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DISTRICT AND PARISH COUNCILS. ELLESMERE PORT PARISH. The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Wednesday night. Mr. Stockton presided. Two gentlemen were proposed for the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr. E. O. Griffiths —Messrs. T. Price, grocer, Whitby, and Livesley, Ellesmere Port, who were highest on the list of unsuccessful candidates at the yearly meeting. On being put to the vote, Mr. Livesley was elected. It was decided to ibrect a gas lamp at the corner of Station-road and Dock-street. It was decided to open the gates of the Victoria Gardens forthwith from nine o'clock in the morning to dusk. A request was made by the secretary of one of the local brass bands for permission to play in the park. The Council was pleased to hear that statement, and hoped that as there were two efficient bands in the parish that each would on alternate weeks favour the residents with a musical recital. It was agreed to ask the bands to do Bo.-On the question of whether dancing would be allowed in the park, another interesting discussion arose. Some of the mem- bers thought that one of the rules on the notice board should read—" Dancing not allowed."— Mr. Jones and others said they would be sorry to see such a rule.—Mr. Pixton thought that if a recommendation to the bandmasters to stop playing if dancing took place were made, this would be the best way out of the difficulty.-To this the Council unanimously agreed.—The water supply was again introduced, although the amount of water sent to the district was now in some parts fairly satisfactory, such districts as Upper Whitby and Whitby Heath had not yet an adequate supply.—Dr. Finney thought that the company should give some signal or send around some messenger when they were about to cut off the water. Other members made a similar complaint.— It was resolved to write the Water Company on the matter.—Mr. Breckon stated that complaints had been made to him with respect to the quality of the water used for domestic purposes at certain houses on the Heath at Whitby. The Council had considered the matter some time back, and had passed a resolution, but some of the tenants were yet using, against their will, water from old pits.- Mr. Lloyd, who represents this district, said the West Cheshire Water Company would supply them with water if the property owners would lay the pipes, or promise them the necessary indemnity. A number of the owners were agreeable to do so, but others were not, hence the difficulty, and the tenants had to suffer. There were about forty families on the Heath who drank rain-water supplemented by pit water.—It was decided that the clerk com- municate again with the District Council on the matter. TARPORLEY DISTRICT. A meeting of this Council was held on Thursday. There were present Mr. John Pickering (chairman), Messrs. Hassall, Booth, Greenway, Symms, and Wrench, with the clerk (Mr. T. Cawley), and the surveyor (Mr. J. Knight).—The Clerk read a letter from the medical officer of health stating that he had seen Captain Griffith at the Alpha Cottages, and after explanation the captain had agreed to carry out the recommendations contained in his recent report.—The Tarporley Gas Com- pany's tender for lighting the 17 street lamps from the 15th September to 31st March next for JE21 5s. was accepted.—A letter was received from the Northwich Rural District Council stating that that Council were supplying water to a number of houses in Dela- mere. Little Budworth, and O^tmere from a connection made with the Liverpool mains. Application hal been received to extend the main to other houses, one of which was in the -occupation of Mr. W. Walker, of Utkinton, in the district of the Council, whose consent seemed necessary under Section 285 of the Public Health Act, 1875. On the motion of Mr. Booth, seconded by Mr. Wrench, it was resolved that consent be given. Consent was also given to the Fire Brigade to take the engine to the Chester Lantern Cycle Parade. The Clerk reported that he bad received a letter from the Local Government Board with regard to the application of the Urban District Council for an order conferring certain powers on the Council. The Board stated that having regard to the terms of the resolutions passed by the vestries of the parishes of Eaton, Rushton, and Tarporley, and to the objections of those vestries to the transfer of their powers in the matter referred to to the District Council, they did not consider they could properly issue the desired order so far as those parishes were concerned. The Board would however issue an order con- ferring on the District Council the powers of the vestry under Sections 3 and 4 of the Poor Rate Assement and Collection Act, 1869, in the parish of Utkinton. With reference to the statement ■ that the District Council were desirous of having all the powers of a Parish Council except those with respect to the charities, the Board asked to be informed what powers of a Parish Council the District Council desired to have conferred upon them. They would find that some of the powers they already practically possessed, and probably that others were not really required by them.—The Clerk considered that for the sake of uniformity it would have been better if they had not granted the powers of Utkinton Vestry, and in reply to Mr. Symms he further said that the power relative to the compounding of the poor rates in certain cases, would be done by the Council instead of the vestry. He thought, if anything was done by the Council, they would be ruled by the desire of the township.—Mr. Wrench said the proceedings were very slow; it had taken the Local Government Board 12 months to reply, and Mr. Symms described it as red tapeism.' It was thought disheartening to make any application, or to go to any further trouble in the matter, and it was suggested that the letter should lie on the table, but the Clerk considered it ought to be replied to as a matter of courtesy.—Mr. Booth thought it was not a question of courtesy, which seemed to be all on one side.—The Clerk suggested that as some of the principal powers had been granted, it would be advisable to reply to the letter, which would perhaps smooth the way if a future application was made. Ultimately it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Symms, seconded by Mr. Greenway, that the Local Government Board be informed that the Council at present abandoned the application for all the powers.—The Clerk read a letter from Messrs. Lingards, the Earl of Hadding- ton's agents, which stated that they bad been instructed not to press for a reservation of the use of the road to the proposed outfall works. Accordingly a resolution was passed that the acre of land and wayleave be purchased for X250, and that Mr. Bell prepare a plan of the land required.






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