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t IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS. Y CLORIANYDD." ESTABLISHED 189L 0 F P 1 0 B 8 Bridge-street, ililangefni. THE CLORIANYDD I a WELSH NFWSPAl'EK Cevoted to the iiit* 1 eats of AGRICULTURE with a LAROF> CIRCULATION than any Paper of the kind amor. aD classes in Anglesey and Carnarvcm&hire. THE "CLORIANYDD" Im the ONLY WELSH PAPER pablitheO in t County. PRICE HALFPENNY. Pnb!kn«M VtHJ THURSDAY MORNING (Marke. Dsy at i langefni) in timv for the Market Cant for remote places of the Island. GOOD MEDIUM FOR AD VERTISEMEN• B. CHARGES MODERATE. PUBLISHERS: "fHi NORTH WALES CHRONICLE" Co., Ltd j Y "CLORIANYDD.' SCALE OF CHARGES. Per LiDe Per Inch. I. d. a. a. Parliamentary Noticea. 0 6 ft if Prospectuses of Public Compauiea and Government and Chancery Notices 0 6 6 0 Election Addresses, Legal and j Public Notice» 0 3 3 6 j Salea of Real Property, etc. Q 2 8 6 I Salea of Real Property, etc. Q 2 .0' a 6 I Concerts, Entertainments, and Miscelianeona Advertinenwntp, 0 2 1 8 Me above Advertiaementg ere Scaled by Type w,uure, the actual print lines not being courted. TRADE ADVERTISEMENT. These are inserted at Reasonable Rate", varying according to space taken and number of insertions ordered. The Charge for an Inch Single Column Advertia9- raent is att follows — 52 insertions at 6d per week. 26 do at 9d do 13 do at Is do For a Two inch Single Column or an Inch Double Column — 62 inpertiona at Is per week 26 do at Is 6d do 13 do at 2a do For a Three Inch Single Coiiimu or One-and-a-half Inches Double Column:- 52 insertions at Is 6d per week. 26 do at 28 3.:1 do 13 do at 3s Od do A considerable reduction is made when more than I Three Inches are taken. PAUA(xRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS Charged at 4d per line; Special Positions at 6d per Use. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Under the Lead of "Wanted." "To Let," or "To Of Sold," etc. VVoBJJ' O.NC*. J.wic*. Thmcb. «• *• 8. a. d. 18 0 6 10 16 3* 10 1 G 2 0 13 19 2 6 1 6 2 0 | '3 0 REMITTANCES—Cheques to be made payable to 'The NORTH WALKS CHRONICLE COMPANY, LTT). P n Orders to D. WILLIAMS. Stamps not recejvwl on amounts exceeding Two Shillings and fiixpeivr.. Rxtni insertions charged pro. rata. Twopenoe -eplie^ to hot. iddr.-wwd to the Office. ¡ UTHER8 FREELY AND READILY. I CALVERT S I No. 5 I I W (yi CARBOLIC; i I soap, I j Unites a pure Soap am! A strong Disinfectant. Sjj I Most suitable for laundry or household pi purposes, as it both CJc.inscs aod disinfects, Lj3 saving time, trouble and expense. ffij j CLEAMSE3CL0THS3 WITHTJT L&BOUtf. S j CALVERT'S 1 | PARAFFIN SOAP.I i The best and therefore the cheapen to uss. P* j Each sold in 12 oz. twin aaTI nTTbars |f j by Chemists, Grcoers, Stores, etc. p n.4 J i ALLIANCE c ASSURANCE! COMPANY. ESTABLISH CD f Capital — FlVE MILLIONS Invested Funds over 5 Millions. The Right Hon. LORD ROTHSCHILD, Chairman. j ROB Elt T LEWIS, General Manager. Chief Office: — Bartholomew Lane, London. -= I World-free and Indisputable Aamranoes. Large Bonuses Expenditure low and limited, Security Unexoelled. 8pecial Keinatatementand Nonforfeitn'r«"p"i' j Fiiara Pramalt and ECnquiriesattendedto promptly I SwVbys and Plans for Insurance of extensive pro I parties made free of cost. J Kates moderate Loeseroettled promptly J BRANCHES I at—among other pface8- LIVERPOOL: 30, Exchange-street. East, I H. T. OWEN LEGGATT, Secretary. WREXHAM: 28, High-street, < JOHN FRANT2T8 Secretary. ( ProqMeeoaea, ete., may be obtained from any ot j *h» Ompany's Branches or Agents. 19660 j .— Wedding I Presents! i In Great Variety. i I Jarvis & Foster, | j Lome House, Bangor. THOMAS & FISHER. IMPERIAL BUILDINGS, LLANDUDNO. Modern and Antique Furniture, Artistic Carpets & Fabrics of all kinds" Curtains, Sheetings and House Linens. ?