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Cricftet. CHESTER AND DISTICT LEAGUE. MATCH FOR CHAMPIONSHIP HONOURS. On Saturday the match between Tattenhall and Mold, the result of which would practically decide who were to be champions of the League and possessors of the handsome cup presented to the winners, created a great amount of interest in cricket circles in the district. The match was contested at Mold, and the visitors proved themselves victorious in a rather easy fashion, winning by seven wickets. Mold batted first and were all out for 75 runs, the trundling of Messrs. W. Jones and R. H. Davis being first-class, the former securing five wickets for 27 runs and the latter five for 39. The visitors afterwards batted and made a bad start, three wickets falling for 15 runs, but on Messrs. Jones and Grice becoming partnered they treated the spectators to some sterling good cricket, and they carried the score to 78, the former contri- buting 20 not out, and the latter 32 not out. The captain of the successful eleven-Mr. W. Jones-is to be congratulated on his attaining the head of the batting averages for the League, the Buckley 'pro. Houseman, being a good second. There was a large following of ardent spectators from Tattenhall, to see their repre- sentatives play; and they made their presence known each time a good hit was made. On the arrival of the victorious team to Tattenhall- Road Station they were met by the drum and fife band of the Boys' Home, who played See the Conquering Hero Comes' at the head of the procession, while Mr. W. Jones was carried shoulder high by his ardent admirers, carrying the handsome League Cup in his hands. The villagers turned out in large numbers to welcome them home, and they paraded the village cheering to the echo. The health of the victorious team was drunk out of the cup by many of the villagers and friends at the headquarters of the club, and many wishes were expressed for the future success of the team. Scores:— MOLD. TATTENHALL. T M Dobson c Lutener b C H Lutener Ibw b Northll Jones 3 S H V Shore run out 2 W S Gillespie b Jones 1 C Logan c Dobson b F Lewis c Brooks b Davis 5 Adams 5 L Maddox b Davis 0 W Jones not out 20 J P Adams b Jones 8 G Grice not out .32 G Harrison c Brooks b do 6 F Arthan did not bat J B Marston b Davis 9 J Brooks J Simons c Shore b Davis 3 J Thomas A M North b Davis 5 J Welch „ E Jones notout 24 W Hall „ A W Lewis b Jones 7 EH Davis E Jones notout 24 W Hall E Jones notout 24 W Hall „ A W Lewis b Jones 7 EH Davis Extras 4 Extras 8 Total 75 Total (3 wkts) 78 BOUGHTON HALL V. OLD DINGLEITES.—At Chester on Saturday. Score:— OLD DINGLEITES. I BOUGHTON HALL. E H Garnett c Roberts b CD Long c Barnes b Hack 13 Thomson 32 K B Thomson b Tram- B L Roberta c Barnes b pleasure 4 Nott 29 H G Garnett c Henshall b H D Phillips c Nott b H Hack 37 Garnett 13 J B Thomson run out 22 J Hampson c H G Garnet J B Thomson run out 22 J Hampson c H G Garnet WLDerbyshire bHenshalll5 b E H Garnett 25 JLVosper b Trampleasurel9 J P Douglas b Thomson 0 D B Nott c Blencowe b F B Bovrtey lbw b Garnett 1 Trampleasure 16 S Swire not out 24 T M Garnett not out 16 ¡ J C Trampleasure not ontil J D K Jones c Roberts b Trampleasure 5 G W Turner lbw b Hack 3 F Barnes b Hack 0 Extras 7 J Extras .11 Total 157 I Total .166 CHESTER v. RUNCORN.—At Chester on Satur- day. Score:— BUN CORN. I CHESTER. H Evans b Aldis 1 W A Jones c & b Evans. 7 F Martindale b Aldis 50 F Webb run out 0 J Benn c A Roberts b J Mountford not out 29 Stanyer 29 C A Stanyer b Evans 12 S Booth b Roberts 4 H Wright notout 36 B Heath c Mountford b W Aldis did not bat. Stanyer 2 A McNiel S Cross b McNiel 3 W A Boberts W Johnson c B Roberts J Roberts b McNiel 8 Hodom B Jeacock c & b Boberts21 B Roberts „ J Leathwood c & bmount. ford 8 C Burrows not out 0 F Burrows b Mountford 3 Extras 6 Extras 5 Total .135 Total (3 wkts) .89 EATON PARK V. ST. MARY'S, CHESTER.—At Eaton on Saturday. Score:- EATON PARK. I ST. MABY'S. A S Grant c Humphreys W Birch b Killick 7 b Birch 0 V Hickey b Killick 0 A G Lewis b Birch 5 J Rathbone c Evans b do 3 J Joiner b Birch 0 I O Humphreys b F Crane 0 B Draper b Atherton 9 B Atherton runout 0 G Killick b Rathbone. 3 G Taylor c Smith b F H E Crane b Bathbone 1 Crane 0 F Crane c Bathbone b C Moi ris b Killick 5 Atherton 20 H Thomas lbw b F Crane 0 A L Smith b Morris 0 T L Edwards c Smith b doll S Fearnall b Atherton 0 A Lancaster c Grant b C Chapman not out 31 Killick 8 A Evans b Morris. 5 W Blake not out 9 Extras 9 Extras 4 Total 55 Total 60 FRODSHAM v. HELSBY.-At Frodsham on Saturday. Score:— HELSBT. FBODSHAK. G S Frith c H N Linaker B Selby c Wright b b E E Linaker 21 Brotherton 13 W Plews st B Selby b F Ashton lbw b Turner.10 b E E Linaker.21 Brotherton .13 W Plews at B Selby b F Ashton lbw b Turner.l0 Halford 8 E E Linaker b Plews 19 J Brotherton c H N C E Linaker not out 22 Linaker b E E Linaker. 16 T J Selby c Plews b Cart- H Oates b Kennerley 1 wright .21 H Wright run out 5 A Halford bCartwright. 0 J W Feddon b Price 1 W N Jones not out 4 J Harding b E E Linaker 2 J Price did not bat J Taylor c B Selby b E F Kennerley E Linaker 1 T Bogers T Cartwrightc Kennerley HN Linaker „ b E E Linaker 1 A Turtaer not out 2 H Knight b E E Linaker. 0 Extras 5 Extras 9 Total 63 Total (5 wkts) 98 MALPAS v. WHITCHURCH.—At Malpas on Saturday. Score:— WHITCHURCH. MALFAS. W HDavieslbwbFletcher 0 B Parker b Freeman 6 A H Mauley c Lewis b G Chandler c Freeman b Fletcher 12 Cliff 1 T E Welch c Baker b IE H Baker not out .10 Fletcher 6 J S Lewis c Morris b Cliff 5 T G Freeman b Lewis. 0 L Fletcher b Freeman 9 Capt Ethelston run out.13 E Shattock c A Ethelston A A Ethelston c Lewis b b Freeman 1 Fletcher 6 B Basbothom lbwbMorris 1 A Morris c Parker bLewisl2 J Lewis c Freeman b Cliff 6 W Porter b Fletcher 4 E Williams not out 1 A Morris c Parker bLewisl2 J Lewis c Freeman b Cliff 6 W Porter b Fletcher 4 E Williams not out 1 T W Cliff c Basbotham b I Col. Bamston did not bat Williams 5 E Mercer F W Heatley c Shattock b Lewis 8 B Wilkes not out 1 Extras 12 1 Extras 8 Total 79 Total .48

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