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------_-Ymosodiadau yn Bethesda.

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Deoni&etk Bangor.

Y Gymdeithas Hynafiaethol…

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Y Gofeb Genedlaethol i'r Deon…




HILTON— SKINNER JONES. Yn Eglwys Iaga, Sant, Bangor Uehaf, ddydd Mawrth, priodwyd Miss E. M. Skinner Jones, unig ferch y diweddar Barch J. Skinner Jones, fu am amsesr yn rheithor Heneglwys, Mon, a Mrs J. Sikinnen Jbnes, 52, College- road, Bangor Uchaf, gyda Mr Harold Hilton, Cymmrawd o Goleg Mag/dalen, Rhydychain, mab hynaf y Parch H. G. Hilton, o Weston Hornton. Llywyddai Dr. Roland Rogers wrth yr organ. Yr oedd cangell yr eglwys wedi ei haddurno'n brydfeiith gan y Misses Hughes, Tanyfynwent. Rhoddwyd y briodferch ymaith gan ei brawd, Mr F. E. Skinner Jones. Y morwynion oeddynt Misses Ena ao Ethel Var- ian (cyfnitherod y briodferch); a'r gwas, Mr Oecil G. Hilton (brawd y priodfab), ac yn gweini iddynt, hefyd, yr oedd y Paiiah David Stephens (cefnder y briodferch). Gweinyddid y sereanoni gami y Parohn H. G. Hilton a Jen- kyn Davies. Yn hwyrach ar y prydnawn yma- dawodd y par dedwydd am G-aexlleon, ar eu ffordd i'r Llynoedd S-eisnig. A (ganlyn sydd restr o'r anithegion:— The Misses Hughes, Brynymenai, cheque; Miss Thomas, Victoria-terrace, cheque; Mrs Wyatt, -cheque; Mrs and Miss Kent-, Mr 0. K. and Mr Hugh Kent, silver entree dishes Mrs Adams, re- volving dish Mr and Mrs F. Schwabe, two silver salt cellars Mrs Beaanston Smith, Dub • in; feiuii silver salt cellars Mrs Phibbs, 12 silver teaspoons and .tiongs Rev. Chaloner Grsville, six silver teaspoons; Mr and Mrs Priehard, Llwydiarth Esgob, fish-slico and fork; Mr Francis W illiams, V rom, silver crumb scoop; Miss Wynne Jones, Edinburgh, two muffineers Miss Jones, Oolne, antique silver teapot; Miss (Rice) Roberts, silver inkstand and pen, amd silveinnouiited blotter; Miss Prilchard, Bryiihvfryd, silver sugar and cream Jug. Principal and Mrs Reiohel, silver-mount- ) cd c/c-coaniit (antique); Miss Reiohe-L, Brussels lace collar; Rev. and Mrs Raymond Wil- Liams, oaik tnay and cloth; Miss Willmann, work-table; Mrs G. Wynn Griffith, vase; Mrs Williams, Trocastell., table-oentre cloth and bag; Ma Rice Roberts, silver scent bottle; Miss Julia Hilton, silver kettle with spirit lampj; Colonel and Mrs Marshall, case of hooks; Miss Rae, Brussels lace; Mr LI. Poole, cheque Mrs Griffith, Bryn Dinas, copp°ir plant pot Mrs Griffith Williams, Trefeilir, Honiton lace handkerchief Miss Poole, Beau- maris, cheque Mr and Mrs Davies Owen, sil- ver sugar and cneam jug Mrs ICarey, tea-cosy, comb and brush bag Mr and Mrs Greenley, framed water colour painting; Mrs Green ham, copper fern pot Mrs Richard Jones, afternoon tea cloth; Captain and Mrs Buckner, silver serviette irngs Mrs and Miss Parry, Post- offica, Bodordd, !oi.lpaijn.ti;n,g; Miss Risk, frame; Mrs Ridsdale, Carrickmacross lace handkerchief; Jane Roberts, Workhouse, bun -lie of knitted cloths Ellen Jones, do, do; Mrs Matnum, do, knitted Lace; Annie Row- lands., cookery-book Miss Kyffin, afternoon tea cloth Mrs and Miss Roberts, Beaumaris, muffinoors; Mrs Osborne Williams, silver- mounted scent bottle; Ml1 and Mrs Haffold Hughes, Russian leather bag Miss M. M. Jones, silver frame; Rev. W. Finch, visitors' book Mrs Finch, Ruokincdiam laoe collar Miss Glynne Griffith, muffineer; Mr Bethel Roberts, china plate Mrs Clegg, picture and Honiton lace handkerchief Miss Bell Owen, photo book; Mr and Mrs F. E. Skinner Jones, Minton chnvi breakfast service; Miss and Miss