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Rufus R. Davies & can AUCTIONEERS, Accountants, Valuers, Fire Loss Assessors, House, Land and Estate Agents. t Shipping Agents, Mortgage and Insurance Brokers, &c. NAT. TEL.—404. BARRY. To Drapers, Stock Buyers and others Re Miss John, SU, Main Street, Cadoxton. Messrs RUFUS A. DAVIES (A.A.I.)& CO Have been favoured with instructions from Miss John,who i? giving up the premises to Offer for SALE BY TENDER, the whole of her STOCK-IN-TRADE of DRAPERY, &c. The Stock is now lying at the Woodland Build- ings, and may be viewed upon application to the Auctioneers. Abstracts and forms of tender from the Auction- eers' Ottices, 5, Tynewydd road, Barry Dock. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Premises to be Let. BARRY-Broad street.—Lock up Shop.— D Lately occupied by a Butcher. Large cellar. Every convenience, 12s 6d per week. Whole premises may be taken if desired. — GLADSTONE ROAD, -Well. Built Dwelling \JT House, containing '2 reception rooms, 4 bed- rooms, bath (h. and c.), w.c conservatory, and usual offices. Ground rent, f5 Is 6d. Price £ o60. Folio SG 1 A LL PARTIES wishing to DISPOSE of their I\ PROPERTIES or BUSINESSES, are requested to communicate with Messrs RUFUS A. DAVIES & Co., who have at the present time a number of applicants on their books, No charge will be made unless business results. 217, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. Messrs Rufus A. Davies & Co Havj received instructions to Sell by Public Auction On Monday & Tuesday, May 9 & 10, A large and varied assortment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. On view morning of Sale. Sale to com- mence each day at 2.30 and 7. For further particulars, see posters. Premises for Sale. BARRY DOCK—Court road.—Excellent Dwoll ing House, lease 999 years ground rent, £ 3 10s containing 3 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, and the usual offices situate in a central position, being near Holton road, and within a few minutes" walk of the station, aDd centre of the town. BARRY DOCK-Holton road.—A very fino 3 Corner Block of Business Premises for imme- iiate disposal. Very large frontage. Suitable ,or Furniture or Grocery Business. Ground rent, 1-,7 10s. An offer will be entertained. Please Remember That all Work entrusted to us receives our per- sonal supervision, and ag we have had MANY YEARS' experience in the Auctioneering and House Agency Profession, our clients may rely upon it being carried out with efficiency. This is proved by the number of testimonials which we have received. The Barry, Penartt, and District Trades' Protection Association. Private Enquiries made for the Protection of Trade. Debts collectcd by personal application. Sale of Hook Debts negotiated. SECRETARY RUFUS A. DAVIES. ADDRESSES: 5, Tynewydd Road, and Woodland Buildings, Barry Dock, and Golden Grove, Cadoxton, Barr). t!t)MM t g J John Williams 9 Sons 1 w (Cardiff), Ltd. V FOR it S9 Lav atories A LAKC.E STAFF OF tie. Expert Plumbers, 1 THOROUGHLY UP-TO-DATE. YOUR COMMANDS SOLICITED. DISTANCE NO ODJECT. I,), I,), 17. I QUEEN STREET. CARDIFF. I A, K 0 Y A L HCOTEL, CADOXTON-BARRY. Stf Family and Commercial Hotel, Situated within Four Minutes Walk of Cadoxton Station. Best Quality Wines, Spirits, Beer, &c. HANCOCKS FLAGON ALES AND STOUT. Orders by post promptly attended to POSTING & STABLING, WITH COMMERCIAL TRAVELLER S SAMPLE WAGONETTE The ROYAL RIFLE CLUB held at above; Lord Roberts, Principle. Members invited Ordinary Daily. Manager-C. B. Griffiths Bassett Arms Hotel (FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL), Holton Road, Barry Dock (Midway between Barry Dock and Cadoxton Stations). SPIRITS OF THE BEST QUALITY AND WELL MATURED. CHOICEST WINES AND CIGARS. WORTHINGON'S CELEBRATED BITTER ALE ALWAYS