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LOCAL FLOWER SHOWS. » CHRISTLETON. Christleton Flower Show has been held annually for a quarter of a century. The twenty-sixth exhibition took place on Wednes- day, and despite the prognostications of those who thought they were in the know, and perhaps the fears of those who really had some knowledge on the subject, it was as much of a success as its predecessors. Though the atmospheric conditions were not everything that could be desired, the event did not fail to attract a large number of people from Chester and the district, while at the same time there can be little doubt that the large assembly would have been much larger had it been known that there was a reduction in the price of the tickets for the evening. A promising feature of the exhibition was that the number of entries-close upon 400-was in advance of last year, a fact of which few horti- cultural societies in this part of the country at any rate can boast in this unfavourable year. Furthermore, the quality of most things shewn was as high as ever, and whatever else may be said, it cannot but be admitted that excellent produce is always exhibited at Christleton. In the flower section the group of plants exhibited by Mrs. Townshend Ince (gardener, Mr. Weaver) was the object of considerable admiration. It was a large and tastefully blended arrangement, the centre being composed of a palm, sur- rounded by a few hothouse flowers, and the body containing excellently grown coleus, ferns, celosiss, dracaenias, &c. Messrs. Dicksons' group of flowers (not for competition) in- cluded a beautiful collection of roses, the other feature of the group being palms, liliums, various stove plants, gladioli, crotons, and streptocarpus. The exhibit generally also attracted much attention, while the collection of hardy perennials in class II. were of the finest quality, and well worth the prize. Mr. R. R. Salmon sent a beautiful collection of dahlias. Carrots were exceptionally fine, com- paring favourably with any that have been exhibited at recent shows anywhere. Some excellent specimens were shewn by J. Wynne and R. Lunt. Beet was capitally shewn, and the same may be said of cauliflowers, cabbages, and onions. Potatoes fully maintained their reputation of previous years in all classes. It is, of course, early for several varieties of fruit, and thus the exhibits in some of these classes were not so good as might have been. The Rev. L. Garnett and Mr. R. Lunt exhibited splendid plums, while the apples, Lord Suffields especially, were excellent samples of cultivation. The other classes in this section call for remark. It may be added that in the classes for ducks, butter, eggs, and honey produce of the first order of merit was exhibited. The judges, who gave every satisfaction, were:— fruit, flowers and vegetables: Mr. John Taylor, Hoole Hall Gardens, and R. Wakefield, Newton Hall Gardens; ducks, fowls, butter, eggs: Mr. T. Butler, Christleton, and Mrs. Witter, Birch Heath, Christleton; honey: Rev. T. J. Evans, Tarvin Vicarage, while the hon. sees., to whom the success of the event was in no small measure due, were Messrs. J. H. Salmon, and S. Earlam. During the evening the village band played for dancing which was carried on long after the shades