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J Important to Advertisers ] The combined circulation of these .1,.urna!e U ftch M to ensure the most extensive publicity foi all announcements throughout Wale?, amongst English firms having business relations with the Principality, and amongst Welshmen generally throughout the United Kingdom. LARGEST CIRCULATION IN WALES. Established 1807 "THE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE," Established 1854. THE ORIGINAL LLANDUDNO DIRECTORY AND VISITOR, Containing List of VISITORS for Llandudno and istrict. The "Directory" can be obtained in Llandudno at the Publishing Office, Caxton House, 133, Mostyn- street. Splendid medium for Advertisements, which should be received at the Offices in Bangor, or in Llandudno, on FRIDAY MORNINGS. Duri ,ae Summer Months a bi-weekly is published on WED NESDA YS, and Advertisements should be received act later than TUESDAY MORNINGS. FRI. DAY'S issue Free by Post for a Year 6s 6d prepaid, and 7s \i on credit, SCALE OF CHARGES. -NORTH WALES CHRONICLE," "ORIGINAL LLANDUDNO DIRECTORY," and "GWALIA" (Weish). Per Line Per Inch b. d. a. d Parliacpv Notice*, El«stion Address 1 0 10 0 Prospectuses of Public Companies and Government and Chancery Notioea 0 9 7 & Legal and Pubiio Notices, Sales of Real Property,and Miscallancous 0 6 6 0 Publications, Local Concerts, En- tertainments, e'c. 0 3 2 6 The above Advertisements are Scaled by Tyrx Measure, the actual print lines not bemg counted. When Advertisements are inserted in score than •ne paper, a deduction of 50 per cent. off Scale Prioe is made for «acb extra paper. TRADE ADDREiStti&j.—These axe inserted at Reasonable Rates, varying according to space taken up ard number ot insertions ordered when too •rder is for insertions, the price is Is per inch tiiugle Column, and 2s per inch Double Column. A considerable reduction is m&de when more than tuciieri are taJteb. PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS. — Charged at 6d per line Special Petitions at Is per line. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Oxider the head of "Wanted, "To Let," or "To bs; Sold," One luserti-a. In Jn 2 Papers In 3 Papers One or 2 Insertions or 3 In-ertions Paper, in One Paper. in One Paper W orda.. d a a a 16 10 19 20 .&4 6 2 6 i 0 32 0 Si 40 48 0 40 50 Additional insertions harged pro. rata — Three pence extra if replies are to be addressed to the Office. Remittances.— uLu P.U. Orders to be iliiuit payable to D. Vv iliiains.—Stamps nOL received 101 smvunta exceeding Two Shillings and Sixpence. BROWN AND CO., CHESTEE. Summer Cash Sale. SEVEN DAYS ONLY SATURDAY, JULY 19th, to SATURDAY, JULY 26tli. ThilS S £ W<m"& ModeJ Millinery, 2-b to Lij Guineas, Jteduoed Priçs, 12m 6d to 21s. Children's Washing "Blouses and Costumcvs, 5s 6d to 21s, Reduced Prices Is 6d to 10;; 6d. Giloves. slightly soilted, 58 to 7s 6d per Pair, Re- duced Prices Is lid. Spun Si Be Underwear, Combinations, from 3. 3d. A Few Tweed and CLoth Costumes, 4- to 65 Onimeas, Reduced Prices, 42s. Voile and other Fraich Robes., 42s to 52s 6d, Re- diutoed Prices, 10s 6d each. Curtains Laioei, Guipure, Swiss, 2s. 6d to 28s 6d, deduced Pritoes Is lid to 188 6d. This Saafeion-s Resit Fc.idard Silks, Gown Length, 52s 6d to 739 6d, Reduced Prices ;5& 6d, 4&0 6d. NO GOODS OFFERED EXCEPT REMAINS OF REGULAR STOCK. NO CATALOGUES; NO GOODS SENT ON APPROVAL. A GREAT QUANTITY FOR SALE, BUT A SMALL QUANTITY OF EACH ARTICLE. 