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Messrs Wm. Dew & Son. By Order of the Mortgagee. J TOWN OF RHYL. MESSRS WM. DEW AND SON WI*I OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, :t he ALEXANDRA HOTEL, RHYL, on ) rIB L RSDA Y, NOVEMBER 24th, 1910, at 2.30 (subject t-o conditions), the Two FREE- I HOLD and Choice SEMI-DETACHED VILLA RESIDENCES of "CATHERNA," amd "THE HAVEN," situate in Palace-avenue, and the FREEHOLD Commodious HOUSE, "WYN- SIAY," ox 73, WEST PARADE, fronting the Parade, Esplanade, and Sea. .nil particulars of Messrs Bennett and Ferris, Solicitors, 68, Go lean an-street, Bank, Lolldm E.G.; at the Auctioneers' Institute,; 34. Russell -sq uare, London; or of the Auct- ioneers, Bangor and. LLandudno. j PRELIMINARY NOTICE. CN AND NEAR THE CITY OF BANGOR. IMPORTANT SALE of Valuable FREE- HOLD PROPERTIES, comprising Build- frontages to Siliwen-road, College-road, Upper Garth-road, and Bryn. meinon-rood including the Brynmeirion oods and C,. rKEEMCLD iJUILDING SITES with ironteges to Holyhead-road, Sackville-road, and Deiniol-road. A V aluabl« FREEHOLD PLOT OF LAND iwith frontages to Garth-road and Love- lane, opposite St. Mary's Church. Capital FREEHOLD FIELD or BUILD- ING SITE, with long frontage to Upper Garth-road and Love-lane. FREEHOLD YARD, WORKSHOPS in Dr LUll-street and Chapel-street. Two FREEHOLD COTTAGES and GAR- Di-Aij in- Well-street. A FREEHOLD Well Wallcd-in GARDEN anti good STABLES off Mount-street. 'i he FREEHOLD Commodious BUILD- ING, lately used as the GENERAL POST OFFICE, High-street. Three LEASEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSES, being Nos. 1, 3, and 4, SACK- VILLE-TERRACE, Garth-road. A Choice FREEHOLD Corner BUILDING dITE, with frontages to Victoria Drive and Menai Avenue, Upper Bangor. Valuable FREEHOLD ACCOMMODA- TION LAND or BUILDING LAND in [West End, and adjoining the Railway. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND with frontages to Carnarvon-road, Penchwintan- roaa, and Ainon-road. FREEHOLD ACCOMMODATION FIELDS or BUILDING SITES with front- ages to Belmont-road and Penrhtisgarnedd- road, and Gardens adjoining Pen,hwin"n.. terrace and in Ainon-road-road. The FREEHOJUD FARM of PENY- FFRIDjJ, -Aocofflmodation xiand, and the J'reehold Ound, Rent secured upon a Gardener's. Cottage thereon. The FREEHOLD FULLY IdCRNSED PREMISES the ANTELOPE INN (near the Menai Suspension „ Bridge), together with choice Buiidmg Sites and the two Cottages and Garden* known as Tyerwn or Lime Kiln ■Cottage and Menai "Cottage. FSSUS WM. DEW and SON will OFFER 1'' FOB "SALE-BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at an/pearly date. Mte above most Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. .t irticulars. Plans, and Conditions of Sale may- ">e.'() btained.)f Messra Carter, Vincent nd Co., Solicitors, Bangor and Carnarvon; at the Auctioneers' Institute, 34, Ruasell- iquare, London, or of the Auctioneers, at their Offices, -at JBangor and "Llandudno. WANTS (Miscolianeouis). ^■"OLESKIWS.—Any quantity bought for 1* immediate cash datring earning wintcy. State price at one-W. J. New, 110, Winter- bownie-road, Thornton Reath, Surrey. 7439 A/FGLE SKINS. Gerrua-d UTothexe. Fur- I-'VJL -iers, Edinburgh, (,nindunce iinomw..m an pxiios for Mole fckins. Send- far parti- culars. '.449c LICENSED PPEMISSS TO LET. IJTCH E R'SARMS,' 'LLANFAIR~P.G7 "—To be Let, with.lfcarly possession. In-going by Valuation. Apply, Lichfield (Brewery Co., Ltd., Lichfield. 7151 f" PERSONS WANTED. A USTRALIA. — Wanted Farmers, Farm Labourers, Starket Gardeners. Fare jrora .£2. Female Domestioe Free. Others must y full faxe; big demand for willing workers. Write to Australian Agency, 9, London-street, London, E.C. 7338c ANGOR.