ON DRAUGHT BILLIARDS with Burroughs and Watts' latest Improved Cushions. H ad Ouarters ot most of the Leading Societies of the District. PROPRIETOR T. HOPKIN New Theatre Royal BARRY DOCK. Proprietors Tours Limited Managing Director ARTHUR CARLTON Architect Mr W. Ernest Koapman l Contractors". Messrs NICHOLAS and REYNOLDS The above theatre will be one ot the most handsome Theatres in South Wales. The Theatre, which will be of very large dimen- sions, having a width of over 80 feet, and a depth of 135 feet, will be fitted with every requirement of a modern Theatre. The design is of ornate character. The frontage, which is very imposing, and the hugh side elevation will have a most com- manding effect; and the whole structure will be a valuable addition to the public buildings of the Barry district. Running right along the one side of the building there will be a roof garden. To this doors will open out from the Dress Circle,and patrons to this part of the house will be able (when the weather is suitable) to enjoy their cigar or a stroll between the acts of the play amidst the surroundings of a luxurious shrubbery. Under this roof garden, which will stretch right down the side of the build- ing facing Broad street, seven shops are being erected, which Mr Carlton will be pleased to let to suitable tenants. These shops will, if the tenants wish it, be lighted by electricity. The electric installation is to be largest yet installed in any Theatre. The electric supply will be generated in a special building erected entirely apart from the Theatre. The engines will give no less than 60 horse power, capable of giving a supply of 500 amperes. THE COMPANIES ALREADY BOOKED number amongst them some of the finest that are touring the provinces, and whilst the plays which the resi- dents have so freely supported at the old Hippo- drome will be brought bck to the New Theatre from time to time, they will be interspersed with musical and higher class plays, so that all sections of the community will be thoroughly catered for. -:0: PALACE Theatre de Luxe Animated Pictures and Bijou Vaudeville. Proprietors Tours Limited Managing Director ARTHUR CARLTON The above will also be immediately built on thf site of the old Hippodrome. This Theatre, which will be one of the largest picture houses in the country, will be an up to date permanent structure of beautiful desigu. Furnishing will be of the most comfortable character, and being absolutely built for the purpose for which it is intended, the facility of showing a really fine picture will be unequalled. Mr Carlton takes this opportunity of thanking his numerous friends in Barry for their kind ex- pressions of condolence in his very heavy loss, and trusts that his new enterprises will be acceptable to them, and to the residents of Barry district. I E. & J. LLOYD, 106& 107,High-street AND Romilly Buildings. We are now making a Great Show of NEW SPRING GOODS, FASHIONABLE MILLINERY DRESS MATERIALS in prevailing Shades, PKINTS, CUE PONS, &c., in Newest Designs. Handsome Watches, 6d. Weekly. AS AN ADVERTISEMENT, we send these beautiful Watches, Silver Finished Cases, Perfect Timekeepers, on receipt of P.O. 6d. and 6d. Postage, and on the last of 14 weekly payments of 6d each, making 7s 6d in all. A Handsome Chain is Given Free. Why Pay Cash ? A 25s Watch for 7s 6d. Send at onoo KING & CO., 104, RICHMOND ROAD, CREWE, Cheshire. Protection & Free Tread ROGERS Practical Ilena Sewn Made to Order from 6/11. Secures Protections from All, NVeathers, and gives a Free Tread. 10, GravingDockSt reet (Just Behind Windsor Hotel), BARI-TY P OC K. BOOKBINDING Books .1 iAbI BNoeuantldy.. Cheap Rates At "Herald" Offices- $isttUanctJus. I I WANTED, Experienced General SERVANT, able to wash and do plain cooking three in family —Apply, any evening, Miss TORDOFK, Weston House, Romilly road. LOST, on Sunday, April 10th, between Penuel Chapel, High-st., and the Island, a STONE MARTEN FUR NECKLET.