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GEORGE'S 1 Pile and Gravel Pills SELLIR CAEL Y FEDDYGINIAETH HON MEWN TRI 0 DDUIiLIAU GWAHANOL FEL Y CAN LYN: NO IDI 03tn ICA PARK HOUSE, SALISBURY ROAD, CARDIFF. ANWYL SYR,- Mae fy anwyl fam wedi dymuno arnaf lawer o weithiau i ysgrifenu atoch i ddiolch i chwi o waelod ei chalon am y lleshad y mae wedi dderbyn trwy eich Pelenau. Y mae yn 73 mlwydd oed ac y mae yn hapus genyf ddweyd y mae yn teimlo yn hynod o iach a hoenus. Priodola sefyllfa ei hiechyd i ddau beth, a defnyddio ei geiriau hi, sef, yn gyntaf, i drugaredd yr Arglwydd, ac i'ch Pelenau chwi yn ail. Dioddefodd boen dirfawr yn ei chefn am lawer o flynyddoedd, ond tua thair blynedd yn ol penderfynodd dreio blychaid o'ch Pelenau chwi, a mawr y lleshad a dderbyniodd yn union. Mae ei genauyn agored wrth bawb am y lies mae wedi deimlo, ac yn parhau i dderbyn o hyd. Teimlai rwymedigaeth arni i gyhoeddi hyn er budd i eraill. Ydwyf, yr eiddoch yn ddiffuant, D. BEYNON, Coal Merchant. MEWN BLYCHAU, 181 a 2s 9c YR UN. DRWY Y POST. Is 3c a 3s YR UN. PERCHENOG J. E. GEORGE,M.R.P.S., HIRWAJN, Aberdare DANEDD. ("1 ELLIR ymweled a DR. JONES, Bangor, bob T dydd Iau yn No. 16, Lledwigan-road, Llan- gefni. Yn Mangor bob dydd, ond dyddian Mawrth a Ian. Yn Llanerchymedd o 10 ta^ 1, ac Amlwch o B tan 5, gyda Mr Hughes, Stations, 8, Market-street, Gorphenaf 9fed, Awst 6ed Medi 3ydd, Hydiref laf a'r 29ain, Tachwedd 26ain, a Rhagfyr 24ain. Yn Methesda, Llanberis, ao Ebenezer ax ol Sajdwrn tai. • ••••••••••••••»| | Wonderful Modtoliio* I jgk and p?:°u? a?.d Nervous Disorders, such as Wind ness, Fulnes<j^e j o°m^h' Slck Headache, Giddi- A j 4$and Drowsin«? l"eals> Dirziness • t Loss of Anil! Chills, Flushings of Heat, a t dsSsteSr"-aswaffssi •: lUgla toft *"■ tb'y "m «*»<>». « | Worth a Guinea a Box j BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as directed, A will quickly restore Females to complete health. • o They promptly remove any obstruction or irregu- m 48 larity of the system. For a 10 IVsak Stomaoh, • a w Impaired Digestion, Discrdered Liver, 0 A they act like magic—a few doses will work ™ J?°nders upon the Vital Organs; Strengthening a Com^?«s-Cttlar System, restoring the long-lost Z ?opettee,0^brin8rin^ back the keen edge of « • Health thi ;&ivith( th,e R°sebud of human frame. These Sne,r$f °f. thousands, in all classes of admitted by Q 9 Prepared only by 41 « THOMAS BEECHAM, ST. HELEN8, LANCS. 40 0 BOld everywhere in Boxes '.1/1i d2l9each 0 0 ■ JOHN LLOYD & SON TOWN uRIEKS, Billposters & Distributors, 18, SKINNER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, HAVE the largest number of most prominent Poar ing Stations in all parte of Aberystwyth anc District. Having lately purchased the business and stations at Aberystwyth Advertising and General Bill ■Posting Stations, they are able to take large contracts f every description. Over 100 Stations in the Town and District. n fcle.Tow? *nd Conat7 Conn- «w,G. W. R Co., Cambrian Railway Co., all tht T0WI1 "d S**ieK &Dd 0tlMr 1387 r ESTABLISHED IN 1836. FOR THE PROTECTION OF TRADE. STUBBS' .MERCANTILE OFFICE, (Stubbs' Ltd.), 42, GRESHAM-STREET, LONDON, E.C. Subscribers, by obtaining timely information through THE STATUS ENQUIRY DEPARTMENT, MAY AVOID MAKING