of night had fallen to the imminent danger of life and limb. The following were some of the visitors:—Rev. L. Garnett, Mrs. Garnett, Mrs. Owen, Mrs. A. Dixon, Miss Dixen, Mr. and Mrs. Spibey, the Misses. Geddes, Mrs. Burgess, Rev. Lowndes (Newcastle), Mrs. R. R. Salmon, Miss Rowe, Mrs. Davis, the Misses Davis, Mr. T. R. Fleming, Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Campbell (Vicar's Cross), Mr. Archibald Camp- bell, Mr. Williams, Mr. Orred, Mrs. Granger, &c. The following is the prize list:— OPEN CLASS. Group of plants: 1, Mrs. Townshend Ince. Twenty-four hardy perennials: 1, the Rev. L. Garnett. Twelve ditto 1, Mrs. Rolt, Christleton; 2, R. R. Salmon, Rowton 3, Mrs. Day, Rowton. Six cactus dahlias 1, the Rev. L. Garnett; 2, Mrs. Townshend Ince; 3, R. R. Salmon. Three ditto: 1, Mrs. Townshend Ince; 2, Mrs. Rolt. Asters 1, E. Dixon, Littleton 2, R. Lunt. Four dishes of apples: 1, Mrs. Day; 2, E. Dixon; 3, R. R. Salmon. Two dishes apples: 1 (equal), Mrs. Townshend Ince and George Faulkner 3, J. Wynne. Plums: 1, R. Lunt; 2, the Rev. L. Garntt. Hardy fruit 1, Mrs. Ambrose Dixon. Grapes 1, E. Dixon 2, 1G. R. Salmon. Tomatoes; 1, Mrs. Townshend Ince; 2, E. J. W. Piatt, Christleton. Spring onions: 1, J. Wynne; 2, John Fleet; 3, K. R. Salmon. Autumn onions 1, E. J. W. Platt; 2, the Rev. L. Garnett. Cucum- bers: 1, J. Wynne; 2, R. R. Salmon. Round potatoes: 1, the Rev. L. Garnett; 2, E. J. W. Platt; 3, E. Dixon. Kidney potatoes 1, E. J. W. Platt 2, the Rev. L. Garnett; 3, J. Fleet. Red cabbages: 1, J. Fleet; 2. J. Wynne. White cab- bages: 1, J. Wynne 2, E. J. W. Platt. Celery: 1, J. Fleet; 2, E. J. W. Platt. Beet 1, E. J. W. Platt; 2, R. R. Salmon 3, T. J. Cooper. Carrots: 1, G. Faulkner; 2, R. R. Salmon. Cauliflowers: 1, the Rev. L. Garnett; 2, R. R. Salmon. Collec- tion of vegetables 1 (equal), J. Fleet and the Rev. L. Garnett; 3, E. J. W. Platt. Two dressed fowls: 1, Mrs. G. Faulkner; 2, S. Palin. Two dressed ducks: 1, Wm. Faulkner; 2, Mrs. G. T. Jones. Twelve hen eggs (white): 1, Mrs. J. Welch; 2, Mrs. Hassall. Thirteen hen eggs (coloured): 1, Mrs. J. Welch; 2, Mrs. Hassall. Two lb. butter: 1, Mrs. S. Palin; 2, Mrs. G. Faulkner. AMATEURS. (Including farmers and market gardeners). Spring onions: 1, John Fleet; 2, John Atkin. Potatoes 1, J. Atkin; 2, J. Fleet. Cauliflowers; R. Lunt. Carrots 1, J. Wynne; 2, R. Lunt. Collection of vegetables R. Lunt. COTTAGERS. Asters: 1, Alf Lloyd; 2, W. Tushingham. Hardy flowers: W. A. Pierce. Bouquet wild flowers-Group 1: 1, Annie Woolley; 2, Lizzie Pierce; 3, William Hewitt; 4, Ernest Boughey. Group 2: 1, Wm. Woolley; 2, H. Sale; 3, Annie Wilson; 4, Albert Johnson. Group 3: 1, Alice Pierce; 2, Emily Woolley; 3, Emma Lloyd; 4, A. Davis. Lord Snffield apples 1, Wm. Grindley; 2, Jas. Welch; 3, W. A. Pierce. Kitchen apples 1, J. Welch 2, B. Walker; 3, T. J. Cooper 4, Mrs. Pugh. Dessert apples 1, T. J. Cooper 2, Mrs. Wilson 3, F. Bramall. Pears: 1, S. Edwards 2, Mrs. Pugh. Damsons: 1, Wm. Partington 2, George Massey; 3, Alfred Lloyd 4, Walter Poston. Plums 1, J. Grindley 2, Mrs. Pugh; 3, B. Walker. Round potatoes: 1, F. Brammall; 2, T. J. Cooper; 3, S. Edwards; 4, Alfred Lloyd. Kidney potatoes 1, F. Brammall; 2, James Grindley 3, W. Cummings 4, William Tushingham. Carrots 1, J. Grindley 2, Charles Parker; 