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GEORGE'S Pile and Gravel Pills «ELUR CAEL FEDDYGINIAETH HON MEWN TBI 0 DDULLIAU GWAHANOL FEL CAN LTN i iff wo I N?3 PARK HOUSE, SALISBURY ROAD, CARDIFF. ANWYL SYR,—- Mae fy anwyl fam wedi dymuno arnaf lawer o weithiau i ysgrifenu atoch i ddiolch i chwi o waelod ei chalon am y lleshad y mae wedi dderbyn trwy eich Peleuau. Y mae yn 73 mlwydd oed ac y mae yn hapus genyf ddweyd y mae yn teimlo yn hynod o iach a hoenus. Priodola seiyllfa ei hiechyd i ddau beth, a defnyddio ei geiriau hi, sef, yn gyntaf, i drugaredd yr Arglwydd, ac i'ch Pelenau chwi yn ail. Dioddefodd boen dirfawr yn ei chefn am lawer o flynyddoedd, ond tua thair blynedd yn ol penderfynodd dreio blychaid o'ch Peleuau cbwi, a mawr y lleebad a ddeibyniodd yn union. Mae ei genau yn agored wrtb bawb am y lies mae wedi deimlo, ac yn parhau i dderbyn o hyd. Teimlai rwymedigaeth arni i gyhoeddi hyn er budd i eraill. Ydwyf, yr eiddoch yn ddiffuant, D. BEYNON, v Coal Merchant. MEWN BLYCHAU, Is lc" 2s 9c YR UN. DRWY Y POST. Is 3c a 3s YR UN. PERCHENOG J. E. HE'1 IIG1' ,M.R.P.S., HIRWATN, ABBRDARE DANEDD. | 13LLTR ymweled a DR. JONES, Craig Owen I" (near the Railway Station), Bangor, bob 4kdd Iau yn No. 16, Lledwigan-road, Llangefni, Yn Mangor bob dydd, ond dyddiau Ma wrth ao lag. Yn Llanerchymedd o ddeg tan un, ac Amlwch • <lcteai ten bump, gydat Mr Hughes, Stationer, 8, Market-street, Gorphe-naf Cfed, Awst 5ed, Me l: 2il a 30tun, Hvdref 28ajn, Tachwedd 25ain, Rhfyr 23&in. Yn Methetida, Llanberis, ao Ebenezer ar ol Sadwrn tal. —————————————————— —————————————————— 000000000000000000 A Wonderful Medlolnom 8. EËëiurs i PILLS Par Billons and Nervous Disorders, snch as Wind O a aad Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddi- A ness, Fulness and Swelling after meals, Dizziness • and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, A — Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costive* 9 ness, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Q — Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling • Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL CIVS 9 f m RELIEF IN rfENTY MINUTES. This Is no fiction. 0 t Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box < 0 of these PiUs, and they will be acknow- 0 40 ledged to be • Worth a Guinea aBox • • a BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as directed, m will quickly restore Females to complete health. 9 They promptly r.emove any obstruction or fe-su- 0 larity of the system. For a 0 • Weak Stomach, • j J Impaired Digestion, J Disordered Liver, o they act like ma.gic-a few doses will work 41 wonders upon the Vital Organs; Strengthening Q the muscular System, restoring the long-lost 9 Complexion, bringing back the keen edge of Q • appetite, and arousing with the Rosebud of — Stealth tho whole physical energy of the V A human frame. These are "facts" admitted by A thousands, in all classes of society, and one of the 9 best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is 0 — that EEEGHAM'S PILLS hav*m tho • Lareeaf Sato of any Patont Motflc/nm O In the World. A r~l_ m Prepared only by THOMAI BEECHAM, ST. HELENS, LANCS. 8 old everywhere in Boxes <—7/7i&2J9each I i Cabbage Seeds The best said hardiest variety is DICKSON& Perfection 6d per pkt., Is 6d per oz. .AJse. highly recowmended- UcksonW Worl,,nwh, 4d per pkt., Is per oz. Ella.m's Eariy Spring, M per pkt., lOd per 00. Mein's No. 1, 3d per pkt,, 9d per oz. "Wheeler's Imperial, 3d per pkt., 9d per oz Myatt's Emray Offenhait, 3d per pkt, 9d per or- I Priced CbtaLogse Post Frtv,of an other Seeds for Priced CbtaLogse Post Fm> all other Seeds for present and later mowing. Dicksons GROOVERS, Chester,! 