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DIARY. j | Wirral Board of Guardians 1 III Frodsham Petty Sessions I llll Wirral & Birkenhead Agricultural Sho w I WW "The Span of Life" at the Royalty Theatre Messrs. Churton, Elphick & Co.'s Sale at The Manor, Mickle Trafford- Farming Stock, Household Furm- ture, Ac. „ Mr. Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, Hooton—Fat and Store Stock Mr. Carter's Sale at Wirral Cattle Mart, Hooton—Stock Mr. Willis' Sale at the Bed Lion Hotel, Tarvin-Freehold Pasture Land Horse and Cattle Fair at Mold f* I pn Wirral and Birkenhead Show J I I I I Chester Cattle Fair f I I Cheese Fair at Nantwich I | MOON—First Quarter, llh. 13m. p.m ( "J I. f Hawarden Board of Guardians • 1 H Messrs. Pickering & Nightingales Sale {II I at Churton House. Alford—Farming I Stock and Household Furniture Cattle Fair at Stockport [ Fair at Holywell A I Chester District Council /J Vl Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's Sale at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester—Land I |l 1 and Dwelling Houses at Farndon, Aid- "*■ 1 ford, &c. Fair at Nantwich Fair at Flint [ k Efoclftfi Suntmg after I ^3^ STrmits^ ] f\ I Jf Wirral District Council L IIII Hoole District Council. 1 ■■ llll Mold Petty Sessions I W I Crewe Cattle Market J Macclesfield Cheese Fair | Mr. "Wright's Sale of Stock, &c. at Beeston Smithfield Fair at Colwyn Fair at Ruthin ( Fair at Wrexham-Cattle Sheep and Pigs ^7 I m Denbigh County Court |lll Mr. Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock m the H j Chester Smithfield t. (ft | TTT Wrexham County Court y/ 1 Af fa'r at Denbigh II Mil £ Guniiah's Sale of Fat Stock at ■ V Hooton Smithfield | I Mr. H. H. Etches' Sale at Clutton Lower if iitT Shropshire Rams, Ewes, and Lambs Messrs. W G. Preece & Son's Flockmasters' Sale at Shrewsbury—Clun and Cross-bred Ewes f m Chester County Court II I I I Chester Cattle Fair i/| 1 i J| I TTT| Llanrwst County Court j 101F | j j FULL MOON, 2h. 12m. a. in. I 1 h Tarvin District Council I TarvIn Board of Iff I Tarvin Board of Guardians I B I Ij Chester Farmers' Club Foal Show and Sale in the Lineuhall Mr. Cunnah's Sale at the Grosvenor Hotel, Chester—Fully- Licensed Property at Mold r"——————_ 1 I Efjtrteentfj Sutrtrag after l £ j i a • "n f*> Bangor County Court 1 J laII Crewe Cattle Market I ■ IVI ^-r* Wright's fc?ale of Stock, &c. at III I W I Beeston Smithfield L | Pair at Wrexham—Cattle, Sheep and Pigs j m | f"f*V Chester Board of Guardians j ft ||| Holyhead County Court I I Mr. Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock in | ^*| | the Chester Smithfield | I ™ Fair at Denbigh A 0-* I f>VT Cheese Fair g I I ill Wirral Board of Guardians 1 I llll Chester Town Council 8 ll V ■ Chester Cycle Parade I ■ ■ Middlewich Agricultural Show 1 Carnarvon County Court Mr. Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock at the Hooton Smithfield m Chester Cattle Fair | 1^ I | I Conway County Court I || ■ I Chester Horse Fair I Mr. Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, 1 I Chester—Horses, Carriages, & Harness yj J "n Hawarden Guardians H fl 111 Rhyl County Court ^1 | fl Messrs. W. Dew & Son's Sale at the AI I J. plough Hotel, St. Asaph—Freehold I I Farm 18jS Ii ———————————— ———— J 1 Moon—Last Quarter, 2h. 51m. n III a.m. I JL iFourteentjf Suntiag after v j -wa est* Mold Petty Sessions I Jill Si/1 -^r- Wright's Sale of Stock &c. at w 8 I !1?I Beeston Smithfield £ 1% i I If I Fair at Wrexham—Cattle, Sheep MW | and pigg i 4SS% Jt. I m Holywell County Court S'i |1 a S -^r- Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock at Sj /| | the Chester Smithfield H gnu TTWS" Fair at Congleton II nO 111 Fair at Over I' llll Mr. Cunnah's Pale of Fat Stock II f\f W H* at the Hooton Smithfield — r Sj Caergwrle Petty Sessions fin 111 Chester Cattle Fair »(' X I Rutbin County Court 13 SI i Altrincham Agricultural Society— m e$« Annual Show [1 m "H—a Mold County Court j 24lF sj A A Sj r*E* Tarvin Board of Guardians m a g i Llangollen County Court [1/ Mr. Cunnah's Sale at the Grosvenor HI fj' n Hotel—Freehold Property in Chester •j. Sntf W ] IV and Neighbourhood f fll Messrs. Wm. Hall, Wateridge, and Owen's Sale oi SI j Horses at Shrewsbury GL ~F\F\ ISEW NOON, lh. 46m. p.m. w /r\ jjafteetttfj 5unHag after IJkxJ ^Trtnitg. ) if JF Petty Sessions '■J I Jl i H|| Oakmere Petty Sessions 81 f IVI Mr. Wright's Sale of Stock, &c. at f | I | f | Beeston Smithfield • ■*»* Horse Fair at Wrexham tj I pn Hawarden Petty Sessions S CJ » I I Chester Board of Guardians ff I Broxton Petty Sessions iSJ # il I I I ^r- Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock at Un m*s& XJt J A the Chester Smithfield p|v Fair at Caerwvs Fair at Llangollen f\ j <v*v Wirral Board of Guardians /jl B If 1 ill Frodsham Petty Sessions M ■ill Wrexham County Court ti' S 11J W W ■r* Cunnah's Sale of Fat Stock fyjj ■ ™ at the Hocton Smithfield it r [ ffV* Connah's Quay Petty Sessions U Jj# 1 I B I I Chester Cattle Fair < I I I |Tarporley District Council tti I jl I I Chester County Court SFL THK DEE STEAMBOAT CO.'S STEAMERS, fl "Okmonde" and "Bend Or," PI rnn as follows (Sundays excepted: — fej a ma m a m p in p Blip ni p mp mipm. p.m tl ofoT. caen') 9 O10301130 1 0 1 3012 46 3 30,4 30 5 30; if v^lestonFerry. 9 50| 11201220,1 50 2 20:3 35j4 20 5 20 6 20 1015jll45 jS45| W E^e^Sn^3Pe^y«-il^toii2^!r*aj;2*2»|s*33!4*3o!6 wje'isl" Chester. (arrive) |1130ll 01 25 2 403 104 256 20 7 07 30| FARES-Chester to Eccleston, 6d. Single; 9d. Return. Iron Bridge, 8d. „ Is. „ Weather and other causes permitting.


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