3, James Welch. Turnips 1, Charles Parker; 2, S. Edwards; 3, William Tushingham. Spring onions 1, C. Parker; 2, W. Tushingham 3, F. Bramall; 4, W. Partington. Cauliflowers: 1, S. Edwards 2, S. Williams 3, W. Tushingham. Vegetable marrows 1, James Grindley; 2, W. A. Pierce. Peas 1, T. J. Cooper; 2, W. A. Pierce. Broad beans 1, Henry Morgan; 2, Walter Poston 3, W. A. Pierce. Runner beans 1, W. A. Pierce 2, F. Bramall; 3, Alfred Lloyd 4, T. J. Cooper. French beans 1, J. Sale; 2, Mrs. Pugh; 3, T. J. Cooper; 4, W. Poston. Red cabbage 1, Alfred Lloyd; 2, S. Edwards; 3, J. Welch. White cabbage: 1, W. Tushingham; 2, S. Williams; 3, W. A. Pierce. Celery: 1, J. Grindley; 2, J. Sale. Collection of vegetables 1, C. Parker; 2, F. Bramall; 3, W. A. Price. Honey (open to all amateur), honey comb sections 1, John Dutton. Run honey 1, J. Dutton; 2, Geo. T. Jones; 3, Mrs. Day v h c. J. Wynne, J. Dutton, and Mrs. Day. TARPORLEY. The seventh annual show of the Tarporley Horticultural Society took place on Wednesday, in the picturesque Arderne Park under most favourable circumstances. We might point out that each show held here has been very creditable to the district, but the one this year is the best on record. The entries, how- ever, were not so numerous as at the last show, the number being 1150, a decrease of 150 com- pared with last year. But this deficiency was m-tde up in another way, inasmuch as the quality of the produce was exceedingly fine, in fact better than at any previous show. Two spacious marquees were occupied for the exhibits, which were arranged very tastefully. It wenld be exceedingly difficult to particularise in the different classes, so uniformly good was the produce in each of them. But speaking generally, beginning with the vegetables, all the exhibits in this section formed splendid specimens, and it would be unnecessary to mention any particular class. Competition here was very strong. Fruit, generally, was of average quality, but it must be remembered that everywhere in the district the fruit has been more or less affected this summer by the drought. The show of wild flowers was a great improvement on previous ones. The exhibits were better arranged, and the show was larger, making much competition. The honey show was most creditable all round. The quality was better in the cottagers' class, although the entries here were few. In the open class the run honey was very fine. The number of entries was larger than before, the quality all round was better than ever, and greatly puzzled the judge in making awards. There was an excellent show of butter, the entries here being a great increase on the previous show. There was also a flne cheese show, good quality here also being a chief feature. The entries in this show were thrice the number of last year. S-sme magnificent eggs were exhibited. The chief prizes for plants and hot house fruit were won by Mr. Gordon Houghton (Gardenhurst), Mr. Charles Threlfall (l'ilston Lodge), and Mr. James Tomkinson (Willington Hall), who were the largest exhibitors. As usual, Messrs. Dicksons, Chester, sent a magnificent collection of flowers, plants, foliage, &c., not for competi- tion. The chief judges were Messrs. R. Milne (Vale Royal) and T. Winkworth, who were assisted by Messrs. G. Haughton, G. Saddler, and