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Marchnadoedd Cymrelg.

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PLA3 LLANDDYFNAN Versus BEAUMARIS. Tins match was! played a,t Pla.s LIanddytnan on August 2nd, and was won by Llanddyfnan, after an editing fiL i'-h, by four runs. For Llanddyfnan, Captain anJ the Rev. T. Griffiths played well for their runs. Score of Plas Lla.nddvfua.n :—D. Ta.ylor, b. Wil- liams, 4; H. Williams, l.b.w., b. Brereton, 5; R. LloTd. b. Will'ams. 1; Captain L. Williams, c. Humphrevs, b. Williams. 15; Rev. T. Grimths, b. Thomas, 15; H. Davies. not out, 5; Dr. Prytherch, c. and b. Thomas, 5; G. Peacock, b. Thomas, 0; 81. 1,.van, b. Lloyd, 1; W. Wilson, run out, 0; W. Williams, b. Llovd, 2; b. 9, l.b. 5, n.b. 1, 13; total, 62. l Score of Bt'aum.aris:—W. Owen, ct. Pea.cock, b. Williams, 6; R. Taylor, l.b.w., h:- Williams, 0; R. Thomas, b. Taylor, 21; Brereton, ct. Taylor, b. ( Davies, 25; J. Williams, I't. Wilson, b. Taylor, 0; R.. Licyd. b. Lloyd, 0; C. Evans, b. Davies, 2; I Humphrpvs, b. Llovd, 0; J. Constable, b. Davies, 0; W. E!lis. not out, 0; A. N. 'Other, absent, 0; b. 3 total, 58. -r-

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