1 23330 | ¡ ACCIDENTS of all KINDS I EMPLOYERS* LIABILITY, j Accident and Disease l (Small Pox, Scarlet Fever, Typhoid. Diphtheria,&c.) j Burglary & Fidelity Insurance. I R41LWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE CO. | Established 1849. j Cairns Paid £ 4,450,000. M. <X)RNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. Agents required in unrepresented districts. Manchester Office: 16, John Dakon-sfereet. 34?1 r-r-n CYCLES AilE THE VERY BEST. i »«« l>ni[S.6 £ «IL £ MEN. 13 i Wttpsis. Ciu ,• Pii Ci.i .P 12 liONTHLi Uthly. V "TiiKXTB. 5S- *s!4\ i /f- 1Y'" £ 7 ISS. M » £ ft 4 £ !i 8s* '8' I t V *'■* 5S-I6 8 -I B:I ,Z: IT, tggjs»v, nte AT onco for NEW SK .SOH'B LIFT, over ICO pajros, nnd over fiOO illuRtratioua, of Jf"NO CycloB and .ateftt Cycling A.CCOj, )riil. at lowoi prico* th%T) any other Mum..S>«< pert free. MeTKOPOLiTAN MACHINI5TS' Co., Ltd. (Dert.C.) 75, Bisbopsifate Street Without. London, B.C., AND PIOCAPILLY CISOUB. LOKSON. W. ESTABUSHKD IN 1836. ITOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. STUBBS' MERCANTILE OFFICE, (Stubbs' Ltd.), 42. GRESHAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKINU BAD DEBTS. 1 Every Trader should read \STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE j With which is issqed a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS. Under all the Important Fpilijres. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS contain more than NINE MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY AND REMITTED TO SUBSCRIBERS ON TUES I DAY AND FRIDAY in Each Week. I > RANCHES At Aberdeen, Binning ) ham, Blackburn, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Crojdon. Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Hud dersfteld, Huil, Leeds, Leicester, Liver- pool, Loadon (West End), Mwi -beeter, New- caetle, Norwich, Nottingham, ;ymouth, Porta* month, Sheffield, Southampton. Sunderland, Swan- sea, Wolverhampton. Sub-offices :—Buxton, Cambridge, Derby, Dum- fries, Gloucester, Greenock, GrimsBT,H^l)f:ix.Haniey, Inverness, Ipswich, limerick Lnndi aderry. Mid. dlesboro", Newport (Mon.), Northampton. Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, Stockton on-Tees, Tor- quay, Walsall, Waterford, horce..t,er, York. Terms :— £ 1 18, 22 2a, 3 ie. El- 5s. according t requirements I Prospectus forwarded on appjjcrfti:.?; L any of the above offices. r j J Stock-taking Sale and TJ.TII. 9th AUGUST. | Genuine Reductions in Prices. I PIOIMFFR Complete Furnishing Stores, ■ i \J llttn 9 to t9, Bold St., Liverpool. Carpets Made & Laid free, Linoleums Laid Free, BLINDS MADE FREE, AND OTHECR MONEY-SAYING OONOBSSSIONS. CI J £ c i j 4,-u n 4. 1 All purchases of over 40s delivered free Miy Send for Sale and other Catalogues. M^y. station » Qceat Britaan. 23062 JUBILEE. J TJ BILES PELENAU JONES TPEMADOC .'(. (JONES' TREMADOC PILLt. L- EJ yr HEN FEDDYGINIAETH GYMREIG ADNABYDDUS, eA -,eydd wedi SEFYLL PRAWF droa HANER CAN' MLYNED gan y Deyrnas hm » ±,w^p, fel nad oea braidd Deulu yn Nghymru na ehlyw saut^ eu Tidau au Anmbiirwld v Gwaed weddau at wellhau pob afiechyd sydd a'i dueddi ad o r Ystumog a r AJU wholesale Houses a'r Doiur Cyffredin a Chyndyn hwnw y Crydcym alau Gwerfchir gan jr boll Hooaes a Manwerthir gan bob Chemist drwy y byd gwa reid(Wig mewn Blychau 1» I5C. 5 48 00 ys Utl- Oe ir eu eael yu yrardal, anfoner eu gwerth mewn Stamps 1 r S CAMBRIAN PILt DEPOT, Tremadoc, North Wale D.S.