BAD DEBTS. Every Trader should read STUBBS' WEEKLY GAZETTE, With which is issued a Supplement containing LISTS OF CREDITORS. Under all the Important Failures. THE COMMERCIAL REGISTERS contain more than N.I N E MILLION ENTRIES. DEBTS RECOVERED PROMPTLY AND REMITTED TO SUBSCRIBERS ON TUE& DAY AND FRIDAY in Each Week. I.) RANCHES At Aberdeen, Birming- U ham, Blackbnrn, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Belfast, Cardiff, Cork, Croydon, Dublin, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Hud- dersfield, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liver- pool, London (West End), Manchester, New- castle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Portsi month, Sheffield, Southampton, Sunderland, Swan- sea, Wolverhampton. Sub-offices :-Buxton, Cambridge, Derby, Dam- fries, Gloucester, Greenock, Grimsby,Halifax,Hanley, Inverness, Ipswich, limerick, Londonderry, Mid- dlesboro', Newport (Mon.), Northampton, Oxford, Perth, Preston, Reading, Stockton-on-Tees, Tor- quay, Walsall, Waterford, Worcester, York. Terms:Cl Is, R2 2s, 23 3s, JB5 5a, according to requirements Prospectus forwarded on application to any of the above offices. ESTABLISHED 1848. THE Journal of Horticulture COTTAGE GARDENER AND HOME FARMER. CONDUCE BY JOHN WRIGHT, F.R.H.S. Ansisted bj taff of the Best Writers on PRAOTOAL GARDENING. WEEK>f!rt Price 3d; Post Free, Terms of Subscription:- Ofte Quarter, 3s 9d; Half Year. 7s 6d; One Year, 15s. Office: 171. FLEET STREET, LONDON, ¡ BEST POSSIBLE VALUE 5 -IN- Furnishing Goods Dinivirro complete riUI^LLn FURNISHING STORES, 9 to 19, Bold Street, LIVERPOOL. SEND FOR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE—FREE. ™" MAE POB MAMAETH PDA j YN DEFNYDDIO A CHYMERADWTO PELENU AC ENAINT y H OLLOVAY. MAENT WEDI BOD AR Y BLAEN I BOB PELENAU ERAILL AM DROS DRUGAIN MLYNEDDFEL Y FEDDYGINIAETH DEULUOL OREU. G^r;cuth.?.l:? yn I;ni;¡ yn 78, New Oxford Street (dhved.Iar 533, Oxford Street;, London; gwcrthir gvn yrhoUFfcryllwyr. a=.. JUBILEE. JTJBZLSE PELENAU JONES TREMADOC (JONES' TREMADOC PILLS), 0 EF jr HEN PEDDTGINIAETH GTMREIG ADNABYDDUS, ac sydd wedi SHVT I. < > PP-KWF dros IE[ANER CAN' MLYNED D gan y Devmas hon a Myfandiroedd Fwrop, tel mad oes braidd DouIu yn Kghjinru na chlyw suit en Tidau a'u Teidiau yn stm am eu rhFa- P°AaajcllJ'? 8-Tdd o'r Tstumog a'r Afu ao Anmtaedd y c!Ld y Or^ devm alau. Gwerthir gan yr holl Wholesale Houses a ManwOTthir gan bob Chemist drwy y byd gwa reiddiedig mewn Blychau Is l £ c. 2» 6c, a 4s 6o y» un. Os methir eu cael yn yr ardal, anfoner eu gwerth mewn Stamps i'r CAMBRIAN PILL. DEPOT) Tremadoc. North Wales D.S.-Nid oes Uai na Box cy fan O'l: Pills hyn i'w cael. I DO OT LET THIS ESCAPE YOUR CLOSEST ATTENTION. Mm wk Wl ill Listen! Not only to what we say, bu' what I 'TKOUSAISrDSd ^ARE SAYING B IK \)1 1 SAVE 50 PER CENT. I ..Jlf/M by purchasing direct from the Factory, and thus saving the ordinary retell profit H ASTOUNDING EVIDENCE. 