughter.)— Railway Detective Weaver also gave evidence. —The Bench fined prisoner 10s. and costs, or in default fourteen days' imprisonment. A TROUBLESOME CHARACTER.—Margaret Rowlands, of no fixed residence, was charged with loitering in City-road the previous night, and also with damaging a policeman's whistle and a can to the extent of 2s.—P.C. Griffiths laid the information, and said when he spoke to prisoner she became most insolent and abusive. She threw his whistle away, and when in the cell smashed a can.—Prisoner, who has frequently been before the court, was sent to prison for a month on both charges, the sentences, to run concurrently.

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