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THIS DAY'S TELEGRAMS. DOUBLE EXECUTION. There was a double execution at Armley Gaol, Leeds, this morning, at nine o'clock, when James Robinson, aged 33, was hanged for murdering his wife; and Walter Robinson for murdering his cousin, Sarah Pickles. In the former case the parties separated, but subsequently met and quarrelled, and Robinson shot his wife dead, afterwards attempting to poison himself. In the second case Robinson was bound over to keep the peace, but subsequently meeting his cousin, killed her with a razor. Both men were visited between eight and nine o'clock last night by the gaol chaplain. Walter Robinson, although full of penitence and resigned, was very nervous. He was carefully watched during the night, lest he should attempt to commit suicide, he having been heard to express a dread of facing the scaffold, falthough, as he said, he had fearlessly fought for his country in Africa, where he was in several engagements, and was slightly wounded. Referring to the murder, he said he was in drink at the time, and did not know what he was doing. He spent a restless night, and partook of but little breakfast. Joseph Robin- son, the Monk-Bretton murderer, was very firm, and did not appear to know any fear of approaching death. He said that but for drink he would never have been a murderer. He often referred to his little daughter, hoping he would meet her and his murdered wife in Heaven. He slept fairly well and enjoyed his breakfast. At eight o'clock the chaplain paid his last visit to the culprits, both of whom, on being intro- duced to Billington. the executioner, shook hands with him. They submitted quietly to the pinioning, and then proceeded to the scaffold. As the clock struck nine Billington drew the bolt, and both culprits appeared to die instantly, not a single struggle being noticed. The usual inquest was afterwards held. M.P.'S SEAT ON FIRE. A fire occurred at Bishops Hall, Romford, the country seat of Colonel Lockwood, M.P., last night, the coach-houses, groom's quarters, and stables being completely destroyed. THE FORTY-EIGHT HOURS' WEEK. The Edinburgh and Leith carpenters and joiners have joined the masons in the demand for a reduction of hours, to 48 per week. EXCITING BATHING ADVENTURE. At Tenby, to-day, Miss Brookman, a lady visitor from Clifton, went to bathe from the Rodes, and was carried out to sea. Mr. Mack, a visitor from Lee, made a gallant effort to rescue her, but the current was too strong, and he got ashore while the lady was rescued by a boat. Both visitors were much exhausted, but ultimately restored. PLAYING AT HANGING: SAD SEQUEL. An inquest was held last night at Cowick, Goole, on Albert Garner, a farm lad, who was found hanging in a field whither he had been sent with a halter to fetch a horse. Evidence showed that Garner had lately been reading much about executions, and a verdict of Accidental death,' was returned, the jury believing that Garner lost his life while ex- perimenting with the halter. A PRISONER'S SUICIDE. Henry Parkinson (27), manager of a furnish- ing company, was arrested at Liverpool this morning on a charge of embezzlement. On the way to the Bridewell prisoner admitted his guilt, and just as he was about to be searched at the Police Station he pulled a revolver out of his pocket, and placing it in his mouth, shot himself dead. Parkinson had only been married a month, his wife being, it is stated, a Dublin lady. COLLISION AT RHYL THE LINE BLOCKED. Last night a somewhat serious accident occurred on the Chester and Holyhead Railway at Rhyl. The ten o'clock local down train was standing by the platform after the passengers had alighted, when a fast goods train collided with the rear coaches, smashing several of them. Fortunately the passengers had all left, and the guard and other officials were away from the van. The fireman of the goods train was injured by the collision, cutting his bead. He was taken to a local doctor, but his injuries were found to be of a slight char- acter. The down line was blocked throughout the night, and the traffic had to be worked by means of the other sets of rails. How the accident happened is not at present made public. The officials from Chester arrived at Rhyl at an early hour this morning, and the damaged coaches have been put on to a siding. Many persons have visited the scene of the accident to-day. The line is free from obstruc- tion, and everything is now working satisfactorily.


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