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t..o: "I MM* ■ Comfortable Quarters at LLANDUDNO. 4 PAHTMENTS.—PUBLIC or PRIVATE SIT- .5 -ROOW. Two minutes from shore. Gooi cooking and attendance, with board if re- quired. Term# moderate and inclusive. Mrs Elliott, St. Ives, Vaughan-street. 9628 1 LAX DUDNO. —CARADOG HOUSE PRIVATE j J HOTEL, Lloyd-street (opposite St. George's Hotel). Sea View.. Tariff on application.—Mrs Slrowger, Proprietress. 7553 fLANTJUDNO.—Comfortable Summer APART- J MENTS three minutes from pier and pavi- lion cencre of bay; beautiful sea and mountain vie- commodious bedrooms; special moderate terms fur the Winter.—Mrs W. Jones, nee Miss Hobsjn, 3, Mostyn-crescent. 9360 ILANDUBNU. COURT ROYAL, Mostrn j avenue. Queens road. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS awl Good ACCODIODATION for r- AT I E Splendid sea view.—Nurse Brown. L.L.H.L.9.S., Proprietress, late of Albany House, Lloyd-street. 9613 Huuse and Estate Agency Office. ESTABLISHED 1857. J. HUGHES & CO. AGENT& AND VALUERS, CENTRAL CHAMBERS, Corner of MOSTYN AND LLOYD STREETS, LLANDUDNO. ALWAYS First Class FURNISHED RESIDENCES TO LET. First Class APARTMENTS. Also UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO LET and AT,E. SHOPS and BUSINESS PREMISES in Variety II FOR SALE and TO LET. Also FREEHOLD end LEASEHOLD LAND. VALUERS FOR PROBATE, etc., etc. MONEY PROCURED ON MORTGAGE AT Low Rate of Interest. RENT COLLECTORS, etc.. etc 8653 .-n- Masonic Hall Llandudno). IMPORTANT NOTICE. MESSRS J. W. ROGERS and CO. respectful- lV ly INTIMATE to their numerous PA- TRONS and the PUBLIC generally that they will 1 RESUME theim WEEKLY AUCTION SALES within theil)ove spaciouS-Sale Rooms (the finest in North Wales), on WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3rd, 1900. Parties having HOUSES OF FURNITURE to DISPOSE OF will find this a ready and satisfac- tory medium to realise to their satisfaction. THE HALL IS NOW OPEN FOR CONSIGNMENTS oil all descriptions of Property for absolute Sale. Cash advanced upon eame (if required). MODERATE TERMS WITH IMMEDIATE CASH SETTLEMENTS. Houses of Furniture bought outright, if desired. Highest Referneces upon application. 1 7546 WOODLEY'S Central Library (in connection with Mudie'a), UPPER MOSTYN STREET. LLANDUDNO. Reduced Terms of Snbacriptions. The following are a few of the books now In circulation :— The Giants' Gate By Max Pemberton. Royal George Baring Gould. Rickorsby'« FoBy Tom Gallon. A Union of Hearto K. Tynan. The Diva Annie Thomas. Fortune's Darling W. Raymond. The Million Dorothea. Gerard. The Devastator Ada Cambridge. A Double Choice James Baker The Eternal CSty Hall Came. A Herb of Grace R. N. Carey. Women Must Weep S. Tytler. A Jilt's Journal Rita. The Striking Hours Eden Phillpotts. Souls of Passage A. E. Barr. A Wompn Derelict M. Crommelin. Love the Aton-ement F. Campbell. Love Idy ll S. R. Crockett. Lest we Forget J. Rocking. '(he Trumpet of Hilary Blanchiand Mitford. His Lawful Wife Jean Middlemass. The Hero W. S. Maugham. Her Majesty's Minister Le Quenx. Jesse G. Marlowe. IJO ve and His Mask M. Dowie Four-Leaved Clover Maxwell Gray. A Great Lady Adelaide Sergeant. Mostly Fools and a Duchess Lucas Cleeve. Malicious Fortune Stella During. Kitty's Victoria Cross R. Cromie. Heavy