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DEATH OF SIR G. OSBORNE MORGAN, M.P. 4 It is with regret we announce that Sir George Osborne Morgan, Bart, member for East Denbighshire, died on Wednesday night at 11 o'clock at Moreton Hall, where Sir George and Lady Morgan had been staying since the prorogation of Parliament. The right hon. gentleman's death came as a great surprise, for although he had not been in good health for some few years he recently appeared much better. A Parliamentary correspondent writes :-The death of Sir G. Osborne Morgan removes a remarkable public character. His strange figure and powerful voice always im- pressed his audiences. He was indefati- gable in advocating the cause of Liberal reforms. Among the high Tory party he was always unpopular, but in Liberal circles, and especially from Welshmen, whatever their politics, he could always obtain a ready and attentive hearing. So also in the House of Commons, where his dry humour was much appreciated. He was considered one of the soundest lawyers and best debaters. Once he was tackled in the House by Professor Wallace. Sir G. Osborne had been to Scotland, and made a speech in favour of a Liberal candidate. Dr. Wallace's reply across the floor of the House was this, Yes, and Taffy has been to Scotland, and made a speech, and he told the Scotch people that the English were a nation because they had a language, that the Irish were a nation because they had a language, that the Welsh were a nation for they had a language, but the Scotch are not a nation, for they have only an accent." Whereat the House roared, and the speaker did not intervene. It used to be narrated of Sir Osborne that, although a thorough Welshman, the only portion of the Welsh language he was capable of expressing was tatus slith (potatoes and salt.) He was a great humorist. Mems. about Members' says:—Sir George Osborne Morgan was an emphatic Welshman, whose name vividly recalls the prolonged and heated controversy which preceded the settle- ment of the Burials Question. In the 1886 Administration he was made Under-Secretary for the Colonies perhaps to propitiate Prince Bismarck, for Lady Morgan is of German extraction. During the 1886-92 Parliament he returned to the charge against the Welsh Church, and said on one occasion that it was so much occupied in fighting dissent that there was danger of its forgetting to preach Christianity. When called to book for this, he retorted that he would have been nearer the mark if he had said I practise' instead of preach. He stimulated the Gladstone-Rosebery Government to bring in the abortive Welsh Disestablishment Bill of 1895. He nominally led the Welsh Radical party, but he did not succeed in keeping Mr. Lloyd George and his associates in hand, though by his ititials he is the G.O.M. of Wales. FUNERAL AT LLANTYSILIO. IMPRESSIVE SERVICE. Within the quaint old churchyard at Llanty- silio, Berwyn, on Monday, in sight and sound of the rushing waters of the silvery Dee, and sur- rounded by scenery ot almost indescribable grandeur, there were laid to rest the mortal remains of Sir George Osborne Morgan, Bart., Q.C., M.P. The cortege, which was augmented en route by traps and other, vehicles, started from Moreton Hall, near Chirk, the deceased baronet's residence, shortly after one o'clock, and passed through ten miles of beautiful country before reaching its destination. Hun- dreds of villagers turned out at various points on the road, to pay their last respects to the deceased gentleman, each reverently un- covering as the hearse containing the coffin passed by. Touring cyclists over- taking the procession likewise doffed their caps. Shortly before three o'clock Llan- gollen was reached, where the Rhos Silver Band and a large number of miners from Rhos- llanerchrugog proceeded the cortege. En route to Berwyn, a distance of two miles from Llan- gollen, the band played the 'Dead March' in Baul and other pieces. It was after four o'clock when they arrived at the churchyard, where a very large crowd awaited to witness the funeral rites. The mourners