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CHEESE AND HUMOUR.—An interview in a contemporary with an Eastbourne beach enter- tainer gives an idea of Eastbourne's taste for jokes. The following, it seems, is always well received :—" If the gentleman who left the Stilton cheese in the cloak-room six months ago does not call and take it away, we shall kill it." It reminds us of the order shouted in a restaurant:—" Bring me some more bread. The gorgonzola has eaten the last." CARTER'S LITTLE 1^^ u LIVER PILLS. ^KXlT!!Pm BEAUTIFUL TEETH ^HPARTERfl nn.. for all who use daily on the fcsoth Mm*TlfE Small ^^0 IVER Price. S0Z0D0NT, W | Jf'jrS Forty in a the pleasantest dentifrice in the I*—T>*1- world. Purely vegetable Cleanses the teeth and spaces T. between them as nothing elae Cure Torpid LiTer, Hile, will Sound ftnii npurlvwltiiA Sallow Complexion, and stok a ana peariy IWH Headaches promptly: and teeth, rosy lips, and fragrant core them so as to at«y eured. breath ensured. Chemists, la. Ud, Aak for SOZQDONT, 9&M. DO YOU BIKE? W* THE WHOLE FAMILY travels to health and pleasure on Bicycles. Almost everybody rides. We have had our stone ages and our iron ages—this is probably the beginning of the pneumatic age. Don't be behind the times. If you don't want a wheel now, you will shortly —when you get ready to buy, you may find the best offers have been ridden away by others. The wheels we sell are the best made, if they were not, we wouldn't sell them. Come in. Seeing's free. < GYMNASIUM CYCLING SCHOOL & DEPOT, 35, LOWER BRIDGE-STREET, CHESTER. m+L + SEALED, AND SOLD ^EVERYWHERE & ALWAYS,* HOLIDAYS & WORKING-DAYS, AT THE SAME PRICES. iSpi So, when you are on your holidays or otherwise away from home, don't pay IPS 'visitor's price' for poor unknown tea. r Tell the local grocer that you must have BROOKE, BOND'S', and that, if he ■~v"" hasn't got it, you will go further along the street till you come to one of the 3% familiar and universal spoonful' signs, A and get your favourite packet there. T &0L Every packet of Brooke, Bonds' Tea, JAT! whether sold next door to your own home or a hundred miles away, is put up and sealed under our own personal supervision at our Head-quarters in the City, and, so long as you see that our 2K.' seal-label, with the celebrated trade- w mark on it, is 'all right,' you can rest assured that the quality and the price are all right, too. Yes, whenever you pay the price printed on the end-label ^g|8P of a BROOKE, BONDS'PACKET, you have the guarantee that you are getting the best possible value in tea at that price. A If you will always remember this and A act on it, you will be doing a good turn A for yourself and your family and your friends. w BROOKE, BONDS' TEA IS SOLD BT 2^; AGENTS EVERYWHERE, At 1/ 1/2,1/4, 1/8, 2/ 2/4, 2/8 a lb. J BROOKE, BOND & CO.T SiP* LIMITED, THE LANCASHIRE TEA WAREHOUSES li&if 17, PlCCAMLLY AND ") „ 12 4 It, Long MILLGA.TE, j MANCHESTEK. A BOON TO WEAK MEN. An originally scientific means of Curing Nervous Debility and its Various Physical and Nervous Ail- ments without the use of Nauseous Stomach Medicines. The Method is easy and Sure, and a Permanent and Effective Cure is ensured in all cases of Weakness in Young and Old Ien. A fully Explanatory Pamphlet sent sealed, Post Free. Address—J. MURRAY, 7, Southampton Row, High. Holborn, London, W.C. TO^SIJMMIR TJSE7~ CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS flrimiillil (6d"Tabiets)- 1fTaUJUyniRB CARBOLIC PRICKLY \SrtKtW7 HEAT SOAPS (6d. and Is. Bars). ARE THE BEST. Can be obtained at Chemists, Stores, &c., or 1/- worth and upwards post free for value. F. C. Calvert & Co.. P-ifok Manchester. Awarded 78 GoM and Silver Medals, &c. BORWICK'S "SL POWDER FOR THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE. CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED ^JLAEKE'S woitiiD- BLOOD MIXTURE FANBD CLARKE>S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE J FAMED THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THE BLOOD The Blood is the source from which M our systems are built up. and from THE BLOOD which T0 derive our mental as well as our physical capabilities. If the rilHE BLOOD SSfi'toSteT4 h"" JL Clarke's Blood Mixture is war- THE BLOOD ranted to cleanse the blood from t all impuriti-8, from whatever cause THE BLOOD &risit]g- In cases of Scrofula, Scurvy, Eczema, Bad Legs, Skin and Blood mHT? "RT nfYn Pimples, and Sores of all r I 111*. BLUOD kinds its effects marvellous. JL Thousands of wonderful cures hav» rjlHE BLOOD been effected by it. rflHE BLOOD nnHE blood .AT -'djsria&ss: I J or some considerable time I was TRIP T»T riOTI suffering very badly from Eczema. BLOOD the pain and irritation at night beine something dreadful. My neck was so THE BLOOD bad I could not wear a collarT When t first it came oal attended a doetor; THE BLOOD he me ointment, lotion, and N medicine but all to no purpose, for I "BT nriT> gradually got worse. 1 was readinir I BLOOD about a cure effected by Clarke's .JL Blood Mixture, and thought I wonld THE BLOOD 1 a bottl. but with very little t faith. A ftr I had one bottle the THE BLOOD SOr,fS ^gaiJ t° "P and disappear, and when I had taken bettles, trf t>T aat\ si-18' I was completely cured. T | Vtliii BLOOD I shall aJwa.ys recommend it to any. 1 one I know suffering from skiu THE BLOOD disease* as it is really a marvellous t thing, and deserves recommenda. TnT7i py aat\ tion. All I can say is, that I am ilxli ULOOD truly grateful for injr recovery. I remain, yours faithfully, rTIHE BLOOD "ALBKBT TARLING." fiiHVRTorm Ta°USANDS0FTESTIMONIALS. ri lHL BLOOD 3Por cleansing and clearing the rriwir -RT oon IT" a11 1BQP«rities, Clarke's rTlHE BLOOD Blood Mixture cannot be too highly I recommended. THE BLOOD As this mixture is pleasant to the t taste, and warranted free from any, THE BLOOD thing injurious to the most delicate constitution of either sex, froc» TTIF BT rvm inrU-?y *?. oId n#e> the proprietors 1X1L ULWU solicit sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THE BLOOD Sold in bottles 2s. 9d. each by alt t Chemists and Patent Medicine Yen. THE BLOOD dors thr(>»<jhout the World, o* sent to any address on receipi of 33 FJ1HE BLOOD a and Miflland^ouS D^ug JL Company, Lincoln. f^LARKE'S wo RLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. Vy FAMED /CLARKE'S WORLD- BLOOD MIXTURE. FAMED WHEN you ASK for CLARKE'S BLOOD MIXTUR don't be put off with something else. May retailers stoek substitutes for all articles in large dand. and pay their assistants a commission on the saly of these imitations. This explains why different articles from tte OR9 asfced for are so frequently put befc;j^ puj-Q&asers.