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Public Works Topics. -a;. Gladstone road Completion Tenders. OBJECTION TO AD-MA KING. WANTON DAMAGE IN l'ARKS. Councillor W. K. Lee. J.P., at the outset occupu the chair ai the first meeting of the .-v public Works Committee on Tuesday evening, there being also present Councillors John Williams, J. Marshall, C. B. t.irilfilhs, J. A. Manaton, F. Phillips, Howell Williams. M. Nicholas, G. Ware- hanl. P. J. O Donne! and D. Lloyd. THE NEW CHAIRMAN. At the outset Councillor Lee proposed that Councillor John Williams occupy the chair of the Public Works Committee for the ensuing year. Councillor E. Phillips seconded, and tlii, was car ried nem con. Councillor John Williams, Of. taking the chair, briefly returned thanks for the honour. PLANS SUB-COMMITTEE. Councillors John Williams. W. R. Lee, J. A. Manaton, C. B. Griffiths, and E. Phillips were appointed the Plans Sub- committee for the ensuing year. PLANS. The following plans were considered and passed Motor house, rear house in Romilly Park, for Mr F. W. Poole. Verandah to premises Paget road, Barry Island, for Mr Ri E. Davies. Corrugated iron building on Barry Estate for Town Temperance Band, at top of Trinity street TO MAKE-OR NOT TO MAKE. Mr J. A. Hughes attended on behalf of the Woodland Estate Company, Ltd., objecting to the carrying out of private street works in Byron street and Hanover street-two short roads connecting Glad- stone road to Woodland road. A large number of the owners of houses in Gladstone road had, however, sent a petition to the Council to carry out the making of Byron street and Hanover street, I as, under the present conditions, they were put to a great deal of inconvenience. j Mr J. A. Hughes explained his objection, I and asked the Council to stay the making of these roads, as they were not really necessary. The expense would be great to his clients, who incurred a loss of ^2,000 through the making of Gladstone road, a narrow road with drains having been pre- viously constructed. The objections of the inhabitants could be met by placing a gravel footpath there, but he did not think that, under these circumstances, the rest of the road should be made, with an expense of £220 to the Estate Company. It was generally expressed by the coun- cillors that the roads were really necessary. Councillor Manaton moved, and it was carried, that the Council carry out the private street works, but, if the people con- cerned were prepared to enter into an agreement to put the pavement down when called upon, the Council defer making the pavement. NEW ROAD. Mr J. A. Hughes also applied, on behalf of the Holton Estate, for permission to make a road from Holton Farm to Flora street, near St Paul's Church. It was agreed to allow the Estate to make the road 40ft. wide, and the kerb- ing without the pavement. NEW THEATRE ALTERATIONS. Mr Arthur Carlton, proprietor of the Theatre Royal, who was accompanied by Mr W. E. Knapman, architect, applied to the Committee for power to make certain internal alterations or deviations from the plans of the Theatre now in course of erection principally the omission of the second floor external staircase to the roof garden. The Committee gave the neces- sary permission, with the proviso that should the Committee, when the building was complete, deem the exits insufficient, Mr Carlton should construct the extra staircase. VANDALISM IN PARK. I Owing to the serious damage done by persons and children in Central and Vic- toria Parks, notably the uprooting of plants in both Parks, and the breaking of a small roller lent for the rolling in Central Park, it was decided, on the proposition of Councillor J. A. Manaton, to take drastic steps to bring offenders to book, and also to offer permanently, substantial rewards (about two guineas) for the apprehension of offenders. GLADSTONE-ROAD TENDERS. For the completion of Gladstone-road, through the disused quarry, the following I tenders were received £ Messrs J E Strachan & Co., Cardiff 3125 Mr A Brock, Cadoxton 2760 Messrs W Collins & Co., Barry 2542 Mr Alban Richards, Barry and Pentre 2513 Messrs W Osmond & Sons, Ely 2236 Messrs H Ringham & Sons, Barry 2220 Mr J W Froom, Cadoxton 2184 Mr G Rutter, Barry 2160 Mr H S Rendell, Barry 2097 The tender of Mr H. b. Rendell was accepted, six months being the time stipu- lated to complete the work. BARRY ISLAND SCHEME. During the discussion of the Shelters at the Central Park, Councillor Howell Wil- liams asked for advice as to the submission of a notice of motion to provide several similar shelters along Barry Island. Councillor J. A. Manaton said there was already a scheme in course of preparation for the Island. Councillor Howell Williams then queried when it would come out of preparation. Mr J. C. Pardoe said he hoped to bring the proposals up at the next meeting of the Public Works Committee. "TRAFALGAR SQUARE." It was agreed to level the remainder of the ground in front of the Public Offices similarly to that already done. MINUTIAE. The Barry Romilly Bowling Club wrote applying for the same concession granted Cardiff clubs, of the levying of a uniform charge of 5s 4d for all match games, irres- pectivc of the time taken to play the game of 2r heads. It was agreed to grant thi- to all local bowling clubs. The power of granting permission fo" the holding of public meetings in front of the Public Otlices was, as last year, dele- gatcd to the Cierk (Mr T. U: Tordoff). priority to be given to the hrst applicanf. BARRY PARK GARDENERS. A long and occasionally acrimonious discussion took place on the question of the extra payment of gardeners for Sunday dutv, owing to the complaint of two of them, Messrs Jones and Mills. Statistics relating to the hours, wages paid, and conditions of service at several other towns were considered. Councillor Howell Williams moved that I the gardeners be paid at the rate of time and a half for Sunday work. Councillor M. Nicholas seconded, but this was lost, the mover and secondet only being in favour. Eventually, on the proposition of Coun- cillor C. B. Griffiths, the whole matter was referred to a special meeting of the Public Woiks Committee to consider the whole question of the parks gardeners afresh, and L, to revise the scheme. Dr P. J. O'Donnell seconded, and this was carried.

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