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IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. j" Y Cf/HHANYDD*' '(J\.i .,J ¥ ,L .J ■ESTABLISHED 189L j FYI OI)Et.- j Bridge-street, Xjlangefni j "THE CLOIil AMDI> "ISA WELSH NEWSPAPER devoted to the J interests of AGRICULTURE with a LAITGER CIRCULATION than any Paper of the kind wj&ongst all classes in Anglesey and Carnarvonshire. TFF. "CLQUIANYDD" U th* ONLY WELSH PAPER published in the Comity. 1 pm CE HALFPENNY. ( Ftiblhhed every THIjRRDAY MORNING (Market Day at Llsw^efni) in time for the Market Cars for icvrjplaces of the Inland. A GOOD MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISEMENTS, CHARGES MODERATE- PUBLISHERS Ti!i S0RTH W4LE? SHR0S1CLE" Co., Ltd Y KVAbii OF CHARGES. h, I: \J Â- \¡ ttr Iijm Per Ib«1 t. d. L d. fwJiAtfitat&rj Notice# 0 6 i Fro*pc:t,dafeg'(,? Public CompaniM uid Govsrajeieat and Chancery otice. 0 4 I itWiion Addreo»e», Legal ad Public Noticetl. 0 J 2 t &rolec of Real Property, etc. 0 i » Concerts, kutertainments, and unoellaneoufi Advertiseme&tfl 0 2 1 tlh. Ábov AdvextiBemento &rs Scaled by Type M^freura, the actual prist line. ao4 being touWi PARAGE ADVERTISEMENTS C4»r(f«d at 4d per Line Special Posit;oil* at 6d per line. TRADE ADVERTISEMENT. TIIe. art? inserted at Reasonable Reten, varying according to itpacw takout and number of imertiouj or(likr-d. The Chavgft for Il Inch Sin pie Column Advcrtisr- it t\91 fr.iiOT« — 62 insertion# t 6d per week. w) do at 9d do 13 do at Is do Wor a Two Inch Single Column or an Inch Doable Column 52 intertlon* -at It per week 26 do at 18 6d do 13 do at 2a do or » Three Inch Single Column or One-and-a-Jialf Inches Dcbl4) Column:- 62 ia«erijoni ••• at 11 6d pet weak 26 do at 2* 3d do 15 dc at as Od do f1 "nmiderable reduction is made when more Tine* Inches &rA t&kfu. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. U,66#t- the w of "Wanted," "T't Let," or "To ot Sold, Words once. Twice. Thrice. s. d. s. d. s. d. 18 0 6 1 0 1 6 24 i 0 16 2 0 32 13 19 2 6 6 2 0 an EDW. LEACH, Electrical Engineer CONTRACTOR (ELECTRICIAN TO THE LLANDUDNO PIER CO., LTD.). ALL CLASSES OF Electric Work, Electric Bells, Telephones, etc., UNDERTAKEN. SOLE AGENT OF THE BRUSH- LAMP FOR LLANDUDNO AND DISTRICT. ESTIMATES FREE. Note tile Address: 9, Tudno Street, Llandudno. Telephone, No. 0275. THE LLANDUDNO Cocoa House AND Temperance Hotel, 66 MOSTYN STREET Breakfast or Tea, with Cold Beef 18. „ Ham 18. „ Eggs 1a. 00 Ham & Eggs Is. 3d. „ Plain ad Dinners Daily from 12 to 3. CHOP AND STEAKS. LARGE AND SMALL PARTIES CATERED FOR BEDS. REEVES HUGHES. House and Estate Agency I Office. f ESTABLISHED 18y/. J. H U GHE S & CO. AGENTS AND VALUERS, CSNTR4.L CHAMBERS, Corner of MOSTYN AND LLOYD STREETS, LLANDLPNO. HAS ALWA i'cS First Class FURNISHED J .RESIDENCES TO LET. First r,J— APARTMENTS. Also Ul\ H'URNISHED ROUSES TO LET and FOR SALE. SHOPS and BUSINESS PREMISES in Variety FOR SALE and TO LET. Alao FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD LAND. i f VALUERS FOR PROBATE, eie., efc. MOJTKY PROCURED ON MORTGAG* AT Low Rate of I j j T H 0 M.' 1\, S & C r'AA i THOMAS & FISHER. IMPERIAL BUILDINGS, LLANDUDNO. Modern and Antique Furniture, Artistic Carpets & Fabrics of all kind Curtains, Sheetings and House Linens. Removers and Storers. Furniture HOUSED and INSURED at most reasonable terms. Estimates Free. Prompt attention. .¡,a T. ESMOR HOOSON, Crocer aqd Provision Dealer, I HAS OPENED A BRANCH 110Pi AT 7, Lower Mostyn Street. ¡ i HOWEL JONES, General Ironmonger, 32, Mostyn Street, Is now showing entirely New Stock of Antique Copper Fern Pots, Trays and Tea-stands, AND OTHEii, USEFUL PRESENTS I IN Brass Copper, & Electro-Plate Sole Agent for the Thermal Bath Cabinet FOR THE DISTRICT. These Baths can be seen on the Premises, and will be sent out on 30 Days' Trial to Pur- chasers. -_+- T.W. JONES, "THE LOUNGE," Stationer & Newsagent, Fiqe Art dealer AND Picture Frame Manufacturer A Large Selection of Views of Llandudno and District, Coloured and in Black and White, Framed, Mounted or Unmounted. A Complete New Stock Df Leather Goods. 48, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. AH kind* #f Up-fce-d*te Printing done at the North Wales CkrwieU Commercial Printing Work*, Ban- for. OrAere far Lettarfreee, Lithographic, Copper- plate, aad Anbareed Printing, or for Bookbinding » Rid Statiaaary, esecatod at noRonafele cborsra. Estknatw free. Urancbee: ajjd ]Jan- tobi Ttkf ba««a Na. ?. ( I, PLAS M WR, CONWAY ..