—Nid oes llai na Box cy fan fir Pills hyn i'w oaiel t JOSIAH HUGHES h Co., General, Furnishing, Manufacturing and Builders' I RON MO N G E R S 159 & 161, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, BEG TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE (PUBLIC OF UPPER BANGOR TO THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE OPENED A New Branch Shop IN t UPPER BANGOR (Top of Glanrafon Hill). 1' 1 -1 U- -i" ¡¡.' Established 1813. i r" M. A. CROOKS,' HIGH-CLASS BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, 222, HIGH STREET, BANGOR, And UXBRIDGE SQUARE, MENAI BRIDGE. Ladies' & Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes In the Latest Styles, fcy the best English, Parisian, and American Makers. BOOTS and SHOES, Boys' and Girls' Boots in a variety of grades. BESPOKE BOOT MAKER — a REPAIRS '.õ1oo.. Telegrams: Cameron, Baligor. Telephone 51. DONALD CAMERON, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S TAILOR AND OUTFITTER, CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, BANGOR, and TOWN HALL BUILDINGS, BEAUMABJS, Respectfully solicits the inspection of Ladies and Gentlemen to a large and choice stock of High-Class Woollen fabrics for Town and C vuntry wear. GENUINE HOME-MADE HIGHLAND TWEEDS Greatly valued by every sportsman for their soft and porous texture, and being manu- factured from pure long wool, is naturally wet resisting and specially adapted for FISHING, SHOOTING, AND GOLF REAL VICUNA, SOFT SAXONY, AND CHE\ sOT TWEEDS, In Solid Colours, Checks, and Heather Mixtur e. for Ladies" Cc,s, and Travelling Costumes. Tailor-made to Measure, or Pattern Garment, also cut length*. ;old by the yard. CLERICAL AND YACHTING SERG ES, COATINGS, A!ND LIVERY CLOTHS. Unshrinkable Shirting and Cricket Flannels Shirts, Pyjama^ Pants *nd Underclothing, Hand-knit Cycling and Knicker Stockings, Tr avellmg Plaids, Rugs, and Wraps, UaJ, Caps, I Helmets, Collars, and Ties. AGENT FOR DR JA.EiiJER'8 PUR WOOI, MANCJFAOTURBR AND CELLULAR Ci OTHING OOPANY. Rol»e and Cap Maker by Appointment to the University College of North Wales. Patterns on Application. 7350 l, Complete Summer Outfits, I, BOATING, TOURING, TENNIS, Summer Shirts, Fancy Vests & Hosiery PANAMA, STRAW, and LINEN HATS, SummerTies,SummerGloves FOR BOTH LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. EXCELLENT CHOICE. See our Windows & Inspect our Stock. Vallance Bros., HIGH ST., Tailors and Costumiers, BANGOR. TELEPHONE .No. 11. ESTABLISHED UVER 60 YEARS AT WM. ROWLANDS & CO., WHOLESALE and RETAIL WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANTS BANGOR It D Bass & Co/s Ales and Gninness' Stout in Cask and Bottle. Office and Vaults-288, HIGH STREET. Bottling and Duty Paid Stores-James Street & Union Street, Bangor Branch Establishment—Foundry Vaults, Llangefni. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 21713 EST. 1870. — Bayne & Dargie,- I CLOTHIERS, UPPER BANGOR. 1 AGENTS fer the CELEBRATED WlliUS SERGES LEA AND PERRINS' Be careful to see that LEA. & PERRINS' Signature in "WHITE on the RED LABEL is on every bottle. None genuine without. Imitators oi the label will be prosecuted. ORIGINAL QATTfl? WORCESTERSHIRE DAUWl I, •" '■1, y "t GRAY & Co., LLANGEFNI Dymunir galw SYLW NHELtLDUOL at y STOCK HHLAETH o bofc math o FITTINGS sydd ar law, perthynol i'r boll Reirianau sydid yn cael eu defnyddio yn Don. DIM GW PWT MAKEn. Dyma yr adeg mwyaf cyfleus i rodiii y Peirianau mewn hwyl. Edrycher ar unwaith betli fyd. yn eisieu a gelwch gyda GRAY aiid Cb., a byddant i'w caeL Peirianau Newyddion yn awr i'w Gweled mewn Stock. "CAMBRIAN" <P«weill, Wreshaai). "B A M FOR D." ( i I "NEW ERA" (Williams, Rhoddla4 "HORNS B Y." "RICHMOND & OHANDLER" (Pei riant Newydd yn Mon). PEIRIANAU AMERICtANAIDD. "MASSEY HARRIS," "OOBOBNE," "PLANO," Etc., Etc. DELWYR GWAJ1t (R.o\Y (X)fLLE(1f0RS) 0 BOB MATH, STEEL A CSKXHD. CRIBYNAU CEFFYL (Horse Rates): "LION" (Ra,mf«rd's), "WOOiDROFFE," "PLANO," "TIGER," Etc., Etc. | A Phob Math o Qfferynau Angenrheakiiol ar gyfer y Tymhor hwn o'r Flwyddyn, rhy luosog l i'w (Galwear heibie, neu Anfoner drwy y Poet am Cataloguea a Phrisian. 