Odd's Marcus Clarke. Millionaire's Love Story G. Boothby. Tristram of Blent Anthony Hope. Luck of the Vails E. F. Benson. House with a. History F. Warden. Skirts of Happy Chance H. Walson. The Serious Wooing J. Oliver Hobbs. Lena Laird W. J. Laidley. No Vindication C. Kernaham. Sister TeresS George Moore. Grit of the Bookmaker Percy White. Cinderella S. R. Orockett. A Son of Mammon, G B. Burgin. Love Rules the Camp Haggard. Mama's Mutiny Hugh Fraser. Nobler than Revenge Esme Stuart. The Aristocrats "Wildersmoro C. L. Antrobus. Pro Patria Max Pemberton. Among the Syringas M. E. Mann. Bitter Fruit Lovett Cameron. The Crisis Winston Churchill. Sawdust Dorothea Gerard. Voysey R. O. Prowte. Cinders Helen Mather. Once Too Often Florence Warden. Babs the Impossible S. Grand. Sons of the Morning Eden Phillpotts. Sophia. Stanley Weyman. Voices in the Night F. A. Steel. Voices in the Night F. A. bteel. The Master Christian > Marie Corelli. Life's Trivial Round R. N. Carey. An OW Rogue's Tragedy Rita. Terence. B. M. Croker. His Darling Sin M. E. Braddon. Becky Helen Mather. In High Places M. E. Braddon. Rcgue in Love — Tom Gallon. Th? Famngdoaa Ellen T. Fowler. A Name to Conjure With J S. Winter. Pomona's Travels F. Stockton. Second Lady Delcombe Mrs Kennard Boy Marie Coreill. Red Pottage Mary Cholmondley. Concerning Isabel Carnaby Fowler. Helbeck of Bannisdale Mrs Humphry Ward. Rupert of Hentzan Anthony Hope. I'cubla Thread E. T. Fowler. The Sinner Rita. Game and Candle Rha. Broughton. Honour of Vivian Bruce t Mrs NeedalL Girls will be Girls F. Warden. The Way of a Woman L. T. Meade. Fortuaete Gate G. Boothby. Fortune's Gale Alan sf: Aubyn. Limitations E. F. Benson. Wild Eelin W. Black. Gloria Mundi Harold Frederic. Torn Sails Allen Raine. My Lady Nicotine J. M. Barrie. Nulma Mrs Campbell Praed. A Storyteller's Pack F- Stockton. PIANOFORTES ON SALE AND HIRE. Woodiey's New Map of Llandudno and District, Mounted on Cloth. Published at 1/ 156 J. TO (Late Manager Old Fancy Bazaar, Llandudno), Cabinet Maker and Auctioneer's Assistant. FURNITURE REMOYER, PARK VIEW, MARL VIEW TERRACE, DEGANWY, near LLANDUDNO POST CARDS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ALL AUCTIONS ATTENDED. MONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT LOW INTEREST By Arrangement with W. H. Jones. 'I'll HIIIM 'I'll'fifc'i aowES, THE LOUNGE," tationer & Newsageqt, Fiqe Art Dealer AND Picture Frame Manufacturer. A Large Selection of Views of Llandudno and District, Coloured and in Black and White, Framed, Mounted or Unmounted. A Complete New Stock of Leather Goods. 9523 48, Mostyn Street, Llandudno. THE LLANDUDNO COCOA HOUSE ad TEMPERANCE HOTEL, 66, MOSTYN STREET Breakfast or Tea, w th Cold Beef Is. „ Ham Is. Kcrcfs Is TF ■LO# Ham and Eggs Is. 3d. Plain 8d. DINNERS DAILY from 12 to 3 CHOPS AND STEAKS LARGE & SHALL PARTIES CATERED FOR. — BEDS. — REEVES-HUGHES. ASK FOR HOP'S ALE, STOUT, OLD STYLE GINGER BEER, AND OTHER BEVERAGES, Is 6d PER DOZEN (SCREWED STOPPER). T. Esmor Hooson, WHOLESALE BOTTLER. LLANDUDNO. 