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South Glamorgan Five Hundred.4

League of Young Liberals.

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Barry Labour Exchange.I ————…


Barry Labour Exchange. ———— 0:0 ———— Opened on Monday. ACTIVITY OF LOCAL STAFF. Promptly at seven o'clock on Monday I morning the newly instilw ed Barry Labour Exchange was opened in the premises1 secured in Dock View-road, Barry Dock Mr F. W. J. Angus, who is in charge of I the premises, is assisted in his work by a junior clerk, and a messenger, and, the Exchange being on the telephone, the use- ful work to be accomplished by the Exchange will therefore be materially added to. At the time of opening, about half-a-dozen men registered themselves for employment, and a steady flow of men continued throughout the day. Although no local firms had notified the Exchange as as being in want of men, Mr Angus has been interviewing the various heads of works at the docks in order to enlist their sympathy with the objects of the Exchange, and doubtless in a few days the dual work of the new insti- tution will be in full swing. During Mon- day notices were posted up of a number of places vacant at Bristol, Birmingham, Southamp-on and other places, and it is to be hoped that the employers of labour will make the fullest and best use of the Exchange. -:0;- APPEAL TO THE GAS AND WATER COMMITTEE. Mr F, W. Angus, manager of the Barry Labour Exchange, which had opened that day, attended the Committee, and requested that as a public body they should set an example to private firms by regulating their labour through the Exchange. This was the only way to make it a success. The operations of the Exchange were lucidly explained, and he added that although Mr E. Lake, the general manager of the Barry Railway Co., was away ili, aL three de- partments every encouragement had been promised, but Mr Lake directed the policy of the Corppany, and would decide the matter upon his return. Councillor Fowler Is it right that men are asked at these Exchanges whether they were Trades' Unionists or not ? Mr Angus It is not my duty as a Board of Trade official to ask any such question. The only question for us is whether the man is unemployed or not. Councillor Fowler Suppose a man was sent" to Gloucester, and when he got there Trades' Unionists refused to work with him, there would be a strike, and all the expense of sending him there would go for nothing. Councillor John Jones Then what is the position—do you send men into a dis- trict where there is a strike amongst organised labour ? Mr Angus That position is being con- sidered by the Board of Trade, but I have a form to fill up in case of labour disputes, but how I am to deal with men in such cases I do not know until I have received instructions. A general discussion ensued, the Chair- man bringing the Committee to the point by remarking that they need not enter into the minutce of the question in deciding whether they should grant this request. In the past, however, they had found employment in the Gas and Water Depart- ment so popular that there was a rush for any vacancy. It was agreed to favour the principle by granting the request, and authorising the Manager to utilise the department in case of need.

Boy Scout Movement.

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