-M-rs Wi iliajw, Registry Office D for Servants, 216, High-street. (Stamp for reply.) OOK or MOK-GENERA-L Wanted; good c plain cooking; = £ 18—. £ 22.—12, Hoscote Park, West Kirby, Cheshire. 7433 I^MPLOYMENT, respectable and profitable J can be found for a Man of good ap- pearance and char actor, residing in or near Bangor. — Address, Box 7470, Chromid'e" Ofllce, Bangor. o It EGISTRY OFFICE, 120, HIGH-STREET: PC PORTMADOC.—Mrs Humphreys has excellent SituatIons for responsible Women as Generals, Cooks, Housemaids, etc., for next Term (Pentymhor). « VVTANTED, in Country House, in Anglesey, good Cook-General and experienced Hous<»«wid-Waitre&8, to start together thie month.—Apply, Box 7473, "ChronioLe" Office, Bangor. c ANTED, smart Lad, as an Appramtioe in tho Dra»pery Trcwte; Welsh essential. —W. H. E-vamis aad Co., Porturadm. SITUATIONS WANTED. AS Under-Nurse or Housemaid for Girl 17 years of a<ge.—Apply, "B. oaTe of 8, Penllys-terrace, Baaigor. 7474c X\R. LLOYD, Bangor, can strongly reoom- mend his Groom, who has been with him 18 years, willing to make himself general- ly useful. Leaving for no fault. 7405o SITUATION Wanted as Housekeeper where servant is kept, or aa Companion to invalid lady.—Apply, No. 7531, "Clorian- ydd" Office, Llangefni. cl HOUSES WANTED. WANTED, to rent, Detached House, about eight Rooms; immediate possession remoteness no objection. Smith, RoyaJ Navy, Hoo, Meopham. 7472c CYCLES, MOTORS, &C., FOR SALE. ,DOR SALE, good Tricycle; strong, iigitt in weight, specially made for ownecr; '£8. cost £ 18.—Apply, Box 7450, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. c HOUSES TO LET. rilO Let, Freehold House and Shop; good «»■ corner in main street; suitable for any business; immediate possesion.—Apply to 101, High-street, Portmadoc. 7309c HORSES, CARRIAGES, &c. .f^UNERALS.—Ail Undertakers should send » name ilnd address to John Marston's Carriage Works, Ltd., 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham, for latest list free of charge. 7519cl ON SALE, DOG CART, suit 15 hands, equal to new, Rubber Mats, Lamp, complete. -kpply, John Pugh, Saddler, Bangor. 7295c QUIET, six year old Donkey for Sale, cheap to a good home. Apply, Box 7398, "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. BE SOLD. Turnout, a very good IFO Governess Car, Rubber Tyres, Chestnut cmy, 13 hands, perfectly quiet; and Silver Set of Harness; or separate. Lloyd Wil- .Iiams and Co., United Stores, Beaumaris. 7532 WT ANTED quiet Mountain Pony for lit-tle boy to ride.—State low p-rii-,e.-Ap- MH. 8, High-«fcreet, Iflangefai. 7456c Mr. John Pritchard. FARM YARD LLANGEFNI. MR JOHN PRITCHARD is instructed by Mr Thomas Jones to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on TUESDAY, NOVEM- BER 8th, 1909, at Eleven a.m., the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, six MILCH COWS, eleven YEARLINGS, eight CALVES, BAY MARE, HORSE, 50 MOUNTAIN and CROSS-BRED EWES, AGRICULTURAL IM- PLEMENTS, and a Portion of the HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE. Terms: Cash. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. GLANRAFON, LLANEDWEN, ANGLESEY. Two-and-a-half Males from Llanfafir Station One Ma-le from Part Dinar vie Ferry. 1|E JOHN PRITCHARD ,its inistructed by -"A R. Bo won Roberts, Esq., who is leav- ing, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on the Premises, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd, 1910, at 11 a.m., the WHOLE of the: LIVE STOCK of HORSES, CATTLE, DAIRY COWS, SHEEP, AGRICULTURAL IMPLE- MENTS, and a. PORTION of the HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE. Bodliyfryd, Bangor. MENAI BRIDGE SMITHFIELD. MR JOHN PRITCHARD'S GREAT AN- NUAL CHRISTMAS PRIZE SHOW and SALE will be held DECEMBER 12th. Early Entries should be made. Only Stock entered in the Catalogue will be offered for Sale. Bodhyfryd, Bangor. 