9603 A DAY O^ SNOWDON. BOOK TO LLANBERIS (j^nvw.r.) BY THE CHEAP EXCURSION TRAIN Leaving Llandudno DAILY at 8-40 a.m. (July 27th. I August 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th. excepted), Returning from Llanberis at 5-50 p.m., Thence book to the Summit of the Mountain by the SNOWDON MOUNTAIN RAILWAY. THIS is the most wonderful line in the United Kingdom, -1- and affords magnificent views unobtainable from the footpath. First-class Hotels in Llanberis and it the sum- mit under the Company's management. Llanberis. 9605 G. C. AITCHISON, General Manager THE STEAMERS kio.ekf! of the ST. GEORGE'S S.S. Co., Ltd., Will ply (we&Aer and other causes permitting) on one of die moist beautiful Rivers in W ALES, between Degaqwy, Conway & Trefriw SEPTEMBER, 1901. Date of From From Return from Sailing. Degamry. Conway. Trefriw. 27.Friday 8 45 a. nL 8 50 a.m. 10 40 a.m. 28.Saturday 8 50 a.m. 9 0 a.m. 11 25 a.m. ;)G, Monday 10 26 a.m. 10 35 a.m. 12 45 p.m. OCTOBER, 1901. 1. Tuesday 11 10 a.m. 11 20 a.m. 1 30 p.m 2.Wednesday 11 30 a.m. 11 45 a.m. 2 15 p.m 3.Thursday 12 40 p.m. 12 50 p.m. 2 58 p.m. 4. Friday 1 46 p.m. 1 55 p.m. 3 48 p.m. 5.Saturday 3 10 p.m. 3 20 p.m. 5tO p.m. FARES Fore End, Is Cabin and Deck, Is 6d Return, 28 6d. + Doubtful if Steamers will reach Trefriw. Fares according to distance. Fo>r the convenience of Passengers, Luncheons and Teas will be ready on arrival at the Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw. t.J\ OR further particulars, apply to Messrs P. and P H. Lewis, Conway and Llanrwst; Messrs Roberts and Co., Quay, Conway; the Hotel Belle Vue, Trefriw; Mr Tomkinson, Mostyn-street, Llan- dudno; Mr Slater, Photo Artist, Mostyn-street. Llandudno Mr John Jones, Glasgow House, Pen- maenmawr; Mrs Tritton, Castle Hotel, Deganwy, and at all the principal hotels in the neighbourhood. For further information apply to the Manager, Captain W. ROBERTS Quay, Conway. Please note the name of this Company's Steamers, "ST. GEORGE" and "NEW ST. GEORGE." 9170 ALFRED LLOYD, Electrical Engineer and Contractor, Manufacturer & Patentee, LLANDUDNO and RHYL. HEAD OFFICE FOR NORTH WALES 139, Mostyn St., LLANDUDNO ESTIMATES FREE. 9407 VIOLIN LESSONS. MISS REBEKAH CLAXTON Visits and Receives PUPILS for VIOLIN LESSONS, also accepts Engagements for Concerts, at Homes, etc.—For terms apply 2, Gay-terrace. Llandudno. 8981 BORWICKs The Be.qt ¡ BAKINGS mn oney can iOWDERS HEALTHY HOMES BY REGULAR USE OF CALVERT'S No. 5 CARBOLIC SOAP. A pure Soap, combined with the strongest Disinfectant known, and its regular use for all ordinary household purposes will prevent Infectious and Contagious Diseases. It washes readily with any water, and no other Soap is so "effective in sweetening and whitening flannels, bed-linen, clothing and towels. Sold in 12 oz. and 1 lb. bars by Grocers, Chemists, Stores, etc. F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. 1King..918 8/8 3 Centre Half 718 6 Shuteezi 5/- Arty Color, or Size. Pattern, Flannelette, 2/3, 25/. doz.; MattinF Cloth, 2 /9,30/- doz. Unteaxable, 3/6, 401- dozen tShiq Cuartta K|IICI(EIJS. «»!», nissssfcis 'A" LlU "The SCOT" jfl K! Jak CHROME. For OTHER PATTERNS AND QUALITIES. SEE CATALOGUE. t SLk- )USG T G L OGUE LlVf-:R FREE • WATCH & OHAIW FOB OWE PAT'S WORK. I Boys and Girls can get a NICKEL- X PLATED WATCH, also a CHAIN and ^-V"a 3^ :ML CHARM, for selling lidoxen packages of BLUINK atFlrepencceach. Send your full address including name of County, by return mail, and we will forward the Blaine post paid, and a large premium list. No money • lequired. BX)<TIIiBCo.