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Gas & Water Chairmanship.…


Government Supported by the…

South Glamorgan Five Hundred.4

League of Young Liberals.

Boatman Drowned. --0--

Carmel Chapel Anniversary…

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A Diabolical Action. --

! Mutual Congratulations.

Palm Sunday Scenes. -0-

Council at Church. ---0


Barry Labour Exchange.I ————…

Boy Scout Movement.

A Successful Business. ---


Public Works Topics. -a;.-

< Barry at the Academy. -:0:--


< Barry at the Academy. -:0: Two Local Artists Represented. Harry will undoubtedly lead the way in Wales in the forthcoming Royal Academy Exhibition. Two local artists will be repre- sented on its walls. The picture Dives and Lazarus "-a photograph of which was re-produced in these columns in December last--has been accepted by the Academy examiners, and is hung in a good position. Prepared for the gold medal competition of the ltoyal Academy, the work represents the first effort of Miss Williams of a subject painting in oil, and in consequence of the encomiums bestowed upon it by artists of repute at the time it was shown in connection with the gold medal competition, she was induced to I submit it to the R.A. examiners as worthy of a place in the 1910 exhibition, with the gratifying results announced. Miss Williams, who will shortly proceed to Paris and Italy for a lengthy period, has been honoured by Mr G. A. Storey, A.R.A., teacher of Perspective at the Royal Academy in that she has prepared a number of illustrations for his work on "Theory and Practice of Perspective," which has just been published. The author acknow- ledges his iiylebtedness to Miss Williams for her valuable aid. Mr F. J. Kerr, of The Colcot, Barry, art teacher under the Glamorgan County Council, has also won distinction by having I a small landscape painting in water colours accepted for the Royal Academy exhibi- tion.

Barry Dock Blaze. or

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The Garland Fund.


May Festival at Barry Island.…