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FARMERS' SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. The annual meeting of the Cheshire, Shrop- shire, and North Wales Farmers' Supply Asso- ciation was held at Brindly Lea, Nantwich, on Tuesday, under the presidency of Col. Cotton Jodrell, M.P., chairman of the association. The report of the directors shewed that the associa- tion continued to make great progress among farmers. Trade during the year had greatly increased, shewing nett sales of X32,924 14s. 9d., the largest turnover in any one year of the association's existence, and representing an increase of business compared with the previous year of nearly £ 11,000. The gross profits amounted to 91,728, and of this 9721 16s. 4d. was devoted to the payment of a bonus of 6d. in the £ on the purchases of members, and the usual five per cent. interest on capital. During the year the association had acquired a mill at Whitchurch, which is to be used in connection with the business of the association. The Chairman congratulated the sub-committee upon having secured the mill at Whitchurch upon a lease, and observed that there was every probability that the mill would be not only of great assistance to the management and to the shareholders, but a source of remuneration. (Hear, hear.) Although the development of the association's operations had necessitated the employment of additional clerks, he was glad to say that the working expenses were still less than three per cent. He could only hope that this satisfactory position would be maintained, and that the association would continue to do very good work in the district in which it carried on its operations.— Mr. Evan Langley, Bickley, in seconding the adoption of the report, re- marked that the great success of the association was due to the energy and business capacity of their manager. With a capital of only £ 3,000 the association had succeeded marvellously in having done business amounting to £ 33,000.—The report was adopted, and a resolution passed, sanctioning the payment of the bonus and the five per cent. dividend.—Mr. Byrd proposed a vote of thanks to the Chair- man, and referred to the great interest which Col. Cotton-Jodrell took in the operation of the association.—Mr. Thomas Charlesworth, in seconding, spoke of the interest evinced by Col. Cotton-Jodrell in agriculture generally.—Mr. W. J. Dutton spoke in similarly complimentary terms, and in replying teethe vote of thanks, the Chairman acknowledged the assistance which he received from h.s co-directors, and their excellent manager, Mr. Dutton. With regard to Mr. Dutton, he did not think that the association could have had a man more fitted to discharge the duties of manager. (Applause.) As to himself, he could only assure the ehare- holders, as he had done on other occasions, that he did all he possibly could to promote the welfare of the association. (Applause.)—The company, which numbered about 100, subse- quently partook of luncheon.

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