<D«paPtmeBtFir( ^^Ml^Qlp»y^Ho»kdj^e«t^liorwood^Ijondon^B^B^^ -==-=- ITERY VIBIOR TO LLANDUDNO SHOULD BUY WILLIAMS' ILJL.U STRATED GUIDE TO LLANDUDWO CONTAINING a history and descripiion of Con- C way Castle, the Vale of Conway, Llanrwst, Hettwsycoed, Capel Curig, Swallow Waterfalls, and itlier places of interest in the Snowdonian district; Oolwyn Bay, Penmaenmawr, Llanfairfechan, Aber, etc., with directions how to see them at the least possible expenae and Ion of time. "The work is very comprehensive. A num- oer of historical facts not generally known are intro- duced, and to the traveller will increase the interest he must naturally take in making a tour of this ro- mantic neighbourhood."—"Liverpool Mercury." The New Edition contains 130 pages of reading matter, and gives much valuable information to the Residents as well as Victors, such as the Authorised Rgcki,py Carnage, Boating, and Bathing FareF, Postal Information, Railway Fares, Town Porter sharges, etc., etc., Walks, Brake Drives, Steambor, Communication, etc. "The book is full of a mass of really usemi and practical information. There are directions to the tourist where to go and how to go at the least possib, ixnense and loss of time —"Liverpool Courier." "Will be foun-:A as useful as it is cheap —"Liverpool Daily Post." Crown 8vo., 100 pages contains map of district •md numerous Illustrations. To be had (by post, 7d, of the Publisher, EVAN VILLIAMS, Mark i-place, Bangor, rod ot all Book. elle.t THE FARMER AND • CHAMBER OF AGRICULTURE JOURNAL. SHOULD BE IN THE HANDS OF EVERY FARMER. EVERY MONDAY—ONE PENNY. THIS JOURNAL, m its 42nd year, is now pttb lished at ONE PENNY weekly, and is the I largest, cheapest, and beat Agricultural Pape.r. eontaint4 all the Agricultural News of the Week, the Latest Markets, and numerous onginal and interesting rtic1 on Yarming subjects by the leading Agricultural Writers of the day. May be ordeted through any Newsagent, at the Railway Bookstalls, or will be supplied direct from I ihe OFFICE, 291, STRAND, LONDON, W.G. Subscription, post free, 6s 6d per annnm. MOON'S HOTEL, LLANDUDNO J..J Jië.a. ).J '1 <0 o o (D I-' œ (D Q s trj 00 {f}. 77R, o Q Q.) CD C) œ Ia. 0 0 ONE MINUTE WALK FROM CENTRE OF PROMENADE AND STATION. THE MOST POPULAR PRIVATE HOTEL. NEW BILLIARD AND RECREATION ROOMS. PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SITTING BOOMS, ALSO NUMEROUS AIRY AND WELL-APPOINTED BEDROOMS. SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION FOR HOCKEY, CRICKET TEAMS, AND CYCLISTS. CHORAL AND SUNDAY CLASS PARTIES. Charges Moderate. W. 'Winch, Proprietor. unu THE "CRAIGYDON" Boarding Establishment (Temperance), LLANDUDNO. Facing the Sea. Terms Moderate. Misses Middleton & Wood, Proprietresses..87 —A—MMM U m m.