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GENERAL ROBERTS AT THE FRONT THE arrival of General Lord Roberts on the Modder River and the departure thither- ward of the foreign military attaches presaged activity to come at that portion of the theatre of South African War, and the gathering of the opposing forces may shortly eventuate in heavy and important opera- tions. Lord Roberts has confidence in his men, but even in his cheery appreciations of the Highlanders he counselled them not to think that a walk over" awaited them. The Boers have surprised us absolutely by the extent and thoroughness of their pre- paration for battling, and, whether or not diplomacy ought to have succeeded in preventing bloodshed, it is sure indeed that Kruger meant fighting, and had laid his plans accordingly. That, too, on a scale which has simply amazed us all. The Boers have had all the advantages so far, in selecting the fighting ground and in deceiv- ing us as to their strength; shortly things will be less unequal. Even then there is a great task to accomplish and in its accom- plishment there will be much more shedding of blood. We shall see the thing through, though, as all who know Britain know. Yet must we mourn that the sacrifice of the lives of so many brave fellows has been rendered requisite by Kruger's pig-headed misunder- standing of this country's capabilities and determination. President Kruger is deep enough, and obstinate enough, but he is narrow to the dangerous degree of self- delusion. His vision will shortly be en- larged.