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WANTED GOOD Strong GENERAL for small \J)T family. Comfortable home and good wages to suitable person.—Apply— Z!- T. SUELL, Strathmore, Liscard, Cheshire ON SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY A HOUSE at 10 Peutredwr, Rhos, to- g-ether with about 400 square yards of Land.-Apply) SETH EVANS, I Broad Street, Rhos. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY. TWO NEW HOLSES known as the Telephone Houses, Princes Road, Rhos.-Apply WM. EDWARDS, Princes Road, Rhos. ON SALE A SPLENDID CAMPING TENT.— Apply Herald Office TO LET. OUSE in Offa Terrace, Johnstown. Apply J. Tysilio Jones. BOOK Debts purchased, cash down, any district.—W Jackson, 26, Cor- poration street, Manchester. RUABON COUNTY SCHOOL. THE WINTER TERM begins on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th. Applications for admission to be made to e Head Master, J. R. ROBERTS, M.A. Meetings, Entertainments, &c. Don't Forget Jerusalem Juvenile Choir's Grand Concert on Wed- nesday, September 7th. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT of PIr JflRlES SflUYflGE The World-Renowned Baritone. PUBLIC HALL, RHOS, lios Fercher, Tachwedd 2, 1910. Rhoddir Perfformiad o'r Gantawd + Gyssegredig (GORUCHAFIAETH JOSEPH) flan Gor Plant Capel Gobaeth, (Arweinydd, Mr H. Iorwerth Lewis). -0- Manylion i ddilyo. THE EVENT OF THE SEASON -0- RETURN VISIT After very many years of absence of the Famous World-Renowned SEDGWICK'S MENAGERIE TO DOS, Wednesday, Sept. 7, 1910 And Stand on the WHITE LION GROUND, Cross, Rhos. -0- SIHTDBEDS of WILD ANIMALS Three of the Greatest Lion Tamers on Earth. Also Lady Lion Tamer. 3SONSTRE ATTRACTIONS this visit. Great Tug of War Contest- Elephant JI: 30 Local Men, for a Handsome Silver iuxtp. (Cup seen at Messrs Roberts and Jarylor, Cross, Rhos) SPLENDID MILITARY BAND. Doors open at 3-30 aod 7 pe me Will also visit Llangollen, Sept. 5th, Mdth, Sept. 6th.

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