7404c Mr Wm. Hugh Owen. QUIRT, LLANGEINWEN, MON (gar D^syran, ec o fewn 1} miOTtir o Laniia'r 2 Fool, am Gaenmarfom). TIR PORI AR OSOD. flESYD MR W. H. OWEN, drwy AR- WERTHIANT am y Tir, DDYDD MAWRTH, lofed o DACHWEDD, 1910. tua 200 Acer o DIR PORI CYFOETHOG, mcrwn 20ain lot, am y flwyddijai, o'r 1af o Iimawr, 1911. Bydd byrbryd am 12 (rummer dydd), -a dechre-iififr cynmyg air worth am 12.30. FOR SALZ-VARIOUIL GREY HAIR permanently and speedily re- Jr 6tored to its original colour by using HARRISON'S HAIR COLOUR RESTORER. It is not a dye, but a natural means acts as a restorative. Contains nothing injurious, and is beneficial to the growth and beauty of the Bair. In bottles, priop Is 6d (postage 3d extra). Manufacturer: G. W. Harrison, Hair Specialist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Bangor. J. Bowen, Chemist, Castle Hail. Agent for Liengefni. S. Prytherch, Chemist, Mona Drug Hall. HARPS.—Welsh Triple Harps; Celtio X-x Harps, 43 Pedal Harps; all kinds of Harps; 7 Oct. Baby Grand Pianos, from .tlo.-Morley, 6, Sussex-place, South Ken. sington, London. 7168 IMPORTANT to M OTHERS .—Every Mother I who values tit Health and Cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S RELI- ABLE NURSERY POMADE. One applica- tion kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In lins, -4id and 9d. Postage Id.—Geo. W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent toy Ban- ► for: J. Bowen, Chemist. Carnarvon: R. Roberts, Chemist, Bangor-street. Aberys- twyth: W. M. Jones, Chemist. Llandudno: J. Winte'v. Chemist. Holyhead: J. Hughes, Chemist. Llatigt'fni: S. Prytherch, Chem- ist. o RATS, MICE, -MOLES, COCKROACHES, ind BEETLliS greedily eat Harrisoji 'e "RoLiable" Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will not uouch dt. Vermin dry up &ud leave no smeil. Prices Gel "•s, 2s 3d, and 3s 8d. Post- age 2d.-G. W. HARRISON, Oiexnist, Read- ing. Sold by Chiemists Agtmt for Bangor: J. Bo wen, Chemist. AL-BPAPERS, froin lid p,,er Toll. Any W luantiy, large or small, at Wholesale l Prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls. Write for Patterns, stating class required.—Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd. (Dept. 280), Campfield- av?t:ue, Manchester. o ARIANOL. DIM TALIADAU YN MLAEN LLAW. Benthyg Arian yn Gyfrinachol YN SYMIAU MAWRION NELT FT CHAIN (heb lod dan JE10), AR PROMISSORY NOTE Y BENTHYCIWR YN UNIG. SEFYDLWYD DDE0GAIN MLYNEDD, AC YR YDYS YN AWn. YN BEN THY CA UWCHLAW £ 1,250,000. APELIER am Prospectus, a Thslerau am Fenthycdon, neu unrhyw wybodaeth, a cheir yn rhad, un i p bei-Bonoi ynte trwy lythyr at George Payne a'i Feibion a Crescent Eoad, Eiiyi, BYDDIS YN BRESENOL BOB fRI DNAWN IAU, YN 5, KING S-STREET, CHESTER. R.20 I ;Esooo. ANFONIR gan FENTHYCTWR PREIFAT ar dderbynrad ISodau Addawol. Ni chymerir Biliau Arwerthiant, a g-w'Hjentir* all ghyhoeddirrwydd. CajJV y ilythyr cyntaf yn gofyn cynorthwy y sylw bjaenai, a gelwii- gyda Benthycwyr gan Gynrychiolydd sydd yn aliuojr i gytlawni trofifflwyd<ilad Amc-dau a gyd-drefnir. Ni otfynjir TAL. os na wneir Busnes Llawn. Aniixiaju arbenig am Fenthycion bychain. Y ø- grifener yn gyfrinaohol. C. W ELLS, ICORRIDOR CHAMBERS. LEICESTER. ANFONHl NODAU ARIANDY LLOEGR (^yda'i Llythyrdy) mu £ 10 i £ 1000 ar eich Llaw-nodiad eich hun am yr ad-daliadau csmwyth a ga-nl-yn:- tjo yo fentbyg Ad-daliad 12s yn Fiaol LW » 20. „ 9-110 „ 50s xioo 8w „ Nid yw pellder yr un r'nwystr i fenthyca. Gwarentir y cedwir y fcyfriirach. Many lion yn rhad.—H. KAY a'i GWMNl. 92. Mairket-street, Manchester. ( CASH ADVAi.OES.