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Teething Babies. A well-nourished baby—fat and chubby, with plenty of lime in its blood—has little trouble cutting its teeth. It is the thin, pale, bloodless baby that has so much trouble. When the teething period comes, have your baby's blood well supplied with Scott's Emulsion and all the disturbances in baby's system will be re- duced to a minimum. It will have lime enough to MO) form good teeth, its digestive organs will be kept nat- jpflllif ural, and its whole system will derive needed nourish- ment to counteract the influence of teething. At any JlfBliP time during growth Scott's Emulsion insures flesh, rich blood, solid bones and a healthy development. t There is only one way to get the BEST. Look for our trademark! Trade-Hark. Scott St Bowne, Ltd., London, Be C. All Chemistol 2/6 and 4.AI. fcjta/^lDlNNEFORDsl IJIflPflffJ'WSHWM MAGNESIA] The best remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; and the safest Aperient for delicate Constitutions) Ladies, Children, and Infants. SOLD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. GOLD MEDALS, 1884-86. Used in the Royal Nurseries. THE BEST FOOD FOR IN F ANTS. SAVORY & MOORE, LONDON. In Tins, Is., 2s., 5s. and 10s. each. Obtainable everywhere. POLISHING-A PLEASURE I WILL NOTSTEPHENSIN'S ^FUHHITURE VA: SOLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS & IRONMONGERS Sole Proprietors, STEPHENSON BROS.. Bradford. COCKLE'S PILLS. • COCKLE'S PILLS, e COCKLE'S PILLS. • In universal use since the dawn of the century. A tried and trusted family medicine, prescribed by medical men for the common ailments of every- day life, such as ACIDITY. HEARTBURN. INDIGESTION. BILIOUSNESS. SICK HEADACHE. DISORDERED LIVER. These famous Pills will keep you in perfect health the stomach clean, the bowels free, the liver active, the head clear, and the skin and complexion pure and free from blemish. N USE FOR 92 YEARS. COCKLE'S PILLS. COCKLE'S PILLS. • COCKLE'S PILLS. Cockle's Pills are purely vegetable— warranted free from mercury. JSay be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Boxes at I is. xid., 2S. 9d., 4s. 6d. us., and 22s. a Great Oronond Street, London, W.C. P. DOBBINS, LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER AND BLOOD AND BONE MANURE MANUFACTURER. Best prices given for Dead and Worn-out Horses, Cowa, etc., etc Prompt removal, civility, and cash payment. Distance no object. 200 Tons Blood and Bone MANURE for SALE. Guaranteed analysis. Write for circular and testimonials. WORKS: SALTNEY, and CANALSID8, CHESTER. Telegraphic Address: DOBBINS, Chester.' Telephone No. 123. All oommnnication to be addressed to the Head Office, No. 14, Canal Side, Chester. P. DOBBINS, Sole Proprietor and Manager. PENNYROYAL TOWLE's &- STEEL- PILLS rOR F IE M Jk L E S. QUICKLY CORBBCT ALL IRUICGULAvxffm:% BINOVIN ALILL OBSTRUCTIONS, and relieve the dUtretting tpmptoms 90 prevalent with the sex. Boxes, 1/1 &; 2/9 (contains three timqs the quantity), of all Chemists. Sent anywhere on receipt of 15 or 84 stamps, by E. T. TOWLE & Co., t t Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. r,cimre ø f Imitation*. injumiu and lC"rUIk.. .Itt* JTHE PICK 0' TEA aye, the choicest leaf that's plucked, is bought and blended by Brooke, Bonds, and you buy it in the dainty lemon-tinted packet, guaranteed by their celebrated seal and signature. j,. Brooke, Bonds get the pick of all the Tj'fi. finest gardens in British India and ayef Ceylon, aye, and the pick of all the thousand times a thousand chests that v&r are sold in the London Tea Market, tho largest in the world. So you may A, be absolutely sure that the very best 4^ » tea that you can buy anywhere at the A price W Is BROOKE, BONDS'. The best possible proof that this is so, is the fact that two-million X&T British people drink BROOKE. BONDS' TEA every day. These 2,000,000 —fa patrons are all shrewd judges of what they get, week after week, and you JQL will realise, as well as they do, that tbey would not bay Brooke, Bonds' jftCI Tea, year in, year out, unless they w ypk? had found out for themselves that this is the perfection, the very pick ycfr o' tea. It is sold by AGENTS EVERYWHERE, At 1/ 1/2,1/4,1/8, 2/ 2/4, 2/8 a lb. afr BROOKE, BOND & CO. LIMITED, THE LANCASHIRE TEA WAREHOUSES 17, PLCCAI.IIXT, AND -A. yfar 12 & 14, LOKG MILLQATK, S FOR SUMMER USE. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS tMf!pn tfu (6d. Tablets). LULLLUWIF CARBOLIC PRICKLY MJLM HEAT SOAPS (6d. and Is. Bars). ARE THE BEST. Can be obtained at Chemists, Stores, &c., or 1/- worth and upwards post free for value. F. C. Calvert & Co. P-Oi Box Manchester. 5 3, Awarded 76 Gold and Silver Medals. &c. F;Si G 'HURDL- -c ill "Oe PLEASE SAME THIS PAPER. EVERY MAN SUFFERING from NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and organic derangements may be successfully treated without stomach medication. The method is ea9y and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Post Free-Address, D. NORTON, 2!9. HIGH HOLDOUN. LONDON, W. Established 30 Years. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. BEESyurs PilivAlAWAS ks FOR ALL Bilious and Nervous Disorders, SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, WEAK STOMACH, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, DISORDERED LIVER, & FEMALE AILMENTS. ANNUAL SALE SIX MILLION BOXES. In Boxes, 91d., la. lid., and 2s. 9d. each, with full directions. The Is. lid. box contains 56 pills. PREPARED ONLY BY THE PBOPBIETOB THOS. BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lane.

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