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Gas & Water Chairmanship.…


Government Supported by the…

South Glamorgan Five Hundred.4

League of Young Liberals.

Boatman Drowned. --0--

Carmel Chapel Anniversary…

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A Diabolical Action. --

! Mutual Congratulations.


Mutual Congratulations. Free Church Council Topics. A meeting of the Barry Free Council was held at the English Baptist Schoolroom on Tuesday evening. Miss Jones (the president) occupied the chair, there being, among o'.hers, present— Re^s Aaron Davies, D.D.^Ben Evans, Jos. A. Dobson, Howell I Davies, B.Sc., and Dr Griffiths (lorwaid Movement), Messrs F. Stephen*, J. O. Davies, E. P. Roberts, -3. Hayes, N. Hughes, T. Jenkins, W. H. James. W. T. Medhurst, Felix Kingston, D. A. Evans, D. Davies (Golden Grove), R. Lewis (Barry Island), and Mr Robert Evans, hon. sec. It was intimated that the opposition to the proposed new licenses, and also the cinematograph Sunday pictures had been successful, the Rev Ben Evans remarking upon the success of the effort, It only proves that if we are united as Free Church- men, nothing could withstand us. The secretary, too, was a host in himself, and, in regard to these matters, was a man scout." (Hear, hear). Mr D. Rees, chief attendance officer, was appointed, in addition to the four already appointed, 0:1 the local Charity Organisa- tion Committee, but in the event of that gentleman being already a member, Mr R. Lewis (Barry Island) was provisionally selected. In reference to the proposed mission of the Rev Seth Joshua from September 17th to 26th, the Rev Aaron Davies, D.D., said that at present the missioner was at Dar- wen, where the converts could be numbered by the hundreds. The mission will take place in a central position-Holton-road Baptist Church being suggested—and the Executive Committee were empowered to make arrangements, and call any special meetings of the Council that are necessary.

Palm Sunday Scenes. -0-

Council at Church. ---0


Barry Labour Exchange.I ————…

Boy Scout Movement.

A Successful Business. ---


Public Works Topics. -a;.-

< Barry at the Academy. -:0:--

Barry Dock Blaze. or

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The Garland Fund.


May Festival at Barry Island.…