23322 MAIL CA UTS. LAWN MOWERS. VIII10 NETTING. GARDEN TOOLS. JOINER'S TOOLS. DKESS BASKETS. BRUSHES of every description BEDSTEADS & BEDDING. Evans and Roberts, "COPPER KETTLE," 263, HIGH STREET, BANGOR NEAR TOWN CLOCK. New Millinery, New Dress Materials, New Trimmings. New Sailor Hats, New Blouses, New Season's Goods of every description, at CHARLES JONES', Cambrian House, 139 & 141 HIGH STREET, BANGOR. 34622 THE ¡ Grand"Hotei AND RESTAURANT I LLANDUDNO j (AdjoiningPavilion Pier). NOW OPEN. rp HIS HOTEL is recently-built, with an accom- ? modation for 200 guests; and is the only Hotel in Llandudno overlooking the sea that faces due south. IT CONTAINS Dining Room, Lounge, The Salon or Writing Room, Smoking Room, Billiard Room, BATHROOMS on each Floor. Passenger Lift to all Floors from Pier Level, and Electric Light throughout. TARIFF ON APPLICATION. W. JACK MAN, 10114 MANAGER. -J WOOD LEY'S Central Library (in connection with Mudit'a), Three Doors from Corner of North-parade, UPPER MOSTYN-STREET, LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of Subscription. The following are a few oi the books now In circulation:— The White Witch of Mayfair By G. (rriffith, A .Modern Miracle M. Bodken. The Tear of Inman. An English Girl iii Pair is A Beautiful Rebel E. Granville. Blue Liliies Lucas Cleeve. Breachley Black L. Becke. The Diamond of Evil Whkihaw. A Wilful Woman Burgin. Something in the City Warden. The. New Christian Percy White. Dwellers by the River Campbell Praed. The Great Awakening P. Oppenheiim. The Hir.derers Edna Lyall. A Late. Repeaitance Speight. To-day and To-morrow Eleanor Holmes. The Conqueror G. Atherton. Jim, Thti Pennum D. Donovan. The First Men in thje Moon WteAls. The 'Catholic The Shadow of the Cross R. Cromi. Something in the City F. Warden. In the Shadow of the Purple G. Gilbert. Marion Manning E. Enstis. The Storv of Eden D. Wyllarde. A Lord of the Soil H. Dnnumond. The Point of Honour Hinkson. The Watcher of the Threshold J. Buchan. The Way of Escape Graham, Travers. My Strangest Case Guy Boothby. The Scarlet Lady Alan St. Aubyn. I The King's Council F. Richardson. The Lady Paramount H. Harland. Greater Love. J. Hocking. His Italian Wife Lucas Cleeve. The Ohilderbridge Mystery G. Boothby. I'he Mystery of a Shipyard R H. Savage. Margaret L. T. Meade. The Dead Ingleby Tom Gallon. Man, Woman and Fate J. D. Hardy. Dorothy Vernon. Major. A Blaze of Glory J. S. Winter. Woman, The Sphinx Fergus Hume. Fair Rov-alind J. E. Mud dock. The Lie Circumspect Rita. A Woman's No Lovett Cameron. A Welsh Witch Allen Raine. Dark o' the Moon S. R. Crockett. Shadow of the Rope E. W. Hornung. Scarlet and Hyssop E. F. Benson. Audrey Mary Johnson The Cat's-paw B. M. Croker. H,story of Sir R. Calmady L. Cleeve. The Eternal City Hall Caine Sophia Stanley Weyman. Terence B. M. Croker Becky Helen Mather. Jack Raymond E. L. Voynich. A Daughter of the Fields K. Tynan. A Missing Hero Mrs Alexander. The Gates of Dawn Fergus Hume. We of Unrest H. S. Merriman. A Little Grey Sheep Mrs H. Fraser. Quisante Anthony Hope. If Sinners Entice Thee Le Queux. The Wastrel M. A. Dickens. Voysey R. O. Prowse. Sawdust D. Gerard. Sister Teres.1. George Moore. Tristram of Bleat Anthony Hope. Babs, The Impossible J. Grand. PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodley's New Map of Llandudno and District. Mounted on CJofch. Published 1/ 166 {' Edw. Leach, Electrical Engineer AND I Contractor (ELECTRICIAN TO THE LLANDUDNO PIER CO., LTD.) All Classes of • Electric Work, Electric Bells, Telephones, etc., Undertaken, ESTIMATES FREE. I Note the address I 9, Tudno Street.. LlaDdudno. Telephone N c: Ü:¿7õ, ¡ Y Fe ddy giniaeth. Fawr Gymreig. DABLLENWCH! COFIWCHTI YSTYRIWCK TIT Oynwyea holl rinweddau Iachaol ac Adgryfhaol. Quinine, Sarsaparilla, Lafant, Dant-y-llew, Cynghaw, Crwynllys, a Saffrwn. Yn nghyda. Chwerw-Lysicwv a. Molux-Lysiau eraill. Y ma.e y Feddyginxaeth fawr ho-n yn adnabydnhxs yn mhob gn-lad wavoiddiedig wrth yr enw BITTERS GWILYM EVANS r „ „ A c TYSl'IOIAETHAU. BITTERS GWILYM EVANS. M;xe'r cryd, a'r mwyth, a llesgedtj, pho'b anhwyldeb blin, v ,MEDDYGINTAtriH EFFEITHIOL. 