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Chester 100 Years &30. ■♦

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DISTRICT AND PARISH COUNCILS. NESTON AND PARKGATE DISTRICT. The ordinary monthly meeting was held in the Town Hall, Neston, on Monday evening, Colonel Lloyd presiding. There were also present Dr. Blunden, Messrs. J. Pemberton, J. Woodward, J. Sawers, J. Platt, J. G. Thomson, W. Pritchard, D. C. Pugh, W. E. Whineray, Percival C. Gamon (law clerk), N. W. Corrie (surveyor), and W. Tranter (collector). ROADS. The Surveyor's report shewed that since the previous meeting he had repaired Burton-road, parts of Lee's-lane, and the south portion of Gladstone-road, the combined improvements necessitating 78 tons of stone. He had ordered 100 tons of Penmaenmawr macadam, of which 75 tons had already been carted and tipped ready for spreading. The main road improve- ment in Hinderton road had been completed at a cost of £22 Is. 3d., or within a few shillings of the estimate passed by the County Council. The main road improvement at the Chester Hotel, Parkgate, had also been completed, and the paving of the footway on the opposite side of the road was being proceeded with, the width paved being four feet six inches. Several of the owners had been asked to pay the expense of paving the remaining strip of parapet, but they bad declined. The county surveyor, however, who had inspected the parapet, stated that the four feet six limit was not a hard and fast rule, and that in such an instance the County Council would allow half the cost of the full width if application was made to them next year on condition that none of the frontagers claimed any portion of the footway. WATER. It appeared that between the provisional acceptance of the tender for the iron mains extension to Raby-road Station and the date at which the Council were able to give the final order to the contractor, the price of iron had gone up considerably, and the surveyor had written to the three founders who had given the lowest quotations, for fresh estimates. Messrs. Harris and Co. still remained the lowest, but they could not deliver under nine weeks. Their final tender of £4 19s. per ton had been accepted.—Mr. Pemberton, after inquiring as to the exact circumstances of the negotiations with the contractor, expressed the opinion that if the price of iron had gone down instead of up the Council would have been compelled to hold to the original quotation.— Mr. Platt remarked that during the two months which had elapsed iron had gone up 7s. 6d. per ton.—The Chairman said formal sanction had now been given by the Local Government Board to borrow the necessary amount of JE590. It would be repayable in 30 years.— The Law Clerk reported that in accordance with the Council's instructions he had made inquiries as to the cheapest source of borrowing the money, and the lowest estimate was that of the Huddersfield Corporation, who offered the amount at 31 per cent.—The Surveyor stated that in consequence of complaints as to the contamination of a well which supplied the Leighton Cottages with water, he had, with the chairman's consent, fixed a stand pipe on the main near Back wood Lodge, to afford a tem- porary supply.—It appeared that the cottages were 400 yards away, and Mr. Platt expressed the opinion that the mains to Back wood should have been brought past the cottages, where- upon Mr. Woodward reminded the Council that he had moved a proposition to that effect, and could not find a seconder. MOLD URBAN DISTRICT. The ordinary monthly meeting of this Council was held at the Town Hall on Tues- day, Mr. Llew. Eaton in the chair.—The Council adopted the recommendation of the Finance Committee that a successor be appointed to Mr. Isaac Jones, surveyor, who had resigned. The clerk was instructed to advertise the salary with an additional £20 fur duties in connection with markets and tolls, Purveying and preparing plans.—A com- munication from the Local Government Board was read stating that no qualification was required by statute, and the Clerk explained that the appointment would be 3-n annual one, subject to three months' notice. A communication was read from the Holy- well Rural Sanitary Authority requesting the Council to send representatives to attend a joint conference at Flint on the 27th inst., to consider the subject of the erection of an infectious hospital.—On the motion of Mr. Parry, a committee was appointed to attend, with instructions not to pledge the Council.— The Clerk said that Bodderwen had been sug- gested as suitable for Mold, Buckley, and the rural district. The Clerk read a letter from the County Council as to taking over duties under the Technical Instruction Act by urban authorities. —Mr. Simon said there was a feeling in the county to let matters remain as they were for twelve months, and he proposed this should be done.—In seconding the proposition, Mr. Parry said he did not think the scheme as propounded by the County Council could be carried out, as some of the clauses would not work. The County Council had been spending much larger Bums than the scheme provided for, and the object now was to get the deficiency from the county in the shape of rates, and to reduce their expenditure. In reply to an application by the Council to the Mold Gas and Water Company for reduction in the price of gas, the company stated their charges compared favourably with those of other towns of similar size. They were unable to grant the sweeping reduction asked for, but would reduce the charge for gas by meter to 4s. (from 4s. 4d.), and street lamps to 6s. (from 6s. 6d.).-Mr. Wright proposed that the offer be accepted, which was seconded by Mr. Davies. A discussion ensued as to the period of lighting, and Mr. Wright proposed that the lamps be lighted up to two in the morning. As an amendment, Mr. Marston moved that the lamps be lit from dusk to dawn, and this was carried. The resolution of Councillor H. J. Roberts- That the Council meet twice in each month for the transaction of all business, and that committees be discontinued "-was moved by Mr. Simon, who obtained permission to add and that such resolution will come into force on the 15th of April for the new Council."—Mr. Lloyd Jones seconded, but an amendment to the effect that the matter be left in abeyance until April next was carried. A letter was read from the clerk to the Holy- well Union Assessment Committee stating that the new assessment would be made into three divisions, viz, Mold Urban, Mold Rural, and Buckley.—Mr. Simon, one of the overseers said matters were not yet sufficiently far advanced for a meeting of overseers to be called, and Mr. Minns expressed the hope that under the new assessment certain existing inequalities of rating would be absent.

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