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DISTRICT AND PARISH COUNCILS. MALPAS DISTRICT. The usual monthly meeting of this Council was held in the Jubilee Hall on Wednesday afternoon. There were present Messrs. E. Langley, J. Beecroft, J. Done, T. Parsonage, W. Hough, T. L. M. Vernon, H. C. Parry, W. Penk, W. Lievsley, J. Broad, G. Chesters, and Colonel Barnston. In the absence of the chairman, Mr. Langley was voted to the chair. The question of Mr. Brad- bury's water supply was postponed to the next meeting, on the suggestion of Mr. G. S. Morgan, who had written to the Council upon the matter. The committee was appointed to interview Mr. St. John Charlton, and it was agreed that Mr. Charlton should write to the clerk of the Council stating what he required done. If the clerk had received Mr. Charlton's communica- tion, the appointment was suggested of a strong committee of about five, with power to accept any reasonable offer to deal with the small and large pool, the latter more especially. Mr. Charlton, in a communication on the subject to the Council, said:—" I visited the two outfalls on Lord Cholmondeley's land, and found the water in one case slightly improved by the chemical preparation used, and in the other dark undiluted sewage smelling very offen- sively, and neither of them satisfactory. On behalf of Lord Cholmondeley, I must again request the District Council to deal with this serious nuisance. It is not for me to advise them, only I must request that it cease, and that the mud and deposited sewage in the pools where the cattle drink be removed. On behalf of Lord Cholmondeley, I wish to state that the sewage must be rendered harmless before it is turned into the brook, and in a condition such as will satisfy the medical officer of health for the county." It was resolved that the following committee of five be appointed to deal with the matter:— Messrs. Morgan, Reeves and Parsonage (district councillors), and Messrs. Battarbee and Danily (members of the Parish Council),— The report of the medical officer of health for the County was presented, and extracts were read from it referring to the district.—The report on the Malpas sewage tanks was read as follows:—The tanks at the three outfalls of the main sewers have been considerably improved in construction and arrangement during the year, and the disposal of sewage has been brought more into line with modern require- ments. As now arranged, the sewage is, as a rule, dealt with by broad irrigation on cultivated land. When the sewage is not required on the land it is treated with alumino-ferri, the sludge allowed to subside in the tanks, and the clarified effluents discharged. A competent man is engaged to supervise the treatment. It further stated that water had been supplied to the Oathill-cottages, and also water had been arranedforandapumperected at Cuddington.— The Sanitary Inspector (Mr. Chubb) reported as follows: Since our last meeting there have been three cases of scarlet fever and one of erysipelas reported to me in this district. One case of fever occurred at Threapwood. This was clearly imported. The case of erysipelas also occurred at Threapwood, and was taken from a former case in the same house reported at our last meeting. The two other cases of scarlet fever occurred at Norbury. I have not yet traced the source, but I believe it was imported. All precautions are being taken to prevent the disease from spreading.—A letter was read from Mr. A. Reeves, Oathill Cottages, complaining of the bad state of the lane leading past Oathill Cottages to Tilston-road.—The Surveyor said that this road had never had anything done to it by the Council, and he had ascertained that the late East Broxton Highway Board never repaired the road.—The Clerk was instructed to reply that as the lane complained of had never been repaired by the Council or the former authority, they therefore could not see their way to do it.—A communication was received from the Overton District Council, referring to the Wychi Bridge, which has recently been rebuilt, and in which they are to share the cost with Malpas District Council. In the communication complaint was made that the specifications had not been adhered to, and that until the work was done according to the specifications they should withhold their share of payment. The sub-committee appointed to overlook the work said it was carried out with- out their knowledge, that their surveyor had control of the work, and that he had not called or consulted them as a committee at all until the work had been completed. They had, how- ever, seen it since, and found that it had not been done according to the specifications. Mr. Huxley, the contractor, wrote saying that he was prepared to accept the valuation of an independent and competent person upon the work, but the Council did not consider this a satisfactory solution of the matter, and after some considerable discussion it was resolved that Mr. Huxley be required to carry out the work according to the specifications, and that the Clerk be instructed to write to him to that effect. CHILDER THORNTON PARISH. The ordinary meeting of the Parish Council was held in the Mission Hall, on Wednesday, present, Mr. J. E. Hughes (vice-chairman), Messrs. J. Prince, J. Howard, G. Nowell, T. Price, and J. Baxter. The Vice-chairman pre- sided in the absence of the chairman (Mr. Barron). The Clerk stated that in accordance with instructions received at the last meeting he had written to the water company to inform them of the inadequate supply of water, and he had received a reply stating that they had had a partial breakdown with their plant at Hooton, which had now been put in order, and they trusted there would be no further cause for complaint. The Clerk submitted a formal notice that he had received from the District Council, giving the Council notice of their in- tention to extend the sewers. The Clerk stated that he had written as requested to the Charity Commissioners for a statement of the accounts in connection with the Stoke Charity, and had received a reply which stated that the com- missioners had written to the trustees of the charity and also forwarded the Council's letter to them for their observations thereon, with the result that the report was now in the hands of the Council, which was as follows:—Receipts: To balance brought forward, JE38 8s. 2d.; half year's rent due 25th of March, 1896, £10 10s.; half-year's rent due the 25th of September, £10 10s; making a total of £59 8s. 2d.; the expenditure for the same period being £24 14s. 2d., leaving a balance in hand on the 31st of December, 1896, amounting to j634 14s. A COERCIVE THREAT. At the Nantwich Rural District Council on Saturday, Mr. Bancroft called attention to a threat which another member, Mr. John Emberton, had made towards himself, and which, he said, reflected upon the dignity of the Council. A lively discussion ensued as to whether the matter was one which concerned the Council.—The Clerk (Mr. Speakman): Where was the threat made ?—Mr. Bancroft: In the town of Nantwich. (Cries of Out of order.")—The Clerk: I think Mr. Bancroft would have his remedy elsewhere.—Mr. Bancroft: It was a coercive threat.—Mr. Emberton Perhaps the Council will listen. (Cries of order.) I promised to oppose Mr. Bancroft at the next election—(interruption)—and I think it ought to come out. It may be thought I offered to fight him, or challenged him to a duel. (Laughter and order.)—The Clerk ruled the matter out of order, whereupon Mr. Emberton said he thought he was entitled to an apology because the incident having been mentioned on the agenda, reflected upon his position. He was a man of peace, whereas he was made to appear a belligerent who wanted to fight a duel. (Laughter and cries of order.) The incident then ended. AN URBAN COUNCIL FOR BUCKLEY. The Local Government Board have issued their official confirmation of the order of the Flintshire County Council (made in December, 1895) con- stituting Buckley into an urban district, with a council to consist of 15 members., The new district will comprise the townships of Ewloe Wood, Ewloe Town, Pentrobin, Bannel, Argoed, and Bistre. The order comes into force on October 1st.