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CARL ROSA OPERA IN CHESTER. ♦ It is now seven years since the last visit of the Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company to Chester. During that long interval many changes have happened, and almost all the old faces have given place to new ones. The. engagement opened on Monday evening at the Royalty Theatre with 'Carmen,' and though. one could have wished to call back a few of the old favourites who were in the cast seven years ago-Afdlle. Zelie de Lussan, Miss Fanny Moody, Mr. Aynsley Cook, Mr. Leslie Crotty, Mr. Barton McGuchin- the performance thoroughly sustained the repu- tation of the company. Those who have been accustomed to the Carmen' of Mdlle. de Lussan will probably never shake in their allegiance to that lady as the ideal coquette of this charming opera. But this is no reason for withhold- ing from Miss Thea Dorre the high tribute of praise she so richly deserves for her accomplished and powerful interpretation or the character. Her success is due not less to the superb quality of her voice than to her acting, for the r61e is essentially one calling for histrionic powers of a high order. Miss Dorre flirted with her various admirers as if'to the manner born,' danced to 'Jose with delightful abandon, and completely won over the housa with her artistic singing of Love will like a, wild bird ling fly,' Close by the Ramparts of Seville,' and other gems of the first water. Mr. Brozel made a dramatic and passionate Jose/" his splendid tenor voice being heard to fine effect in See here thy floweret,' No menace do. I make,' and Fly with me.' This is a very passion-torn role, and the final stabbing scene so terribly exacting alike to Carmen and Jose was a magnificent pipce of tragic acting. The air that permeates the whole opera, the toreador's song, was admirably delivered by Mr. Guiseppe Maggi, while Miecs Lily Heenan as Michaela,. Miss Lydia Carr as Mercedes, Miss Lillie Williams as Frasquita, Mr. Leslie Walker as Dancairo, and the other principals all distin- guished themselves in their respective characters. Of the work of the chorus and orchestra it is almost impos- sible to speak too highly, the whole responding superbly to the baton of the able- conductor, Herr Richard Eckliold. We are afraid the old grumble will have to be indulged in again at the expense of the elite for their poor response to Mr. Carter's enterprise so far as Monday night's performance goes, for the dress circle was by no means so well patronised as we expected. The other parts of the house, however, were well filled with a dis- criminating and enthusiastic audience, who demanded frequent encores from the leading artists. Last (Tuesday) evening 'Maritana' was played, with Miss Bessie Macdonald in the title role and Mr. Barron Berthald as Don Caesar de Bazan. This (Wednesday) morning there will be a matinee of Faust,' and the engagement concludes in the evening with f Tannbauser: which is sure to draw a bumper bouse on account of its comparative novelty. During the remainder of the week Mr. Albert Chevalier and his London company appear in 'The Land of Nod,' a new musical comedy.