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| A cracked egg may be boiled perfectly well if, before placing in boiling water, it is first trapped in oiled paper and tied with a string. To renew stale cake dip the cake into cold milk for a second. Rebake in a cool oven. Cake treated in this way will taste quite new, and is easier to digest. Bread can be renewed in the same way, using water in place of milk. In a house where there is a great deal of work to do, the breakfast bacon is apt to be spoilt by being cut too thick and in a hurry. This may be prevented, if the cook will slice the bacon finely the day before, and it will taste equally good. When preparing suet for puddings, mince- meat, etc., get a coarse grater, which may be bought for a few pence, and rub the suet through it. This is a far quicker and easier method than chopping, and ensures no lumps being left. Scorches from ironing can be removed by applying the following mixture: The juice of a bruised boiled onion mixed with a small quantity of vinegar, white soap, and. fuller's earth. T'ie part will require to be well washed after the scorch is removed. Don't throw away your old mackintosh, y it can be cut up for various useful purposes. Have a piece for b bv' cot, another for an '9 apron under your flal apron when you bathe baby. Odd pieces will make over- sleeves for same duty, and, after all that, you can still have a bathing cap.