1 jm 11 yl>, B SOTtlfMrica' May 7th' ^0QQhum^e1|and Fusiliers, Boshof, ■ South Africa, May 7th, 1900, as fOUOW8:- fgB H « f"tt^ar j "r t0 ^°U an<* ^°r "ie advantage I received from*you |N CRETE,B AV- B ^Itweiit well there, and also at SALISBURY MANOEUVRES. ■ UffiHAVgVk A\V ■ and has now been seven months out here. Durinq this time has ImS '/mmwm. »\ vi NEVER STOPPED, and hat been the time REGULATOR OF THE BB T" 8 „ REGIMENT.. In consequence of the CONTINUAL SANDSTORMS. B| This Is the Watch ■ and lying out in the sun, many vatchez went completely out of order, H — „ B but this wins the "ADMIRATION OF ALL. I may further say that H Sergeant Bailey writes" it has received more than a few falls—one in water is going g| flj, M. "as well as ever. Yours faithfully,—Sergeant J. BAILEY g The Marvel 'Acme' Patent Lever Watch IN SOLID STERLINC SILVER CASES, fln plate extra fitted with I LETTERS PATENT, can be supplied to you reader /or 25 Compare these with thoTefH/I ffias1 1 Hundreds of these watches are supplied every day by H. SAMUEL. SAVE POUNDS uo to t),. d nm.. H you, get an Order for 25/ send it to H. SAMUEL, and you will scarcely have despatched it beW h«<f h^k H in your hands, by return mail, registered with key, full printed instructions and warranty r Te Years, this m Superb Time-keeper. With each a handsome » BONUS REWARD PRIZE K Is ineluded from H. Samuel's large Distribution, full particulars of which in H. Samuel's Album of Bargains together with lists of presents. 8 given n REMEMBER A MONTH'S FREE TRIAL I saves you from any risk. S?' MILWIE YOU RECEIVED IT?" | „ IF YOU HAVE NOT IT COSTS Y00 NOTHING TO GET IT. H.. SAMUKL'S MAGNIFICENT VOL.,™ OF Bargains w Watches, Jewellery, containing over 3,000 EXACT ENGRAVINGS and photos of the or"Bit^° articles H consisting of Watches from 6/ Clocks at 1/6, Plate, Jewellery, all at Wholesale Prices. A FAPTHDV im VAiio OWN home without the trouble of travelling. H. SAMUBL sends with pleasure this volume tn iljJLlr application GRATIS ANO POST FREE. BEWARE of THE BRAND OF DEBT a«d m^th)v ravments1 11 «a2i.»«e-^i.ddIe PROFLTS- H. SAMU*L not only guarantees the quality, BUT ALLOWR *Mi^rM»a H JESSSB^&wRlr^oSSv11'' H' H^SAMUEL,1>N 4Q3, MANCHESTER. I "A. 'ø- ITTPD AT QT A TT HERALDIC STATIONERS. SPECIMENS FREE. JARVIS & FOSTER, Lome House, Bangor, 20735 M. BRIGGS & StON, Brussels House,, (NEXT DOOR TO G.P.O.,) 1'( A T T'E. y SALE NOW ON. GREAT REDUCTIONS. 96H < DONALD CAMERON, TAILOR & CLOTHIER, I CATHEDRAL BUILDINGS, BAN G OR, R ispectfully invites the attention of SPORTSMEN AND TOURISTS to a LARGE and SELECT STOCK of HIGHLAND TWEEDS AND HOME SPUNS fn carefully selected Patterns and well-known Shades, suitable for Hill Side and Corer, for Moor and River also a Choice Assortment of CLERICAL AND YACHTING SERGES, CRICKETING AND SHIRTING FLANNELS. HAND-KNITTED, KNICKE T.-BOCEER STOCKINGS, IN CHECKS, HEATHER MIXTURES, AND PLAIN COLOURS; SPATS, LEGGINGS, AND ANKLETS, SHOOTING CAPS, TWEED HATS, AND HELMETS, WADERS, FISHING STOCK INGS AND BROGUES, WATERPROOF COATS, CAPES, AND BUGS, LEATHER TRUNKS, PORTMANTEAUS, BAGS, AND STRAPS. for Dr. Jaeger's Pure Wool Manufactures and Cellular Clothing Co. ROBE AND CAP MAKER BY APPOINTMENT TO THE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Ol NORTH WALES. PATTERNS ON APPLICATION. TELEPHONE No. 11. ESTABLISHED uVER 60 YEARS. c WM. ROWLANDS & CO., WHOLESALE and RETAIL WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANTS, BANGOR. Basq & Co.'s Ales and Guinness' Stout in Cask and Bottle. — Office and Vaults—288, HIGH STREET. Bottling and Duty Paid Stores-James Street & Union Street, Bangor Branch Establishment—Foundry Vaults, Llangefni. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION. 21713 THOMAS'S High Class Dressmaking. I LATEST NOVELTIES IN Mantles, Jackets, Millinery, Costume and Dress Fabrics, Fancy and General Drapery. London House, Bangor. JOSIAH HUGHES & Co., un General, Furnishing, Manufacturing and Builders' IRONMONGERS, 159 & 161, HIGH STREET, BANGOR. VALLANCE BROTHERS, Merchant Tailors & Costumiers. Immense NEW STOCK ——-—— i Special Show for this week at 259, High St., I OF Gent's NEW OVERCOATINGS, Gent's NECKWEAR, HIGH-CLASS GOODS. NEW SHAPES AND COLOURS. Gent's AUTUMN UNDERWEAR Gent's HATS, CAPS & GLOVES, ALL PURE WOOL. BEST MAKERS' GOODS. SPECIALITE. 'N'ENV ]DESIGNS LADIES' COSTUME CLOTHS, CO-OURS. AND FUR and SILK-LINED GLOVES, HOSE, &c. Special Show for this wee at 300, High St. (the Old Premises). New Fashions in Ladies' Capes. Jackets, Mclntoshes, Furs, Blouses. CHILDREN'S COATS, ETC. Lowest possible CASH PRICES. Vallanee Bros., Bangor. BROWiN AND Co., EASTGATE ROW. Silk Mercers to the late Qaecu Victoria. t beg to announce « SPECIAL SHOW of N E W GOOD 8 for THE SEASON on MONDAY, September 30th, TUESDAY, October 1st, 1901* AND SUCCEEDING DAYS, SEE W T~N D O W S TT-ENDAL, MILNE, and CO., MANCHESTER. Telegrams, "Kenmil." Telephone, 1746. BUSINESS HOURS, 8.30 to 6 (Saturdays 2). LETTER HAVE CAREFUL and EXPEDITIOUS ORDERS ATTENTION. AFTER BUSINESS HOURS. AND ON SUN- DAYS FUNERAL ORDERS AND URGENT COM- MUNICATIONS WILL BE ATTENDED TO AT 8a. ST. JOHN-STREET. Di-AN Si; ATE KENDAL, MILNE, & oo., MANCHESTER. 1*56 ACCIDENTS of all KINDS RAILWAY ACCIDENTS EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY, I Insured against THEFT INSURANCE aa(t FIDELITY BONDS granted by the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE CO. Established 1849. Claims Paid £ 4,300,000 M, OORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, SecreWy. A^erits required in unrepresented district*. Manchester Office: 64, Cross-street. 3411 For HARNESS THY W. LOVATT High Street, Bangor. New & Second-hand Harness always in Stock. Second-hand Bought or Exckuged for New. 21643 NOTICE Please Note that the Colwyn Bay and District Advertising & Billposting Co., Limited, have, owing to the great area now covered by them, adopted a new name, and will in future be known as The Welsh Northern Counties Billposting and Advertising Co.. Limited, Carrying on Business in that name at COLWYN BAY, LLANDUDNO, CONWAY, ABERGELE, PENMAENMAWR, PWLLHELI, and PORTMADOC. PARCELS for PORTMADOC to 0. ROBERTS. 3. Church-street, Tremadoc. Parcels for PWLLHELI to T. ELIAS. Gaol-street, IVllheli. kE otlap-r Parcels to COLWYN BAY. SURPLUS STOCK of CLEARANCE SALE. STILL a TREMENDOUS SELECTION at (') LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S SECOND- HAND MACHINES to SELECT FROM. Must clear to make room for the (baioe New Stock on order. Now is the time to obtain a. Real R«i<gani. All Machines are guaranteed to be jm first rate condition. Some no worse than new. A BICYCLE WITHIN THE REACH OF :3LL.. E. W. ELIAS, CYCLE DEPOT, BANGOR. s ma NANTLLE VALE. W. GRIFFITH DAYIES, Billposter, Distributor, & To Crier, Penygroes, R.S.O., N. WaleL | OWNER OF ALL THE CHIEF POSTINGF STAlxu^fe.