W. Watson. Mr. Boothby (Stockport) judged the cheese, Mr. W. E. Little (Chester) the honey, butter, ducks, and eggs; and the Ladies Ruth, Grisel, and Cicely Baillie- Hamilton the table decorations and wild flowers. All the judges experienced much difficulty in making the awards, on account of the uniformly good quality in almost every class. The committee, with the secretary (Mr. Sprackling), deserve thanks for the excellent manner in which they executed the arrangements of the show. The Tarporley Brass Band was in attendance, and there were other amusements on the ground in the form of steam roundabouts, swings, and small shows. The attendance throughout the day was very good, increasing, of course, as the day wore on. in the afternoon sports were held of quite an elaborate description, the numerous events affording great enjoyment to spectators on account of their varied character. The judges were the Earl of Haddington, Sir Philip Grey-Egerton, Bart., and the Rev. F. Clifton Smith; and starter, Mr. Henry Billington. The other officials were most energetic in the performance of their duties. The sports concluded about six o'clock, and the prizes hr the successful competitors were pre- sented by Lady Ruth Baillie Hamilton. The following are the results:—Egg and spoon race: 1, E. Smart; 2, J. Blair; 3, C. Burston; 120 yards handicap (local) 1, H. Ledwards 2, W. Bainbridge; 3, H. Guest and A. Burston. Throwing the cricket ball: 1, H. Billington; 2, R. Edwards; 3, H. Vernon. 120 yards handicap (open) 1, E. Rowson 2,1. Barnes; 3, J. Jones. One mile bicycle handicap (local) 1, G. F. Lightfoot; 2, H. Lovekin 3, S. Edwards. 440 yards handicap (open): 1, T. Richardson; 2, J. Hunt; 3, J. Hallmark. Com- mittee race 1, C. Wright; 2, F. Carter 3, C. Sprackling. 880 yards handicap (open) 1, W. Bainbridge; 2, J. Hunt; 3, J. Mather. Bicycle handicap (open) 1, G. F. Lightfoot; 2, R. Clewes; 3, H. Buckley. Obstacle race: 1, W, Scott; 2, S. Wright; 3, H. Wright. The follow- ing was the prize list COTTAGERS. Single window plant 1, Albert Prince 2, E. Bell 3, John Smith. Window plants 1, A. Prince 2, Parker 3, E. Bell. Greenhouse plants 1, A. Prince 2, J. Wrench. Hardy ferns (distinct varieties) 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Wrench. Roses (distinct varieties) 1, Wm. Parker 2, J. Wrench. Asters 1. W. Parker 2, J. Vernon. Stocks 1, J. Wrench 2, John Smith. Dahlias (double, not less than four varieties) 1, J. Wrench 2, P. Johnson. Cactus dahlias 1, J. Wrench 2, P. Johnson. Ponpon dahlias: 1, W. Parker 2, J. Vornon. Pansies 2, C. Ashley. Carnations 1, J. Wrench 2, W. Parker. African marigolds 1, J. Wrench 2, W. Guest. Annuals (distinct varieties): 1, W. Parker; 2, A. Prince. Hand bouquet; 1, Mrs. H. Billington; 2, E. Bell. Bouquet of wild flowers: 1, Nellie Lovekin; 2, W. Sprack- ling; 3, B. Sprackling; 3 (extra), Ethel Crank; 4, R. N. Taylor; 4 (extra). E. Brook- field. Collection ef wild flowers 1, E. Brookfield; 2, T. Wright 3 (equal), C H. Simnell and T. F. Linnell, jun,: 4, G T. Jones. Dessert apples 1, J. Murray 2, J. Thompson; 3, A. Prince. Kitchen apples 1, A. Prince 2, J. Murray 3, W. Edge. Pears 1, A. Prince 2; J. Murray 3, G. Row- land. Cherries: 1, R. Cawley. Plums: 1, R. Ledward; 2. W. Guest; 3, R. Southern Gooseberries: 