L. Roberts, silver mustard pot; Mrs Homfray, embroidered table cloth Misses Moseley, sil- ver toast raok; Mrs Shaw, Eden Hall, two silver toast racks; Mrs LI. Owen and Mrs Drake Brockman, afternoon tea cloth; Rev. and Mrs W. Edwards carved table; Mrs Guy Heaton and Miss Gibson, jewel caise; Mr Harold Hilton (bridegroom), gold curb and opal bracelet; Mrs Skinner Jones (bride's mloither), piano, old Davenport dinner service and topaz brooch Mrs Bryan, Bohemian gar- net bracelet; Lady Lockwood, mumneers; the Misses -Hughes-, Tanyf ynwent, copper and bent iron fern pot.; Miss Nona Huohes, do, after- noon tiefj cloth; Minor Canon and Mns Her- bert1 Williams, silver-mounted flower vases; Captain and Mrs Laurence vV illiams, silver sugar bowl and toAgs Mrs Tattersall, muffin- OOTS; Mr and Mrs Goodman Davies, silver frame; Captain and Mrs Warren Evaois, dheque; Miss Thomas, 12, Holyliead-road, two silver fnames Mrs Brereton, sofa cushion Dr. and Mrs 0. Grey Edwards, Beaumaris, silver button-hook Mrs Ritson, small silver lovinjg. cup; Rev. Jenkin Daviles, Bible; Capt. and Mrs Bramston Newman, silver frame; Major and Mrs Asrtinall Turner, scent bottle Miss M. Risk, bedroom slippers; Miss Price, Plas Cadnant, cruet stand Ml1 and Mrs Wrigley, table cutlery; Mrs Humphreys, Boillan Bach, Dr. and Mrs Williams, silver ser- viette rinrrs; Mrs and Miss Turner, Orown Darby sugar bowl and silver do Mr and Mrs H. Vincent, silver-topped scent bottle; Mros and Misses lOraaik and Mrs Darcy, silver but- ton-hook and shoe-horn; Professor and Mrs Green, silver button-hook and shoe-liorn Mr Welch, silver frame; Mr and Mrs Rodway, set of silver topped toilet bottles Canon and Mrs Trevori, bag with card-case, purse, fnd scent bottle; Miss Dora Jones, table cover; Mrs Arnold, vase; Mr and Miss Griffith, Bee Hive, fire screen Rev. O. W. F. Jones and Miss Mabel Jones, book case; Mrs Morgan,, Llantrisant Rectory, serviette rings; Mrs Humphreys, Upper BaJMon, silver cake knife Mrs Ashley Ohenevius, silver-mounted purse; Orfooks and Co., silver button-hook and shoe- horn Mrs Ogle, Church Hostel silver-mount- ed jam jar and spoon and Mrs Varian and Misses Varian, bed-spread embroidered; Messrs A1.wryn and Eldrtsd Varian, set of des- sart mats Rev. D. Stephens, bon-bon dishes To the bridegroom: C. and N. Hilton, tea service; Bessie Channon, water bottle; Rev. and Hilton (father and mother), cheque, J rawing-room clock, easy chairs Colonel and Mrs Mackintosh, letter weights Mrs Rundle preserve jar; Mrs Ritcher, fountain pen., etc. Mr Dennis • Hilton, silver butter dish and knife; C. E. Hazed foot, picture; Miss Julia Hilton, fish knives and forks; Mrs Oliverson,cheque; the Misses Buckner, gold compass Mr and Mrs Weldon, picture Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, two preserve jars Pro. fessor and Campbell, bread fork and six silver tea spoons and tongs; Professor and Mrs Elliott, crown Derby coffee cups; Mr Denniston, toast rack; Mrs Milford, four Indian flower pots Miss B-ell Owen, carved bookstand Mrs Stamp, embroidered Indian cloth Mr Marsh, picture millain gleaners; Mr Musigravo Hilton, case of carvers the bride, shaving stand Mr and Mrs Willie Pease, silver-mounted salt cellars Mrs Rid- ley, carving knife amd fork Mrs Adam, oil painting; Mr amd Miss Pitcher, stationery cabinet; Mr Bate, old copper coal scuttle Mr Souttar, revolving booksfp.nd Mr Revan, and Mr C. Be-van. silver tocped inkstand Mr and Mrs Seys, silver match box; Mies Seys and R. IC. and G. W. Seys, butter dish.


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