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Marchnadoedd Diweddaraf

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Banger Cycling Club.

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Marchaaacedd Cymreig.I

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Marchaaacedd Cymreig. I BANGOR, Friday. I MEAT, BUTTER, and Fresh butter, lid per lb. Iriih, Danish, and Canadian butters, Is Id to Is 2d; fresh eggs, 14 far Is; beef, 7d to Is per lb. mutton, 7d to Is lamb, 9d to lid veal, 7d to lOd pork, 7d to lOd ham, 7d to lOd bacon, 7d to 9d fat pigs, 4 £ d per lb. FRUIT and VEGETABLES.—Potatoes (new), ld toO 4d per lb. carrots (French), 6d to Is per bunch turnips, 2d peas (new), 4d to 6d per lb. rhubarb, Id per lb. lettuce, 2d each cucumbers, 3d to 6d: grapes (English), 2s to 3s per lb. mellons (English), lOd to Is tomatoes, 6d to lOd cabbages, 2:1 to 3d each cauliflowers, 3d to 6d peaches, 2s 6d to 3s per d-ozeii strawberries. Is to 2s per lb. gooseberries, 3d apples, 5d to 6d. FISH, POULTRY, and UAME.— Ghickens, 3 to 4s 6d per couple fowls, 3s ducklings, 2s 9d to 3s 6d each rabbits, Is; pig-eons, Is 4d per brace ducks, 3; each geee, 8d per lb. turkeys, Is I salmon, Is lOd salmon trout, Is 6d soles, Is 4d red mullet, Is 6d turbot, Is; bri-11, lOd halibut, 9d lemon soles, 9d plaice, 30 to 6d whiting. 61 dabs, 4d uurnots, 3d hake, 5d mackerel. 4d skate, 4d cud, 4d to 6d haddocks, 4d per lb. lobsters. Is each crabs, 3d white bait, 6d per pint; prawns, 6d per lb. shrimps, 5d per pint. GARNARVON. 8titurday.—Frc:dt butt-er, Is 111 per lb. eggs, 16 for Is fcwls-. 4s to 5s per couple ducks. 2s 6d to 5s 6d each beef. 2,d to 9d per lb. mutton, 7d to 9d perk. 5d to 9d veail, bd to 9d laimb, 8d to lOd per lb. pctatecs, 6g, 7 per sick; do. new, lAd to lld per th. DENB;a.i.H, Wednesday.— Faxs-h- br-tte-r, h: fo Is Id per Fo. do., salt, 9d to lOd; chick 3- 6d to 4s 6d per eounfe; diucks, 4s to 5s |> r couple fat 4d per lib. beef, 6d to 9d per lb. veal, 7d ta 9d muttoffi, 7d t.o 9d pork, 6d to 8d per pot.,i.t,ocs, blhs. for 6d 16 for 1& LLANGEFNI. Tliursday.—Fresh butter, lid per 11; fmih eggs. 16 for is beef, 7d to 9d per lb. mditton, 7d to 9d per lb. lamb, lOd per lb. veal, 7d to 9d p-r lb. pork, 6d to. 8d per lb. fat pigs, 4d to 4!d per lb. porkef s, 17, to 20s each potat-oes (new), Id per lb. oats, 20s to 22s per qr. fowls. Is 9d to 2s c«ch ducks, 2s to 2s 3d each. LLAINR.W'S'T, T-u«day.—Baa-ley, as 6d to gg per hiobtei,; oats, 7>- 6d to 8s per hobbet; fresh butter, lid to lIs, pex Ih. fo^iLs, 4-s 6d to 5s per ccm-pie; d-ucik^, 5-s to 6s, 6d per couple eggs, 18 tv 20 for Is pi&tatoas, new, Ed per lb. GSWEiSTiRiY, Widniesdaiy.—Buttor, lid to is per lh. beef, 7d to 8d mutton, 7d to 9d vetid, 7d to 8d Iamb, lOd to 10d per lb. fo>wL", 4s to 5s per couple; dwks$, 5s to 6s per couple; oniions', d per bunc-h carrote, 2^d per ibunich; .potatoes*, Is per 201bs. ruhlit- 2fe- to Zt-: 2d per toup'o; waterea, Id per bun ch; rhubarb, Id per Ot1:nd,j,; eau'liiiowers, 3d to 4d each lettuce, I d e.ieh, 4d to 5d each new potatoes. ld 'lb. li, do.. d per ib. üg., 14 to 15 for le ■eabbaigtsr, 2d to 4d each; radishes. Id pea* buncb; 2d to 3d per quart; cbeirrkf?, 8d peir lb. strawberrie"s, 7d per Lb. wlnimbr-rriics, Is per quart; green 2d to 3d per lb. WPvl-IXHA3I, Monday.—-The market to-day was a, good one. There was -a slight falling off in the supply, but the- demand was (steady and the c-Vvir- anú8 wsis a capital one. Laimb was much called for, and sdM quickly at frcrn 8d b lOd per lb. Mutton re-alii?ed froan 7d ti,) 8d per lb., and b.-ef 6d to 6 3d. Scmc, fine hec-fcus were well disposed of, and a few dairy cows were also offered. -A.d Kacing F xtures. u_ I Lingfield duly 11 II Havdock Park Julv 11 Newmarket July 15 Hamilton Park Julv 18 Sandon4i Eclipse July 18 Leicester July 22 Liverpool July 24 "Wind.or Tuly 25 Goodwood duly 29

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