1, Mrs. Wright; 2, Hewitt; 3, R. Southern. Four varieties of fruit: 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Murray: 3. R. Southern. Dish of currants: 1, H. Billington; 2, J. Pawley; 3, E. Bell. Cucumbers: 1, C. Ashley; 2, A. Prince; 3, J. Pawley. Kidney potatoes: 1, G. Wrench; 2, Hewitt; 3, J. Johnson. Round potatoes 1, J. Vernon; 2, J. Murray; 3, G. T. Jonos Six varieties of potatoes: 1, W. Guest; 2, W. Parker. Broad beans: 1, Mrs. Wright; 2, W. Cawley; 3, J. Wrench. Runner beans 1, E. Bell; 2, Hewitt; 3, A. Prince. Dwarf beans: 1, R. Dodd; 2, Hewitt; 3, W. Cawley. Peas 1, J. Wrench 2, G. T. Jones; 3, J. Murray. Onions: 1, W. Parker 2, J. Murray 3, Mrs. Edge. Carrots 1, G. T. Jones 2, J. Murray 3, S. Bisley. Celery (white): 1, J. Pawley 2, W. Parker 3, J. Wrench. Celery (red): 1, J. Pawley 2, R. Woodward; 3, W. Parker. Vegetable marrows: 1, S. Bisley; 2, A. Benbow; 3, W. Guest. Eschalots 1, W. Guest; 2, A. Prince; 3, G. T. Jones. Red cabbage 1, H. Dickinson 1, J. Vernon; 3, H. Ledward. Summer cabbage 1, H. Billington 2, R, Woodward 3, J. Murray. Savoy 1. J. Murray 2, J. Wrench; 3, J. Smith. Cauliflower: 1, J. Murray 2, W. Edge 3, J. Wrench. Table turnips: 1, H. Wilkinson; 2, W. Cawley; 3, J. Smith. Lettuce: 1, W. Guest; 2, A. Prince. Parsnips: 1, G. T. Jones; 2, W. Parker; 3, C. Ashley. Beetroot: 1, W. Parker; 2, R. Wrench; 3, J. Wrench. Leeka 1, W. Cawley 2, J. Wrench; 3, G. Wrench. Rhubarb 1, A. Prince; 2, J. Pawley; 3. R. Cawley. Parsley 1, G. Wrench 2, G. T. Jones 3, H. Wilkinson. Collection of herbs 1, G. Murray; 2, A. Prince. Earl of Haddington's special prize 1, J. Wrench; 2, A. Prince 3, W. Parker; v h c, J. Murray h c, J. Smith. Messrs. Dickson and Robinson's prize 1, A. Prince. GARDENERS. Stove plants: 1, C. Threlfall; 2, G. Houghton. Greenhouse plants 1, C. Threlfall; 2, G. Houghton. Specimen plant: 1, J. Tomkinson 2, C. Threlfall; 3, G. Houghton. Palms: 1, G. Houghton; 2, C. Threlfall. Specimen fern 1, G. Houghton 2, C. Threlfall. Fern 1, G. Houghton 2, C. Threlfall. Table plants 1, C. Threlfall; 2, G. Houghton 3, J. Tomkinson. Begonias: 1, C. Threlfall. Coleus 1, C. Threlfall; 2, J. Tomkinson. Cut flowers (hardy): 1, C. Threlfall; 2, G.Houghton. Cut flowers (stove): 1, C. Threlfall. Carnations: 1, Earl of Haddington; 2, G. Houghton. Roses (distinct varieties): 1, J. Tomkinson. Gladioli: 1, C. Threlfall; 2, Earl of Haddington 3, G. Houghton. Cactus dahlias 1, G. Houghton; 2, J. Tomkinson. Tomatoes: 1, G. Houghton; 2, C. Threlfall. Collection of fruit: 1, C. Threlfall; 2, J. Tomkinson. Collection of vegetables 1, C. Threlfall; 2, J. Tomkiason. AMATEURS. Greenhouse plants: 1, W. Brookfield; 2, D. Wright. Specimen greenhouse plants: 1, W. Brookfield; 2, G. W. Smith. Fuchsias: 1, D. Wright. Geraniums 1, J. Forster; 2, W. Brook- field. Begonias (distinct varieties) 1, W. Brook- field 2, J. Hitchin. Coleus 1, W. Brookfield. British hardy fern 1, D. Wright. Greenhouse ferns (distinct varieties): 1, W. Brookfield; 2, D. Wright. Roses (cut blooms) 1, J. Vernon. Asters: 1, W. Gastrell; 2, J. Vernon. Double dahlias: 1, W. Vickers; 2, D. Wright. Cactus dahlias (distinct varieties): 1, W. Vickers; 2, J. Cadman. Pompon dahlias (distinct varieties): 1, J. Cadman 2, W. Vickers. Gladioli :'2nd (equal): A. Carter and G. W. Smith. Stocks: 