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Jftarfcets anb jfatrs. "'$" LIVERPOOL CORN, TUESDAY.—Wheat good trade at 8d. to 9d. over Friday; No. 1 Californian 8s. 6d. to 8s. 7d., spring 8a. 6d. to 8s. 8d. Beans unchanged. Peas 4s. Bid. to 4s. 9d. Oats unchanged. Maize slow trade at 4d. over Friday; old mixed 3s. 6!d. to 3s. 7d., new 3s. bid. to 3s. 6 £ d. Flour 4s. over Friday; patent 35s. 6d. to 36s. 6d., bakers 30s. 6d. to 31s. 6d. SALFORD CATTLE, TUESDAY. — At market: Cattle, 2,357, with fair demand. Sheep and lambs, 15,583, with choice scarce and dearer. Calves, 125, inferior qualities dull. Quotations Cattle, 5d. to 6id sheep, 6d. to 8 £ d.; lambs, 7d. to 8id.; calves, 5d. to 6 £ d. per lb. WREXHAM CATTLE, MONDAY.—There was a good supply of stock at the market to-day and a satisfactory clearance was affected. Beef made from 5d. to 6jd. Both mutton and lamb were cheaper, full £ d. per lb., mutton making from 6d. to 7 £ d., and lamb from 7d. to 7Jd. Bacon pigs realised from 7s. 6d. to 8s. per score lbs. Store bullocks made from JE9 to 911 15s. each, and barrens from R.8 to zElO. LIVERPOOL CATTLE, MONDAY.—There was a considerable increase in the supply of cattle in market to-day, notwithstanding which there was a firmer tone for all classes, prime heifers making up to per lb. There were also more sheep and lambs on offer. Demand very alow, and in very few cases were late rates maintained. Quotations Beef, 6!d. to 4d. j Scotch mutton, 7!d. to 6d. Irish mutton, 6!d. to 5d. lambs, 6!d. to 7jd. per lb. LONDON CATTLE, MONDAY.—Full average supply in beast market, but really choice beasts very scarce, these consequently made late rates; all other descriptions met a dull trade at 2d. per 81b. decline. Fat bulls steady fat shed cows lower. Top value primest Hereford, 4s. 6d. Runts, 4s. 4d. to 4a. 6d. per BIbs. Sheep trade slow for wethers at declining rates best quality ewes being scarce made last week's rates. Less demand for lambs at lower and irregular prices. Pigs very slow. Prices :—Beef, 2s. 4d. to 4s. 6d. mutton, 3s. 8d. to 5s. 8d.; pork, 2s. 6d. to 4s.; lamb, 5s. 6d. to 6s. 2d. per 81b. MANCHESTER FAT PIG, MONDAY.—There was-& fair supply, but the demand was slow. Prices First-class, 98. second-class, 8s. 6d. to 8s. 8d.; third class, 6s. 9d. to 7s. 3d. per score of 201b. MANCHESTER HAY AND STKAW, MONDAY.- Hay (old) 5Jd. to 5|d., ditto (new) 4 £ d. to 4id • closer (old) 6d. to 6 £ d., ditto (new), 5d to 6d • straw (oat) 4Jd. to 5d. per stone of 141bs. BRADFORD WOOL, MONDAY.—Very little change- to report, but tone generally brighter and prices quite steady. In yarns the export trade continues very slow, and spinners complain of the difficulty of getting particulars; spinners as a rule are not making heavy stocks, preferring to stop machinery; prices are exceedingly low. The home trade is a little better. The autumn piece trade is looking up. LIVERPOOL CORN, FRIDAY.—Wheat better trade,, and 3d. to 4d. over Tuesday; No. 1 Californian, 7s. lOd. to 7s. 11.; spring, 7s. Bid to 7s. 91d. Western winter, 7a. 6d to 7s. 8d. Beans, 3d. easier; Saidi, 25s. to 25s. 3d. Peas, 4s. 8d. Oats, Id. over Tuesday white, 2s. 9d. to 2s. lid. Maize, quiet, trade about Jd. over Tuesday old mixed, 3s. 2d. to 3a. 2id.; new, 3s. lid. to 3s. 2d. Flour, 6d. over Tuesday. LONDON CORN, FRIDAY.—Wheat 2s. 6d. dearer. Flour 2s., maize 6d, and barley 3d. Oats firm. Other articles without material change. Amerioan quotations of wheat and corn came somewhat, lower. CHESTER CATTLE, THURSDAY.