^UW^AAKM—M 11 ■ mi N i'I si in ■ ■ MI TIT—ITTFIRTIIMWNRJOMLJXM—L DEGANWY CASTLE HOTEL Half way between Llandudnc and the Junction, Directiy facing Conway Cafe tie and Bridges. The nearest Hotel to the celebrated Carnarvonshire Golf Links, and within easy diatanco of the North Wales Links. VENIENT FOR ALL COACHING AND RAILWAY EXCURSIONS. BOATING. BATHING TENNIS, BILLIARDS, GOLT Good Accommodation for Cyclists. TARIFF ON APPLICATION TO Mrs TRITTON, PROPRIETIES SHIP INN 3te and 318, High Street Bangor. Richard Williams, PROPRIETOR BREAKFASTS, Luncheons, and Dinners, are JD always ready. Vistors to Bangor will be supplied and charge ft reasonable price at this- Establishment. J. & S. ROBERTS, Ironmongers, Plumberst Decorators, GAS, BELL AND HOT WATER I FITTERS, PAPEBHANGINGS. OIL AND COLOUR WAREHOUSE HOUSE REPAIRS. — LLOYD STREET, LLANDUDNO. Home Brand Specialities. INDISPENSABLE TO ALL PICNIC PARTIES. li' Rolled Ox Tongues, Sample Tins 2/9 3/8 4/- Rolled Calves' Tongues, Sample Tins 1/5 i'fv Potted Meats and Plates, Sample Tins from 6d each. Picnic Pressed Beef, Sample Tins 1/1 SO EASY TO OPEN! NO CUT FINGERS! NO SOILED CLOTHES. In Patent Tins, opened by a Key which removes whole side. Ask your Grocer for them. If he does not keep them, write for samples to THE LONDON CANNING CO., LTD., 30, York road, •w|IjpP King's Cross, LONDON. 9662 HB—ITTWI11 — IHWmnmamI'i II—■ STILL TO THE FRONT. = DICKS, The Leading House FOR EVERY DESCRIPTION 05 FOOTWEAR. Extensive preparations have been made for the SPRING AND SUMMER TRADE. Our huge Stock embraces a Variety that can not fail to meet the requirements oi everyone. GENT'S. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES IN EVERY KIND OF MATERIAL. TAN WHITE & BLACK LATEST DESIGNS, NEW SHAPES BETTER VALUE THAN EYEB DICKS 217, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. 7, BRIDGE STREET, AND 3. PALACE STRE ET, CARNARVON. 30, MAJMH-T STREET, HOLYHBAD. HIGH STREET. PWLLHELL 19457 THE OLDEST HORTICU LTURAL NEWSPAPER 3d The Gardeners' 15s WEEKLY. YEARLY, Poetag# /-V u • -j Poet id. (THE "TIMES" OF HARTICULTURE). FOR SiXTY YEARS 1 THE LEADING JOURNAL Its contributors comprise the uiocst Experienced British Gardepøweq, and many of the most Eminent Men of Science at home and abroad. IT HAS AN INTERNATIONAL REPUTATIO N FOR ITS ILLUSTRATIONS OF PLANTS. SECURITY in 4||r^ARfER'S ^TBILIOUSNESS. H9 m JT SICK HEADACHE; 8 \M E" Er T0RP'D LIVER. HI I MMM ^^INDIGESTION; U^L WWM IJ CONSTIPATION. DIZZINESS SALLOW SKIN. O a S Ir^k Small Pill. Small Do&e. Snail P««e- TheyTOUCH the LIVER Be Sure.they are CARTER S LLANDUDNO. Vincent's Iligh-Class Private & Family Hotel. Centre of ^e MARINE tensive Sea Frontage on the Parade also an uninterrupted and view of the Oar- narvonshire Private Sitting Rooms Facing the Sea. M' LOFTY AND SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. EXTENSIVE TENNIS. COURTS. T -ARIFF (graduated according to bhoo semm of the year), on ,application to 7605 John Vincent, Proprietor. IF IF CREST, LLANDUDNO. Bm Boarding Establishment CENTRE OF GRAND "FERNDALE"" Boarding Establishment, mi ]U.A. mz m -o m M*T CD I NEAR STATION AND CENTRE OF PARADE. Re-Furnished Throughout. Mrs P E A R S 0 N Proprietress. 9588 Claxton's Music Depot. PIANOS PIANOS. A large consignnmet of Collard and Collard's. World-renowed pianos just arrived. SEVERAL OTHER WELL-KNOWN MAKERS, PERFECTLY NEW, FROM 15 GUINEAS^ 1 SPLENDID SELECTION of VIOLINS by COLLIN MEZIN,BECKER, CHIPO, YUTLLAUMB From 21 to £ 50. MANDOLINES AND BANJOS. Conservatory Etetnelle First Violin Strings, 4 for a Is. All the NEWEST MUSro in StoolU Claxton's Music Depot Lower fflostyn-st,Llandudno Adjoining MOON'S HOTEL. 9589 PLAS MAWR, CONWAY /"————— i L%i TH OLD i V'A 7-0 I ELIZABETHAN PALACE I Open Daily. 9690