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SHOCKING CHILD NEGLECT AT BUCKLEY. At Buckley Petty Sessions, on Monday, before Messrs. J. Watkinson, F. L. Hancock, and W. Catherall, a Nant Mawr collier, named Joseph Rowlands, and his wife, Margaret, were charged with cruelty to their children, John, Joseph, Isaac, and Annie, of the respective ages of fourteen, nine, and seven years, and nineteen months respectively.—Mr. G. H. Bradley, who prosecuted on behalf of the N.S.P.C.C., stated that the case was a bad one. At the request of the Society's inspector, Dr. Fraser saw the children, found them covered with lice and in a filthy condition, and came to the conclusion that the sooaer they were removed from the custody of the parents the better. One of the elder children earned 12s. a week, and another 9s., while the father earned 27s. to 35s. a week at the Llay Hall Colliery.— Dr. David Fraser, Buckley, said he visited the house on July 29th. The eldest boy was clean and healthy, but covered with lice, and he had evidently made an attempt to keep himself clean, but it would be impossible for him to do so in the condition of the house. The next boy was the worst of the lot, while the youngest child was healthy, but infested like the others. The infant was fairly well clothed, but the next two had no shirt, one of them having a filthy rag round his neck, his clothes being in rags. The eldest boy was fairly well clothed. Upstairs the children's bed was simply composed of dirty straw, while the sheet and counterpane on the other bed were almost black. Altogether the conditions under which the children were brought up were prejudicial to their health, and likely to induce fevers, &c.-Inspector Rowland, N.S.P.C.C., visited the house on July 29th, in company with Sergeant Langdon, and found the three children, John, Isaac, and Annie, there. They were in a deplorable state, being dirty and covered with vermin. Upstairs there was a wooden framed bed in which the woman and two of the little children slept, while on the other side of the room was a heap of filthy straw, on which the others slept. All the food in the house before one of the sons came in with a 3d. loaf, was a thin crust of bread. The woman stated that her husband was earning 27s. to 35s. a week, and two of her sons, one of whom was one of the children mentioned, earned 12s. and 9s. a week. She also stated that her husband seldom came home sober, and was always abusing her and the children. She said that a few days before she had had to run for her life.— Sergt. Langdon, who accompanied the previous witness gave corroborative evidence.—In her defence the woman reiterated the statements she had made to the inspector. She said her husband abused her, and did not give her enough to keep the house properly.—After consideration, the magistrates said that the case was one of serious neglect. They fined each defendant 20s. and costs (9s. 3d. each), or a month, the two youngest children to be main- tained by their parents for two months in the workhouse.

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