0 fiaen y Quinine Bitters Yn ft'oi i'w le ei hun. Cymeradiwyir gan CYNONFARDD. FEDDYGON, 3 Dolwyddelen, EbriU 13eg. DAIJANSODDWiK, g Foneddigi-on,—Yr wyf wedi defnydidio Quinine a. FFERYLLWYR, fJ). Bitters Gwilym Evans, ac wedi derbyn He.s trwy A chanmolir g.n Wb Sydd wedi AM*. prawf e £ £ SS& arno fel i ddim gwaith. Ond wedi cymeryd y feddyginiaeth MEDDYGINIAETH OREU YR OES tI hon, ni chefais ddim poen, ac yr wyf yn ysgafn Kj fy meddwl a m corph, ac yn gallu gweithio yn Ilawer aA g iawn gwell. DDIFFYO TREULIAD, Yr ^JOTN^THOMAS DOLUBIAU YR AFU, < BTT T ERB G W I L T M E V A N ST GWENDIDAU GIEUOL, | — PenzancerEbmi WedP a phob math o WEN DID. Fon-fxkligion,—Yr wyf yn amgau yr aria.il gofyn.- | Y mae yn rbcddii 01 am dair potelaid f¡.'rT o Quinine Bitters Gwilym twt Evans. Y maent wedi profi mor werthfawr, ac ER TH IR GWAN, wedi gwneud cymamt o les i mi, fel y teimlaf na lECHYD I'R OLAF ddylwn fod un amser heb eu cadw wrth law. Yr eiddoch yn fyddlawn, ..0\. MWYNHAD BYWYD I BAWB. T. DAVY WHITE. GOCHELWOH DWYLLWYR. Oh cynygir rhvw d,(Iori),triaeth antll i unrhyw brynwr, dan yr esgus ei fod yn llawn cystal a Ilawer rhatach, hvderir y bydd iddo ei wrthod yn benderfynol. Gall fod yn sicr fod ymgais yn cael ei wneud i'w dwyllo. Gwerthir mewn potelan, 2s 9o yr un; dwbl maint, 4s 6c, blychau yn cynwys tair potel L1.s 6c am 12s 6e. I'w cztel yn mhob man, neu demfonir yn rhad am y priisiau ucbod yn ddiogel trwy y post yn uniongyrchol fxkliwrth1 y Perchenogion— Quinine Bitters Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Llanelly, S. Wales. D.S.-C,k,llir cael Quinine Bitters Gwilym Evans yn yr America oddiwrth y Prif Orucbwyliwr-Mr R. D. WILLIAMS, Medical HaM, Plymouth, Pennsylvania. 8437 Price ONE PENNY Ihe Original r a IV% u o Llanoudno I ell i;m D1 t y and Visitor. Established 1854. Publishing Ofiiee: UPPER HOSTYfl STREET ¡ Largest Penny Paper I Published in J LLANDUDNO. Local News. Local Notes, The "Directory is by far the Best Local Paper, rthasftTOwn with Lbm- dudno. All the intluen- tial Residents take it and scores are sent away weekly to Visitors alioverEnjjlasid during the Winter Months. The Directory" is the Original l ioncer lVewspaper in Llandud- no. Etlorts havfc been made to rival it. but the Old -establisl)ed J Ollt iii nalmore than maintains its position. The Reports IN Directory lr c/ C a 0 y ARK sm Pl.it'l R. iablb AND BEPOB.TESS, Established 1 "107 I ARTISTIC | AND GENERAL PRINTINU Promptly and Neatly Executed Reasonable Prices, at the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE Printing Works, Caxton House, fiigh Street, I 6 BANGOR. yiFTY NEW FOUNTS of the Latest Faces have lately been added to the JOBBING DEPARTMENT, Which makes it now one of the LARGEST PRINTING PLANTS IN WALES. All the Machinertf ARE DRIVEN by A Powerful11 Otto' Gas Engine, Which have been adapted t. run at the Quickest'^ueed Possible. A.11 Orders careiully attended to Auctioneers' PRINTING Executed with Neatness and Despatch j Particulars of SALE Witb or without Plans. POSTERS ^Of Concerts, Bazaars, Sales &c. Plain or in Colours. Head Publishing Office. iSorth Wales Chronicle Office, High St. Bangor. t 0 Branch Publishing Offices ""Directory" Office, Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Cloranydd" Office, Bridge St., Llangefni.

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