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DIRECTORY. W P. DOBBINS, Iffl St, NORTHGATE STREET & 14 CANAL SIDE, CHESTER., CT SOLE AGENT FOR THE ill => ErDGE Whitwoeth, Eotal Enfield, Towkexd, jW J THE SVTIFT CTCLE CO., LTD. (Coventry Machinists Co., L'd.)^ LADIES', GENTS', & JUVENILES' CYCLES. lM LADIES', GENTS', & JUVENILES' CYCLES. I i Telegrams—" DOBBISS, CHESTER." Tclephon.eSo.. ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE HIGHEST CLASS FE- BY nSt^ Mr. G. WATMOUGH WEBSTER, THE STUDIO, |W'= 33, BRIDGE STREET ROW» JO| CHESTER. SC ESTABLISHED 1779. LOWE AND SONS, c jOLDSMITHS & SILVERSMITHS, W ■ ,T Dealers in Antique Plate, 6, BRIDGE STREET ROW, CHESTER. a THOS. WOOD & SON, |jj| IRONMON GERS, |; BRIDGE STREET, 1, v @?'i. CHESTER. .-4 W. & H. WILLIAMS, K' PTOYETOES BOTAI. FAMILY. [ff( TO THE JS&m&L St} Speciality: The Choicest Ho);wfed Meat of every dc^tion, |ft and unvarying quality. 22, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. [ft'1 Telephone 47. Telegrams Baker," C^sie,jW Bakers to His GRACE THE DUKE OF Westminster. X BAKER & SONS, M FAMILY & FANCY BREAD BAKERS, K CONFECTIONERS, &c., W 48, BRIDGE STREET, j K CHESTER. LUNCHEONS, RECEPTIONS, & BALL SUPPERS jg- Served in the most perfect style. dining and luncheon BOOMS PLATE and j||j CUTLERY FOR HIRE. Established?A.D. 1839. l CHEERS & HOPEEY, g JBigpetTsing anti S2Ei)olr!5alr (Eijctntsts, 6, NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER. jW Telephone No. 75. Telegrams Physic, Chester. |j| BRANCH: SALTNEY. JJJ Official Repairer to the I 1 JL. C. T. C. /%( Agent for the best Coven'.rv Makers: an immense stoci J" to select from. tiT l^A. r" —o— //> Vi /A-'A 4 Magnificent Riding WT ScEool fo^Pnpils. I| •;r IB Sickel PlaUng, Enamel- ♦. \ling, and Repairs, loth W xyj' to Cycles £ Bassinettes, H reasonable charges. _A_. WENTWOBTH, CENTRAL CYCLE WORKS, COW LANE BRIDGE (corner of Smithfield), Chester. ? ESTABLISHED 1861. j RJ CITY GRILL & RESTAURANT, JW 14, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER. j t FRANK DAVIES & Co., I PUBLIC CATERERS, E AND Jp REFRESHMENT CONTRACTORS. [| Plate, Glass, China, & Cutlery on Hire. Estimates Given. |j|J M I^oiwib'hinQ Stout on Draught and in Bottle. BASS'S ALE. n& THOMAS MORRIS, i COAL & COKE MERCHANT, J 12, COAL EXCHANGE, CHESTER. i Best Staffordshire, Lancashire, and Welsh Main Coals. N SOLE AGEXT MINERA LDIE Co. | DICK SONS! ii SEED IAIPLEMEST IITHE TrAREHOUSE; ALSO THE NURSERIES, CHESTER. || CATALOGUES in all Departments |J POST FREE. j! W. DAVIS, COAL AND GRAVEL MERCHANT, I 4, St. Werburglis Mount St Canal Basin Wharf. i| CARTAGE CONTRACTOR, AGEST FOR GLOBE PARCEL EXPBESS. jg FURNITUEE REMOVALS BY ROAD EAIL. j7 G. SHAW & SONS, 4 FUBNISHING & GENERAL IRONMONGERS & CUTL £ Kb, to THE CROSS, CHESTER. R TZZ7 Wokk Manufactured on All Kinds of WEorGHT IEO>. 0 g the Premises. SILVER MEDALIST, London and Liverpool, 1885-6. !& H N. c. FIRTH, I f H Watch and Clock Manufacturer, g ffi 98, FOREGATE ST., S CHESTER. t- Electric Bells, Telephones, accessories. Estimates given. fcCT B BOLLANI) & SONS, jjj COXFECTIOXEBS. | EASTGATE^ROW^ CHESTER. | £ fiest-class kestaheaht. m COOKED WINES. AFT™NOp_EJsED BEEF. BAKED PIES. 4 GAqrPPEEs' WEDDING KECEPTIONS. HIEE OF | BA"P, ATE™ waitees. FANCY CAKES FOE | AFTERNOON TEA, &c" 36 to 7, per Box. inchiduig postage, WEDDINC CAKES. 8 V t>+ in stock. Illustrated Catalogues Gratis. | Tw. By Appointment to Chester Sj OPTICIAN ( 0^^SS^J:IU.. I J. D. SIDDALL, || THE CROSS, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER, 1 UMBRELLA MAKER. J Repairs and Ee-covering promptly on CKS 1 OKBEE1I.AS, SDSSHADES. WA The Old Established Seed and i Implement Warehouse. || mcHATTTE & Co., I torDEDSMEN, NURSERYMNI AN]) IMPLEMENT MEUCIINTS, CHESTER. | CATALOGUES P POST FREE on application. 1,.