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If you want to learn what Scott's Emulsion has done for cod-liver oil, try it on a baby or a growing child. The experiment will not only repay you but will also be interesting. You will learn what food can accomplish when it gets into the blood of the growing body. Much of the ordi- nary food taken simply passes through the system. This is why children are too thin and delicate. Scott's Emulsion presents cod-liver oil and hypophosphites in their ideal form for weakened systems. It requires little digestive effort, is sweet to the taste and comprises all the bene- fit ficial properties of these standard nutrients. Scott's Emulsion is to a delicate baby or child what rain is to a thirsty plant. It is just what all weakened, poorly nourished systems need. There is only one way to get the BEST. Look for our trade-mark! Trade-Mark. Scott Sc Bowne, Ltd., London, E. C. All Chemists, 2/6 and 4AJ. AL v W" MACNESIA The best remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; and the safest Aperient for delicate Constitutions, Ladies, Children, and Infants. SOLD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. ( GOLD MEDALS, 1884-86. Used in the Royal Nurseries. j m BEST FOOD FOR IN F ANTS. SAVORY & MOORE, LONDON. In Tins, Is., 2s., 5s. and 10s. each. Obtainable everywhere. POLISHING-A PLEASURE WFILngkf?t.5§ STEPHENSON'S MARK CREAM. SOLD BY CHEMISTS, GROCERS AIRONMONGERS. Sole Proprietors, STEPHENSON BROS., Bradford. COCKLE'S FILLS. • COCKLE'S PILLS. a COCKLE'S PILLS. • In universal use since the dawn of the century. A tried and trusted family medicine, prescribed by medical men for the common ailments of every- day life, such as ACIDITY. HEARTBURN. INDIGESTION. BILIOUSNESS. SICK HEADACHE. DISORDERED LIVER. These famous Pills will keep you in perfect health the stomach clean, the bowels free, the liver active, the head clear, and the skin and complexion pure and free from blemish. IN USE FOR 92 YEARS. e COCKLE'S PILLS. COCKLE'S PILLS. COCKLE'S PILLS. Cockle's Pills are purely vegetable— warranted free from mercury. Kay be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Boxes at IS. iid., 2S. 9d., 4So 6d, ys., and ns. 4. Great Ormond Street. London, W.C. P. DOBBINS, LICENSED HORSE SLAUGHTERER AND BLOOD AND BONE MANURE MANUFACTURER. Best prices given for Dead and Worn-out Horses, Cows, etc., etc Prompt removal, civility, and cash payment. Distance no object. 200 Tons Blood and Bone MANURE for SALE. Guaranteed analysis. Write for circular and testimonials. WORKS: SALTNEY, and CANAL SIDE, CHESTER. Telegraphic Address DOBBINS, Chester.' Telephone No. 123. All communication to be addressed to the Head Office, No. 14, Canal Side, Chester. P. DOBBINS. Sole Proprietor and Manager. PENNYP,OYAL EIWLEs & STEEL PI'L L F9R_ FEM A LIES. QUICKLY CORRECT ALL IBBEGUULBnTES, BKJIOVB ALL ) OBSTRUCTION'S, and relieve the distressing symptomt to ■prevalent with th sez. Boxes, Itli&2,9 (oontains three times the quantity), of all Chemists. Sent anywhere t on receipt of 15 or 34 stamps, by E. T. TOWLE & Co., t Manufacturers, Dryden St., Nottingham. 11 Jinonre 0 rmitati ivjurvms atlå t&orfA. ART METAL WORK IN GATES AND GRILLES. In t/|\ r \i jfaj ^1,1.1^ '-ft: Mijl *!•.•* ■. 11 i$3 i I' i&ferrr IRON HURDLES, WIRE FENCING, FIELD GATES, CORRUGATED IRON ROOFING, &c. W. H. PEAKE & SONS, MANUFACTURERS, 25 & 27. SEEL STREET, LIVERPOOL. EVERY MAN SUFFERING from NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY should send for a valuable pamphlet explaining how all nervous and orgauic derangements may be successfully treated without stomach medication. The method is easy and pleasant, and will effect a perfect and permanent cure. Sent sealed, Post Free.—Address, E. NORTON, 2491. HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, W. Established 30 Years. I 1 nil niini 0 ;i¡ > H4'fill'BY!) b I HB aJI i I ^^3 III LTEI |H IB 1 lllllili H < ■ M ■ I Ml ■ m |ffi |cc rr BAYLISS Jl§f .WQL -IE: R LONL66 itetrtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM jj| PL»A8« MKITTIOM TMI8 PUBLICATION. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. BEAM'S FOR ALL Bilious and Nervous Disorders, SUCH AS SICK HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, WEAK STOMACH, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, DISORDERED LIVER, & FEMALE AILMENTS. ANNUAL SALE SIX MILLION BOXES. I In Boxes, 9 £ d., Is. lid., and 2s. 9d. each, with full directions. The Is. lid. box contains 56 pills. PREPARED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR THOS. BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lane. I CIGABES DE JOY (Joy's Cicarettes) afford immediate relief in cases of ASTHMA, WHEEZING, and CHRONIC BRONCHITIS. Appreciate1 by Physicians and sufferers all over the world. Easy to use, certain in effect, ani harmless in action, they are recommended for use by young and old. May be had of all Chemists and Stores in Boxes of 35 at 2/6, or post free from WILCOX & Co., 83, Mortimer St., London,W.

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