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SUCCESSFUL PIG BREEDERS.—Messrs. Dodd and Sons, of Bridge-street, Chester, and Little Mollington, are to be congratulated on the success of their Tamworth pigs (boar and sow), which took first and second prizes respectively at the Cheshire Show recantly held at Crewe. ONE OF SIR GILBERT GREENALL'S HORSES PURCHASED BY A KiNG.-It is stated that Sir Gilbert Greenall has just sold his champion. weight-carrying hunter gelding Devonian at a record price. Its destination is Italy, and the animal is intended for the King's own use. Devonian is a brown horse, stands 15.2 hands high, and has the best of manners. It is the well-known winner of numerous first and champion prizes as a 15-stone hunter. RSSULT OF THE CHESHIRE SEtow.-The financial result of the Cheshire Agricul- tural Show at Crewe is highly satisfactory. The number of people who passed through the turnstiles was 6,742, which,'is the best attend- ance since 1893, when the society visited Sand- bach. The takings at the gates on Saturday amounted to J6329 2s. 4d., X46 Is. was paid for admission to the Grand Stand, and the sale of catalogues and sundries bring the total receipts up to X421 16s. 5d. The entry fees, too, we are informed by the Secretary (Mr. T. A. Beckett), are an improvement upon last year's, and as the expense of fitting up the show yard was comparatively small, owing to the cattle pens, &c., being already in existence, the society's bank balance should be substantially increased. This must be extremely gratifying to those who have taken a prominent part in the re- organisation of the society.