— | jm OLD .7wB j ,¿ i! (i!' ;,)j ri' "t f) EL!EiiiTHA £ PALACI .a..J.Jl.,A:J ,:l.. M ,J JL .A..¿ ■ Open Daily. Dose: ONE AT NIGHT. You MUST take SOMETHING SOMETIMES, Take CARTER'S: 50 Years' Reputation. B t* J^CJarters ^ITTLE .v I [-"UFiREOTONGUE.^B jm i 1, CONST:PATION U DIZZINESS. SALLOW SKIN. raw a r—t_n_ Small Pill. 1 |\# ET ^3 Small Dos«. They TOUCH the |j %j -» 3a Small Price. Genuine Wrapper Printed on WHITE PAPER. BLUE LETTERS. ¡ Look for the Signature. TRADE MARK t V THE OF BREHD8 ft" Medical I e*-9 sWh WvouJbake^ \W C5s'on. 1 AWARDED W F°R OAREM: 9 PRIZE MEDALS* 15 DIPLOMAS, j Kams cF Nearest A<:ent and Sample Loaf sent on application to! THE'CAharFLOiiS ?niLS. DARTFORD^NTj JOSEPH WILEY & SON WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Glass, China, and Earthenware Warehouse, 91, Centra, Mostyn Street, x.A.N-]D]I>O. All kinds of Glass and China matched and made to (rrder. Glass, China and Earthenware lent o» hire. Rova Worcester, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood Minton, and CoalportaChina. W. H. GOSS' HERALDIC PORCELAIN THE OLDEST HOlt-TICIi &TURA.L N-EWSPAPRIL 3d The Ga,.rdenerc, 158 WIXIMY. TBAJUCT. Postage Chronicle P- (THE "TIMES" OF HORTICULTURE). l: [ 1. t}j FOR THE SIXTY YEARS THE LEADING JOURNAL CIRCULATES WIDELY AMONGST— OWNERS DF GARDENS, PROFESSIONAL GARDENERS. NUIWSEE YMEN, SEEDSMEN AND MARKET GARDENERS. It hM an nmncoaliy large circulation amongst horticulturists in our Colonies and in all Foreign untrie8. i Specimen Gopy poat free on application tc the Pablishex, H. G. OOVB, 41, WBLLINGTON STREET, STRAND, TENDON. Telegrams: "GAHDCHRON, LONDON." Telephw« No. 1543 GERRARD. be viand øf tN Bookaellars sad wsitents. and s i th* fuilway Bookstalla. =- Wave Crest, LLANDUDNO. EST ABLISHMEN"r (EN ON GRAND PROMENADE, FACING SEA. WALDIGBAVE ALLEN'BY "THE CRAIGYDON" Boarding Establishment (Temperance), LLANDUDNO. Facing the Sea. Terms Moderate,, Misses Middleton & Wood, Proprietresses. 3.If -JI%Yn "FERNDALE" Boardina Establishment X-.IL A.3STXDXJT 3D3STO, NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE Re-Furnished Throughout. Mrs PEARSON, Proprietress. -n-:»,I.u-_r'f''r.IIWL¡a. HERSCI-IEL l-IOUSE, BOARDING RESIDEflCE South Parade, Facing Great Orme, Pier and Promenade. Near to Golf Links. ELECTRIC LIGHTED). MODERA TE TA RIFF. iimii^W ii ■mrtmwm.'wg—a—— DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL Halfway botweeu Llandudnc and the Junction, Directly facing Conwav Gastle and Bridges; The nearest HOTEL to the celebrated Carnarvonshire Golf Links, and within easy distance of the North Wales Links. CONVENIENT FOR ALL COACHING AND RAILWAY EXCURSIONS, BOATING, BATHING TENNIS, BILLIARDSt GOLF Ctood Accommodation for Cyclists. TABU* ON APPLICATION TO Mrs TRITTON, PROPRIETRESS. LEA & PEritlINS Be carefol to see that Lea. & Perrins' Signature in WHITE on the RED LABEL is on every Bottle None genuine without. Imitators of the label will be prosecuted. SA UCE. The Original and Genuine Worcester-shire NEAREST TO PERFECTION. 11:10 ICS 9 New Season's Stock of Boots & Shoes The Largest aud most comprehensive range of UP-TO-DATE FOOTWEAR o ever displayed in the Principality DIRECT FROM OUR FACTORY, and suitable for all classes A REVOLUTION IN PRICES, TOO" HAVE ONLY TO TRY OUR GENT'S HALF-GUINEA WELTED BOOTS Made in all the Leading Styles aud Materials, to realise that never before has such value been offered. i IM -x Sprinq & Summer Shoes Are so COMFORTABLE and GRACEFUL that they MAKE LIFE'S ISTiSLJLK EASY. They fit the feet, please the eye, and suit the pocket. NEW STYLES, Fittings, Shapes, Materials 217, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. 7, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON. .3, PALACE STREET, CARNARVON. MARKET STREET, HOLYHEAD. HIGH STREET, PWLLHELI. SHIP INN 316 and 318, Htgf StJrett, Bangor. Richard Williams, PROPRIETOR BREAKFASTS, .uancheona, and Diaaera, are alwaye ready. Tieltort to Bangor will be ffnplied and tbarye f MMOMMt price a* thif BetaUiakneti* J TJ. & S. ROBERTS, Ironmongers, Plumber Decorators, GAS, BELL AND HOT WATER i FITTERS, PAPEBHANGINGS. OIL AND COLOUR WAREHOUSI HOUSE REPAIRS. LLOYD STREET, LLANDUDPO,