—iJlO to .21000. All %-) Respectable Persons who are short of Money are invited to apply to Private Gentle- man, who will treat your application in the Strictest Privacy. The cash can be advanced at your own house if desired, or the business tran- sacted by post. LoaDe completed promptly with- out Feee. Fuss, or Loan Office formalities. Un- failing courtesy and reasonable charges may be relied upon. Re-payments arranged to suit your convenience. -Write for terms, in confidence, to D. KERMAN, 29. CORPORATION-STREET. MANCHESTER. MONEY LENT Privately-f 10 to £ 5,000. Short Date Loans. I Special Terms. £ io repay £ it 5s. od. £ 30 repay £ 33 153. od. ^20 £ 12 10s. od, J £ 50 „ £ 56 5s. od. Call er write to the well-known Financior- W. Jackson, Regent House, Mostyn St., Llandudno. CLARKE'S 841 PILLS a war en tir i wella, yn y ddau ryw, holl an hwylderau yr Organau Dyfrol, GrafeJ, a phoenau yn y cefu. Yn Rhydd oidiwrth Arian Byw. Sefydlwyd droa 40 mlynedd. Mewn blychau 4B 6c yr un gan bob Fferyll- ydd a Gwerthwyr Cyffuriau "Patent" drwy'r Byd; neu anionweh 5s i'r gwneuthurwyr, The Lincoln and Midland Counties-Drug Coot L pan/j Linoola- PUBLIC NOTICES, MANOR COURTS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a COURT BARON COURT LEET and VIEW OF FRANKPLEDGE for each of the under-m«ntiorued Manors or Lordships will be held byordet of THE RIGHT HONOUR- ABLE LORD PENRHYN (Lord of the said Mamors or Lordships) as foliows :—For the MANOR OF TIR IFAN otherwise YSPYTTY IF AN in the County of Denbigh at the House caNed TY'NPORTH within the said Manor otn WEDNESDAY the 16th dav of NOVEMBER One thousand nine hundred and ten at ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the fowmoon. For the MANOR OF ABER in the County of Oarmtarvon, at the ABER HOTEL within such Manor on THURSDAY the 17th day of NOVEMBER, One thousand nine hundred amd ten at THREE O'CLOCK in the after- noon. ALL persons owing suit and sc-rvica at such Courts aire required to attend. HUGH CORBET VINCENT Steward of thE said Manors. Garter, Vincant and Co., Solicitors, Wellf-eld Offices, Bangor, 3rd November, 1910. 7471 PUBLICATIONS. YN AWR YN BAROD. Deuddeg o Garolau Nadolig POblGg- aidd. Geiriau gan y Parch W. MORGAN, B.A. (Pen- fro) a'r Gerddori^h gan CALlfli SIMPER. 1 Cenwch fwyn ganiadau. 2 O Scren loew. 3 Beth .ydyw' seiniau per? 4 Bendithiw-n Di, ein Duiv. 5 Mae hedd rhwng nor a llawr. 6 Hoddyw urnvyd Duw a dyn. 7 Deffrown I DofErown 8 O! nior beraidd maent yn can a. 9 Ddedwydd foi e! 10 Arapfylion pair y nefoi wlad. 11 Can, r cna,id., ca.n 12 Ar fcusydd Bethlem Juda.h. Hon Nodiantj pria 19 yr un. Nodiairt Solfa, pria Is yr un. Ma.e galwad -wr aim Gemdoriaeth Mr Simpiar; cynyd.da y pwerthiani yn flyn- yddol; mae niwy na H o fdiynau o gopiau wedi eu gwerthu. Y "TE DEUM LAUDAMUS" f- Gym- raeg-) Nvedi ei drefnu a'i Ryfamsoddi gan Frederic Helmore. Pris, Dwy Gcinio^ London: WEEKES and CO., 14, llanove,r- street, W. ACCIDENTS of all KINDS SICKNESS, EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, THIRD PARTY, BURGLARY, GLASS AND FIDELITY GUARANiEE RIKS INSURED AGAINST by the Railway Passengers', Assurance Co. Now Incorporated with the Noith British &* Mercantile Insurance Co. Claims Paid £ 5,800,000. 64. CORNHILLJ LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. AGENT. Mr R. Edwards, London and North-Western Railway, HoJyhaad Lverpooi Office: 7, TITHEBARN-ST. Agonts Required in Unrepresented Districts. EDUCATIONAL. BANGOR UNIVERSITY MATRICULATION. iiAMPETER and ofher EXAMINATIONS. "Vf R W. BEZANT LOWE, M.A., has Classes m Bangor for above Examination. Also, Private Tuition in Classics, Mathe- imatics,. Modern languages, Natural Science, in Bangor, Llandudno, Conwav, or elsewhere. ApVy, CAE CARW, LLANFAIR- FECHAN. Special arrangements for Matriculation, det-érrea subjects.



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