1, A. Carter; 2, W. Vickers. Carnations 1, J. Cadman 2, W. Vickers. African marigolds 1, W. Vickers; 2, J. Vernon. Hand bouquet: 1, Thomas Lanceley; 2, W. Brookfield. Table decoration: 1, Miss Brookfield; 2, Miss Billington 3, Miss E. Edge v h c, Miss A. Brookshaw. Dessert apples: 1, D. Wright 2. G. W. Smith. Kitchen apples 1, G. W. Smith 2, J. G. Bate. Pears 1, V. Hitchin 2, G. W. Smith. Damsons 1, G. W. Smith 2, T. Lanceley. Plums: 1, J. Merrill 2, A. Brookshaw. Collection of three dishes of plums (distinct varieties) 1, J. Merrill; 2, D. Wright. Collection of hardy fruit (six species) 1, G. W. Smith. Currants 1, A. Brookshaw 2, W. Brookfield. Cherries 1, G. W. Smith. Cucumbers 1, R. Hales 2, D. Wright. Tomatoes 1, J. Kemp 2, D. Wright. Kidney potatoes 1, p. Vernon 2, R. Hayles. Round potatoes 1, R. Hayles 2, V. Hitchen. Potatoes (six varieties) 1. G. Vickers 2, J. Vornon. Runner beans 1, W. Brookfield; 2, T. Lanceley. Dwarf beans: 1, A. Brookshaw 2. W. Gaskell. Broad beans 1, G. W. Smith 2, D. Wright. Peas 1, T. Lanceley 2, R. Hales. Onions 1, R. Hales 2, A. Brookshaw. Eschalots 1, R. Hales 2, J. Vernon. Cauli- flowers 1, T. Lanceley; 2, J. Vernon. Summer cab- bage: 1, J. Cadman; 2, R. Hales. Red cabbage: 1, J. Vernon 2,R. Hales. Celery (white): 1, R. Hales; 2, D. Wright. Celery (red) 1, R. Hales; 2, T. Lanceley. Vegetable marrows 1, W. Vickers 2, G. W. Smith. Carrots: 1, J. Cadman; 2, J. Vernon. Table turnips 1, R. Hales; 2, G. Vickers. Leeks 1, R. Hales 2, W. Vickers. Parsnips: 1, W. Vickers 2. J. Cadman. Beet- root 1, F. Sheen 2, R. Hales. Rhubarb 1, G. W. Smith; 2, R. Hales. Parsley 1, W. Gastrell: 2, G. W. Smith. Collection of herbs: 1, W. Brookfield; 2, G. W. Smith. SPECIALS. By the Earl of Haddington-Collection of vege. tables 1, J. Wrench; 2, A. Prince 3, W. Parker; v h c, J. Murray h c, J. Smith. By the Rev. W. O. M. Hughes-For the best and neatest cottage garden (Tarporley parish): 1, H. Wilkinson 2, A. Prince. Best cheese, not exceeding 601b.: 1, Mrs. Walson (Hargrave); 2, T. Greenway; 3. Langley (Bunbury); v h c, Wilson (Beeston): h c, Rutter (Tilstone). Best long keeping cheese, given by Mr. Cluett: 1, Mrs G. Platt (Eaton); v h c, P. Dutton. Best six jib. butter, by Messrs. Lever Brothers 1, Mrs. J. Forster; 2, Mrs. Stokes; 3 Miss E. France; v h c, Mrs. Harding; h c, J. Hough. Best 21b. of butter 1, Mrs. Stokes; 2, Miss C. Clarke 3, Miss N. Lovekin v h c, Mrs. Harding; h c, H. Billington. Collection of vegetables (cot- tagers only), given by Messrs Dickson and Robin- son: 1, A. Prince. Six white eggs: 1, Mrs. Platt; 2, Mrs. Cookson v h c, F. Sheen h c, R. Cawley. Six coloured eggs 1, Miss C. Clarke 2, G. F. Jones; 3, Mrs. Cookson; h c, F. Sheen. Cucumbers (open): 1, G. Houghton; 2, C. Threlfall. Largest turnip in the show: 1, T. Lanceley, 2, Johnson. Couple of ducks (dressed); 1, T. Challoner; 2, T. Crank; h c, J. Johnson. Honey extracted (six lib. bottles), given by Lady Cicely Arden Baillie- Hamilton: 1, C. Roberts 2, C. W. Tomkinson 3, T. Dale T h c, the Rev. T. J. Evans; h c, the Rev. E. A. Hutton. Honey (three lib. sections): 1, the Rev. T. J. Evans 2, Frank Dutton 3. Frederick Dutton. Honey ex- tracted (six lib. bottles) 1, R. Dodd 2, G. F. Jones; 3, J. Kent; h c, W. Parker. Honey (six lib. sections) 1, R. Dodd 2, C. Young.