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.0 FRODSHAM. RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB.—The first meeting of the season in connection with this club was held at the Cholmondeley Arms on Wednesday evening. The following were elected officers for the season 1897-98:—Chairman, Mr. E. F. Gilbert (pro tern.) hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Wilson; hon. secretary, Mr. E. C. Price; captain, Mr. F. Darlington; sub-captain, Mr. H. Hayes. All last season's members have joined again. There are now 45 members enrolled, and the prospects for the coming season look much brighter. Colonel Ashton's field has again been rented. LOCAL GOVERNMENT INQUIRY.—Mr. R. Bicknell, inspector of the Local Government Board, held an inquiry in the Town Hall, Frodsham, in reference to the application of the Runcorn Rural District Council for permission to have the loan of X175 for works of 6owerage in the Lordship and Township of Frodsham. Messrs. John Ashton (clerk to the Rural District Council), W. Diggle (surveyor), J. Farrington (inspector of nuisances), J. H. Davies, and J. M. Williams were present.—The Clerk stated that the outstanding loans at present were Frodsham Township S6,404, and Lordship £ 1,015, and the sum of JE175 which was required, was for. the purpose of sewering Townfield Lane. Notices had been served on the overseers, and no objec- tion was lodged against the application. The Surveyor (Mr. Diggle), explained the nature of the proposition and the dimensions of the proposed sewer.—The Inspector will report in due course. It was agreed that both propositions be placed before the Lighting Committee.—Mr. Diggle (surveyor) again produced the plans of the pro- posed structures in Church-street to be erected by Mr. John Palmer, sculptor, which had, by reason of their being in accordance with the bye-laws, been approved by the Building Com- mittee.—Mr. James Edwards proposed that the plans be approved, and recommended to the District Council for approval.—Mr. Youd seconded, and it was carried. POLICE COURT.-At this court on Thursday, before Mr. Alfred Thomas and Dr. Steele, Elizabeth Travis, tramp, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on Chester-road, on August 11th; also with doing wilful damage to a window of the Whalebone Inn, Netherton, the property of William Clarke, landlord, to the amount of 30s. Mr. Clarke shewed that prisoner went into his house, and took up a pint jug belonging to another customer. On being turned out, she immediately threw stones at the window, doing damage to the extent of 30s. Fined 5s. and costs for drunken- ness, and 5s. and costs, including 25s. damage for breaking the window, or in default one month's imprisonment with hard labour.— Alfred Tate, alias Carroll (aged 12) was again charged under remand with stealing one 50 cent. piece, one 5 cent piece, lid. in copper, and one dog chain, the property of Charles Heffron, Ship-street, on the 1st of August. The boy's father had been previously committed for one month's imprisonment for reciving stolen goods, and the lad himself sent to Dutton Workhouse till Friday, the 13th inst. He was now sent to the Bradwell Reformatory School at Sandbach. PAROCHIAL COMMITTEE.—The monthly meet- ing of the Parochial Committee was held in the Police Court Room, Mr. T. Earlam (chairman) presiding. The first business was in reference to the wooden erections put up in Frodsham without the con- sent of the committee. Mr. Farrington (inspector of nuisances) said that he, along with Mr. Diggle (surveyor) had commenced to prepare a report on the number and positions of the wooden structures erected without the committee's sanction. Letters were read by Mr. Ashton (clerk), from Messrs. Potts and Bull with regard to the water cart for main roads, from which it appeared that, owing to the already far- advanced season, they did not consider it necessary to take any action this present year, but promised a new one for 1898.—A letter was read from the Assistant District Auditor, asking the committee whether the cellector of water rates (Mr. G. Jones) had been authorised to recover all arrears and, if not, requesting that such should be done.—On the motion of Mr. C. E. Linaker, seconded by Mr. W. Youd, it was resolved that Mr. G. Jones should have power granted him to recover all arrears of water rates; and Mr. Linaker also asked for a report of all arrears at the next monthly meeting. Mr. Shore (chairman of the Lighting Com- mittee) produced a tender which he had received from the Gas and Water Company, in which they undertook to supply gas from the 16th inst. to the 15th of May, 1898, at 30s. per. lamp, from one hour after sunset till 11 p.m. each night, with the exception of five nights at and towards full moon. The offer was approved. Mr. Riley proposed that an additional lamp be placed opposite Glebe-terrace. Mr. W. Youd stated that he had requested a lamp to be placed down Albert-row, but his request had been entirely ignored, and that the suggested lamp at Mr. Frank Harrison's comer was inadequate for the purpose.