2638. t I S. wi N I i E D'S CHURCH OF ENGLAS1 BGABION(3 SCHOOL JO GIRLS, BANGOR, 1\ VALES. Vmtoi-s t The LORD BiaflUF S. ASAPH. The LORD DISH r of Bangor. Provoff The Rev ARTHUB TALBOT, M.A. Lady Wa Misiv J. L. LATHAM, (iirton College. Headmistrf a*: Kiss F. J. DAVIES Camb £ j • Classics*! Trttjclt Class 1; London Univers. 3 B.A. Honours in Ctasaica ami Fre^r-h: FEES.—JB35 a year, win; a Hpecial Reduction of £5 for Welsh or Irish TECHNICAL SIDE has established ia connection with the 8cb>oj, where Girls may learn Laundry Work, Cockiin: Domestic Ecou ft Needlework, ob& 104|3 PMMTEK M AWET THE COLLEGE, X&QW HEULOG ♦ LATB Q^V v ) Boarding and Day i ol for Girls PREPARATORY CL OR BOYS. TEMBER 16th. i'rl, '¡. ) Mrs H. Mellor. ARCVILIJE COLLEGE, EAS1 PARADE, RHYL. jr, RINCTPAL Miss MEilCIES (Certificated S. ? Kensington Bottwfry aj. i GH iogy), assisted by Miss ROBINSON (SetneT i 'llai: i-.dge and Lon<3t>?»- MatmulationJ ..00 i r "i i nt English am* Foreign Govermssses and Masters. FrKicV and German |Oonv^rsatioi;ai uad Grammatical^ Very suecesrfnt m pnfcUc 22725 VIOLIN WESSON'S. MISS ISABEL BJBWilT -*n& MISS MABr GARET HEW«T 3 we LES80NS «l Ow%. n Pupil's Residence. Peumaenmawr, Conway, Llasoaduw, aad Cd* wyn Bay visited. Bodafon, Upper Bangor 14837 GIRLS TuOr-" SCHOOL Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Principal: HlS w Ms. THIS SCHOOL offer* a thoiough MODERN; JL EDUCATION, eomliaied vrith every Homer Comfort. Pupils Me piep&red fur all PubK* Examinations. During tlH;, last tbxee years 2SS> Certificates have been gamed. The school is a cpnbre for the Cayi. bridge Lot&Y. Trinity CoHege, and Inecrfvomcd Society at Musicians, Esamh)atj«M, Kindergarten, Gyftv nasium, Tennis; For Particulara, apply to tae Pr liieipai. I»IiANDUi>NO. t.' I }i .c\ Lansdowne House School, PtDMiipalK MiMes MA 1THEWS and" STBRING.- Assisted by an Efficient Staff f Resident Æ,1 t Oertifieatod V Masters. F) UPILS ar« very sueeesfefully prepared for tha Cambridge "R, A, M. and other Loc.i4 Examinations. Adjoining the abova in YORK:-BOAD new PIA- mises have been buiU lor the LLANDUDNO K1"NDERQARTF.N. FECHNICAL, and ART SCHOOLS, aid SWEDISH GYMNASIUM. 9541 1 .AIM 111 0 IP s ALE, STOUT, OLD flTYLH u NOER BEER, AND (OTHER BKT*RAi,ES. Is 6d PER DOZKN ^CRWWEP C51 c PER). T. Esmor Hooson, WHOLESALE 15 L E R. LLANDUDNO. 10119 House and Estate Agency Office, ESTABLISHED I15Z J. HUGHES & 0 O. AGENTS AND VALUER*. CENTRAL CHAMBERS, Cornsr oi MOSTYJf AND LJ:lOYD "'¡Tln;:Illi: XLAN'rtrsNO, HAS ALWAV^'l^ CLis> « "ivN'lSHED RESIDENCES TO 11 x. First Ol-a APARTMENTS. Also UNFURNISHED HOUSED TO iJEr aniJ FOR SALE. SHOPS and BUSINESS ir ut Vaiiety FOR SALE and TO LET. Ai&o FltEEEOI-D and LEASEHOLD LAND. VALUERS FOR PRuKATE -v etc. MONTRY PR0Cl7RJiiD OS MORTGAGE AT Low Rate *A luierc i. IENT COLLECTORS, EW., 66h9 J. D. S I D D A LL, OPTICIAN TO CHESTER I N ? U ARY, The Cross, CHESXBH, W. W. SIDDALL F.S.M.e., LEUANGEFNI, T^w*«iay, 4th, at Mr O. Griffith's, Rose Honu. HFC K BAiNGOR, Friday, A 15 at Mr jo" Pith's, Saddler, near Mark i H AaMLWGB, ^fatvn-ijay, Au-girsi ;(:th, at Sfif Richard Morgan's, Dinoroei. Ué¡; MR SIDDALL will call nnable to visit him by arranjjement 26^5 ESTABJJSHtl) 1338. THE Journal of v Hon M-nrrure COTTAGE GARDEN- K FAR31 1. Onnducw??- .-i JOHN WRKiUX, V n.S. Assistec t WEEK) ."ice & \\«t. Ftfc 'Vtrd. Terms-o« ^nl.r One Quarter. J- M f >j On* • 171. • '"T