-A good supply of all descriptions of store stock, but no fat cattle The attendance of buyers was not large, owing to farmers being busy with the harvest. Trade however, except for dairy stock, was not unsatis- factory, and holders, anticipating a speedy improvement in the demand, held very firmly to their prices. A moderate show of sheep, both in quantity and quality, but there was scarcely any enquiry, and quotations were unchanged from those current the past week or two. Prices:- Milch cows, X12 to £ 20; calvers, X13 to 918. barrens, 910 to £12; heifers, JE8 to 913; stirks: X5 to 27; sheep, 18s. to 32s. CHESTER HORSE, THURSDAY.—The supply of horses was large but contained only a small propor- tion of good class, in either the light or heavy horses. Numerous buyers were present, and the demand for anything shewing quality was brisk, and prices satisfactory. For inferior horses trade was slow and quotations very irregular, many lots in these classes remaining unsold. Prices :—Best draught horses, R60 to X75 good cart horses, X35 to iE52 trap horses, 915 to E28 ponies, £5 to E12. CHESTER CBEESE.—This fair was held on Wednesday. Mr. R. Challinor, secretary to the Cheshire Dairy Farmers' Association, reports upon it as follows :—The pitoh was about 55 tons. The attendance of buyers was very good, the Lancashire and Yorkshire districts being well represented. At the opening an improved inquiry was noticeable for fine lots, but the general tone of the market was hardly up to expectations. It may be accounted for by the fact that the bulk of the cheese pitched was somewhat affected by the extreme heat of the last few weeks. However by eleven o'olock a good clearance was effected' at the following pricesCommon, 38s. to 44s medium, 45s. to 48s.; good Cheshire, 50s. to 54a which shews an improvement of 2s. or 3s. on the previous fair. Prices at the corresponding fair last year were 38s. to 57s. per cwt.; pitch, 50 tons. Among the buyers present I noticed representa- tives of the following flrms :-Messrs. J. C. Boothby, Collinge and Sons, Davies and Kendall, Scragg, Wood and Locket, the Co-operative Whole- sale Society, T. Wilson, Wignall and Company, Dobell and Company, Bennett Bros., R. W. Han- cook and Company, Smilie and Son, Gillman and Sons, Goodwin, Bamber and Rowe (all of Man- chester), J. Griffiths, C. W. Dutton, W. Roberts, C. Millington, J. Lightfoot, S. Coppack, Thompson,, Son, and Clemence, W. H. Ankers (all of Chester), Gibbs, Jones, C. Griffiths (Northwich), Emberton Bros., J. Thomas, Bostock and Sons, R. Pedley- (Crewe), Lewis and Sons, Jones (Market Drayton), W. Burgess (Whitchurch), Thompson and Sons, J. Weaver (Liverpool), Shore (Frodsham), Williamson Bros., Smith, Whittaker (Bradford), Cookson (Bunbury), Piatt and Dobell (Wem), Garstone and Sons (Sheffield), Ellens and Sons (Leeds), and others. CHESTER CORN, SATURDAY.—Any old wheat on offer to-day commands an advance of about 6d. per bushel from recent currencies, doubt- less in sympathy with the foreign article which has been excited during the present week, prices having risen considerably. New crop oats of capital quality are shewn. Old oats scarce and bring full rates. All other grain in small supply at steady prices. Indian corn is about 3d. per 2401b. higher. Quotations.- I NSW. CM. [S. D. S. D. 8. O. R. r> Wheat, white per 751b. 0 0 to 0 0*0 0 to 5 6 Wheat, red 751b. 5 0 5 24 10—5 4 MaltingBarley. „ 600>. 0 0 — 0 00 0—0 0 Grinding do „ 6ith. 0 0—0 00 0—0 0 Oats 461b. 2 2 — 2 40 0—0 0 Beans 801b.j 0 0 — 0 0 0 0 — 5 0 Indian Corn 240th. lo 0 — 9 30 0 — 9 6 Printed and published for and on behalf of the Cheshire and North Wales Newspaper Company, Limited, by JAMES ALBERT BIRCHALL, at the Chester Courant Office, 8, Bridge-street, in the City of Cheater.- WXDHESSAT, August 25. 1897.