■ Removers and Storers. Furniture HOUSED and INSURED at mast reasonable terras. Estimates Free. Prompt attention. I I T. W. JONKS, "THE LOUNGE," J Stationer & Newsagent, Fine Art Dealer AND Picture Frame Manufacturer A Large Selection of Views of Llandudno and District, Coloured and in Black and White, Framed, Mounted or Unmounted. I A Complete New Stock of Leather GOOds. 48, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. 9523 I J :.3A :R rr-O:N" 9 j Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer's Assistant FURNITURE REMOVER, (Sfc=„ DEGANWY, LLANDUDNO. POST CARDS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. AUCTIONS ATTENDED. MONEY LENT IPIPAIVATE:LY -AT LOW INTEREST By Arrangement with W. H. Jones. JOSEPH WILEY & SON, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Glass, China, and Earthenware Warehouse, 91, Central Mostyn Street, JOMO. All kinds of Glass and China matched and made to order. Glass, China and Earthenware lent on hire. I Royal Worcester, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood. Minton, and Coalport China. W. H. GOSS' HERALDIC PORCELAIN. IN ^FFFIRTITTTTR- TOWNS. STANDARDS. SPECIALS. 10 Guineas Cash 15 Guineas Cash OR 1 Guinea per Month 1 OKVA Guineas per Month IN 12 IHSTAUSBHTS. j 1H 13 IXSTALMMTS. i "» Catalo^ae AND fall informatjon post free on application to— 0 RUDGE-WHITWORTH, LIMITED. Head Officn, COVENTRY. Tme PowERsAmEEON ONE rAM IsUMMEtASSEI). jgMBS^fyou want to purchase aTznaf MEST HDSTARD i Jflake sure the name cf i eOLMSJSf™iOTBlILtS HEAD are en the Y\r(EF>T0fJ /*o P»l^CFE^CE WhfAfEVEH ANV fiH V/HICH J D 0 E5 t4 Or 8 EA 1-t -t 0 rLS F- b i sT i fl CT i V F, tA A i kK$ j (DOUSLE OF f|4E FTESF QUAmV- I PLAS MAWR, CONWAY •I THE OLD le! ftlt- t ELIZABETHAN PALACE p-yy- Open Daily. dESO SHIP INN 3t8 tand 318, High Sirefe* Bangor. Richard Williams, PROPRIETOR PRE-AKYASTS, Luncheons, and Dinners, are ) always ready. Visitors to Bangor will be raj:plied and charge ft reasonable prioe at thif» Establishment. J. & S. ROBERTS, Ironmongers, Plumber Decorators, GAS, BELL AND HOT WATER FITTERS, PAPERHANGINGS. OIL AND COLOUR WAREHOUSE HOUSE P-EPAIRS. LLOYD STREET, LLANDUDNO h_ j I FAILING HEALTH, i | In failing health the liver and stomach are the first to give wny. the nervous system becomes | gieatly derange'?, and weakness and general debility speedily follow, These famous Pills H exercise the most salutary power in all affections and irregularities ot the internal organs, and H promote a healthy function, and soon restore the sufferer his usual health. I TO FEMALES OF ALL AGES. S TI n^ny ™ot!,er' niirse' 'iT young person guided by the directions which accompany each box of B Holloway'o Pill^. has at once an available means for checking disease, purifying the blood, and B expelling from the system all gross humours. No better medicine can be found for the use of M children. 8 OUR GREATEST TROUBLE. B The greatest troubles of our lives arise from derangement of the stomach and liver. These ■ famous Pills correct all disorders of the liver and stomach, and restore a healthy digestion. There B B is no medicine known that acts upon these particular complaints with such certain success. B I OUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, I B When the nervous system i disturbed no time should be lost in combating with ft. It often B ■ requires time and perseverance in the use of these Pills to ensure a cure. This grand medicine E ■ never fails in such cases. B 1 THE TROUBLES OF THE KIDNEYS. I 9 Disorders of the kidne c, are at all times troublesome and at some time, serious. Besides the B KM use of these valuable Pills, ITolloway^ Ointment should be most effectually rubbed over the I n region of the kidneys