included the Rev. Dr. H. A. Morgan (brother) and Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Edward Reis3 and Miss Reiss, Mrs. Evarard Hopkins, the Rev. F. A. Reiss, Mr. C. A. Reiss, Mr. Julius Reiss, Mr. Emile Reiss, Mr. H. J. Reiss, Mr. C. Osborne Morgan, Mr. Jephson, Mr. W. S. Sichell, the Rev. J. Felix (Cilcain, Mold), Dr. Lloyd (Chirk), the Rev. D. R. Jones, and servants. Among those present around the grave, in addition to those already mentioned, were Mr. Herbert Roberts, M.P., Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Bart., Mr. A. Billson, M.P., Sir Robert A. Cunliffe, Bart., Mr. Alfred Thomas, M.P., Mr. E. O. V. Lloyd (High Sheriff), the Hon. George T. Kenyon, Mr. Bryn Roberts, M.P., Mr. Alfred Redford, Liscard Hwfa Mon, Archdruid the Rev. Rees Jones, vicar of Carrog; Mr. R. S. Richards, Llangollen; Colonel and Mrs. Barnes, The Quinta; Mr. Henry St. John Raikes Mr. Philip Yorke, Mayor of Wrexham; Mr. Thomas Bury, Town Clerk of Wrexham; Mr. LI. Hugh-Jones, Wrexham Mr. John Lloyd Thomas. J.P., Mr."Edward Hooson, J.P., and several other magistrates and representa- tives of the various Liberal Associations in the Eastern Division, the Cefn Liberal Association being represented by the chairman, Mr. Wm. Parry: the vice-chairman, Mr. Samuel George; the secretary, Mr. Ellis Davies; and Mr. B. Bowen. The official clergymen were the Rev. Dr. H. A. Morgan, master Jesus College, Cambridge (brother of deceased); the Rev. D. R. Jones, Weston Rhyn; and the Rev. J. S. Jones, vicar of Llantysilio. A very impressive service was held in the church, which was crowded to excess. The hymns, I Abide with me' and' Now the labourer's task is o'er: were sung with remarkable sympathy, the rich Welsh voices of the congregation enhancing the beauty of the harmony. The coffin, which was of best polished oak, with brass-mounted handles, bore the simple inscription George Osborne Morgan, born May 8th, 1826; died August 25th, 1897.' The grave was lined with moss and flowers. At the conclusion of the service over the grave, the spectators struck up Crugybar,' a Welsh hymn remarkable for its plaintiveness, after which the same air was rendered with striking effect by the Rhos Band. Wreaths and floral emblems of sympathy and regret were sent to Moreton Hall by relatives, personal and political friends, and public bodies, while a number of floral tributes were taken to Llantysilio. Telegrams and letters of sympathy were received by Lady Morgan from Lord Rose- bery, Sir William Harcourt, Lord and Lady Carrington, Sir George Trevelyan, Mr. George Shaw-Lefevre, Mr. William Woodall, M.P., the Bishop of St. Asaph, the Dean of Westminster, the Dean of St. David's Mr. Tudor Howell, M.P., Sir Theodore Martin, K.C.B., Sir John Puleston, Lord J ustice Lindley Lord Justice Chitty, Mr. Henry St. John Raikes, Mr. T. E. Ellis, M.P., Mr. Humphreys Owen, M.P., Mr. A. Thomas, M.P., Mr. Lloyd Morgan, M.P., Mr. Channing, M.P., Mr. and Mrs. W. Rathbone, Mr. Brymnor Jones, M.P., Mr. Samuel Smith, M.P., Mr. Herbert Roberts, M.P., Mrs. D. A. Thomas (wife of the member for Merthyr), Lady Hayter, the Dowager Lady Williams Wynn, Miss Orme, LL.D., Miss Mundella, Mr. Alfred lllingworth, on behalf of the Northern Counties Education League; the Rev. T. C. Edwards, president of the Theological College, Bala; Mr. E. O. V. Lloyd, the High Sheriff of Merionethshire; Mr. Yorke, of Erddig; Captain Griffith-Boscawen, the Council of the Denbighshire and Flintshire Miners, the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Society, the Council of the Ruabon District Temperance Society, the Rossett and District Liberal Association, and many others. VOTES OF SYMPATHY. At a meeting of the North Wales Miners' Permanent Society at Chester on Monday, Mr. Nath. R. Griffiths, chairman, presiding, a resolution was passed recording appreciation of the distinguished services rendered to the society by Sir George Osborne Morgan, as trustee since the formation of the society, and expressing regret at his loss and sympathy with his family.

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