—Finder Rewarded on returning same to HARRIS, Post Office, Barry Ielaod. STABLES AO LET, every convenience; coach C3 bouse and large shed.—Apply DIRECT TRADING ¡ COMPANY, Holton-road. WANTED, a LAD, for Saw Mill.-Apply, W WATSONS', Pier Head. I Q"7 20URT ROAD, 20ft, Frontage, TO LET, ■ Of or FOR SALE. May be leased as Business Premises, if desired.—Apply, 11, Plymouth Road, Barry Island. WANTED immediately, Good Day Girl.—Apply MRS. WALTERS, Crown Stores, Cadoxton. FOR SALE—The following houses and tene- ments :—Old Coffee Tavern, Holmes-street Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 Palmer-street, Nos. 1 and 3, Beverley-street, and House and Shop No. 11 Church-road, Cadoxton. -Apply, D.DAVIKS, Glebeland House, Merthyr Tydfil. STRONG MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY DESIRES TO APPOINT AGENTS CANDIDATES WITH NUCLEUS OF BUSINESS WILL RECEIVE PREFERENCE; Address with references to R.T. c/o J. W. Vickers and Co., 5, Nicholas Lane, London, E.C. COCKEREL, 4 PULLETS, and 1 HEN, FOR 0 SALE black Minorca pure strain 18s the lot.-265, Gladstone road, Barry Dock. ■ LARGE STABLE and LOFT TO LET, suit- able for Workshop or Store. Also OFFICES. Low rent. -MAUDONALID, Holton road, Barry. GENT'S BICYCLE (in good condition) FOR SALE (Coventry make). Free wheel Bowden brake nearly new Acetylene lamp. inner tubes, and mud guards. Bargain, JE2 10s.—Apply, 18, ST. OSWALD ROAD. CADOXTON. TWO LADY'S CYCLES for Sale one nearly new £ 2, and one 15s-—B. HERALD Office, Barry Dock. VVHKX wearing Moccasins you are wearing the Best Boot built to-day.—Squire Bros., 58, Queen-street, Cardiff. DROPSY AND ITS TREATMENT.—Sufferers from Dropsy, Asthma, and kindred ailments, should read this Book on Self-Cure, by a former sufferer of years' standing, whose case had been given up by doctors as hopeless. By post, 7d.- C. J. GREGORY, Lochaber," Weston-super-Mare. R>A PAGE BOOK ABOUT HERBS, AND 04 HOW TO USE THEM. Post Free. Send for one —TRIMNELL, The Herbalist. 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Establishsd 1879. Please Note the Address. 1^0 Prevent Fraud see that you get "Established 1879 on every label and wrapper of Trim- nel s Preparations, without vhich none are genu- ine. TRIMNEI,L, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond. -oad, Cardiff. SPECIALITIES, Indiarubber Appliances, O Enemas, &c., best and cheapest. List on application. TRIMNELL, Richmond road, CardiS. rpRIMNELL'S Pills and Powders have Cured ( Thousands Why not you ? See that you get Established 1879 on every label, without which none are genuine,Trimnell, The Herbalist, 144, Richmond-road, Cardiff. Agents wanted. ø IADIES, FREE SAMPLES.- My famous U FEMALE PILLS Safe, Reliable, Effective, Beneficial.—Mrs ARONS, Palatine-road, Blackpool. Enclose stamp, Mention paper. D F l RENT, 2, Newland-street, Barry Pt. rA. B Dock, Jobbing Contractor, is aow prepared to execute all kinds of Repairs bfficiuntly, and with personal care and attention. Roofs, drains, masonry, bricklaying, general house and building repairs. A post card will secure Prompt attention, RUFUS A. DAVIES & Co., Auctioneers BARRY—Harbour road.—Comer Dwelling House, held on lease for 99 years ground rent, 95 containing 3 reception rooms, 5 bed- rooms, bath, 2 w.c.'s and usnal offices. Beautifully situated, being near railway station, and within a few minutes' walk of Romilly Park and Pebble Beach. Commanding an uninterrupted view f the sea. riADOXTON-Chesterneid street.—Two Dwell ing Houses, lease 999' years, at the annua ground rent of f4 let at 4s 6d each per week Splendid investment, and always let.

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