as salt is forced into meat. Its purifying effects will act immediately on these B |g organs and promptly remove all trouble and danger when all other remedies may have failed. JR R The Pills and Ointment are sold at THOMAS IIOI.LOWAY'S Establishment, fit B 78, NEW OXFORD STREET (LATE 533, OXFORD STREET), LONDON; i |j also by nearly every respectable "Vendor of Medicine, in Bo'xes and Pots, at is. I 2J. yd., 4j. 6tf., B n Z2s-> 33x- each. The 21. ^u. size contains three times the quan'ity of the smallest size E » the 4s. 6a. size six; the lis. size sixteen; fhe 225. size thirty-three and the 3]s. size fifty-fwo H m| times the quantity of the smaller Boxes and Pots. » |uj Full printed directions are affixed to each Box and Pot, and can be had in any language. b j| xtf.B.—Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily, between the hours of 11 and 4, orby letter. i I 1 here's SECURITY jn ARYER'S Cure ITTLE BILIOUSNESS. m « mmem SICK HEADACtic- OIVER torp,d LiVER- fas M m ffWK ^^FURRED T0NGU^' SALLOW SKIN. (j 8 1 9 STIMU rlH. Small Dots. Small Price. They TOUCH the LIVER Be Sure they are CARTER'S THE OLDEST HORTICU <VH KA-. NKWSPAPKR 3d. The Gardeners' 158. I WEEKLY. YSABLT, Po^aga "fc « | Po«l Chronicle i THE "TIMES" OF HOBTICtfl.Tl RBj. FOR SIXTY YiiiARS I i THE JOURNAL: Its contributors comprise the atost Experienced British Q8n:;¡"7r"3, wd muj of notk Eminent Men of Scienns A kstne ami abroad. ->"0' IT HAfl AIT INTERNATIONAL KXPUTATIO F >B fI HJ. WmATIOy** OF PTji VT» flfwemeo Copy pout free 00 r i t, icaiiw, tf J>' ¡:U.:t_; H. G. OOVB, 41, WELLINGTON -7. Mar 1M md4nd of afl BcefawOm aaad Y &i, V&jfrwrvi .J.. MOON'S HOTEL LLANDUDNO 00 o o iz \.fj (D ro Q "'0 ø o Q ø Q o o O ONE MINUTE WALK FROM CENTRE OF PROMENADE AND STATION. THE MOST POPULAR PRIVATE HOTE D NEW BILLIARD AND RECREATION ROOMS. VUBhlC AND PBIVATE SITTING BOOMS, ALSO N-OMEROir* UKV AKB« WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION FOR HOCKEY, CRICKET TEAMS, AND CYCLISTS. OHORAL AND SUNDAY CLASS PARTIES. Charges Moderate. W. Winoh, Proprietor. Wave Crest, BOARDING EST ABLI Sf-lMENT (ILN PENSION). ON GRAND PROMENADE, Mrs WALT) [i OIA^ff A LT.E BT CL;o.L" THE "CRAIGYDON" Boarding Establishment (Temperance). LLANDUDNO. Facing the Sea. Terms Moderate. Misses Middleton & Wood, Proprietresses. Ii WI .a- 1fV: 0RMESCLIFFE Boarding Establishment, On GRAND PROMENADE. FACING SEA. Dark Room for Photography. Cycle Accommodation. Moderate Tariff. 18862 Mrs ALLEN SMITH ,t.(!a;a'a. & "FERNDALE" r r' H !tl! r L! tnUh L L Boardinn Establishment, LLA.N'"DU DN"O, NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE. Re-Furnished Throughout. Mrs P E A R SON. Proprietress, .I, MWI'I"I'I"WIII<'I'r HERSCHEL HOUSE, SeJJ.LIt -tbh 4ia High-classBoarding Residence Facing Great Orme's Head, Pier, and Promsnada. For Tariff Apply IVI.s. MUCS-JaSS, (Late of LYNDHURST, Trinity Square.) 11. S"- DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL, Half way betwooui L»iaijdu<iat and the Junction. DIROETIY fileinig Conway Cafctlo and Bridge*. The nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarronshire Golf Linka, And witb ii, MHjoy se fd the North Wales Lintfl, YSNITINT FOR ALL GOAOFLING AND RAILWAY EXOOFFHI; = NS. BOATING, BATHING TENNIS, BILLIARDS, GOLr Q-ood AccommodatioB for Cyclists. TABITF ON APPLICATION TO MilS TRITTON i PROPIlT I, r V 1'1At "I"A. QI1.. 1— 1—■ 1,1 iwrr»n mm ■» 1 imiifr~i 'n" IT'S A DouMets ECONOMICAL REAL HELP! 2id JP IN USE Mat only olmnus th. lt u mad. fro. ,m linen quickly and e»- XAFFILRRSIMK/ materials,latherafree. ally, but LB useful for all household purposes n>l —woodwork, ^lass and vast* like meet metal ware. etker Seape. im OUT FOR RAZLENURtT PRIZE SCHEME At SOAP WORKS. ANNO'JNCEMEitT fw/ „ NEXT WEEK. IV N\ MNCORN. y 4B-M.eO.tOHi