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I BLANCHARD'S I I APIOL if STEEL PILLS I at with «-iyluiMaT7 Roaktat ui ThUbw»I< H 7 M4I« Ckemuti tote, or ptxfrte fram 7 S^LwIl^totrmLtd^Dtlston-iMejLondOT^J IIIIII N———S HIM MA— I ■«W W ■ M. I ■ „ ,,<■■■■ «».» 7 df-erri NAVY! ^Rubber Heels Raw Rubber has advanced over 100% above the normal price. Rubber heels made from natural rubber cannot now be made for the price at which they have previously been sold. JB There are two courses open. One-to take it out of the quality. The other-to advance the price. in Quality has made the market for Redfern's Navy Pads, SB and Redfera's are determined that the standard of 1| quality shall be maintained under any circumstances. B S So the price is advanced. I Men's, 7!d. per pair; B Ladies' and Children's, 5d. per pair. Z—B jtj oy &a boat .1. and *two& m REDPERNo3 RUBBER WORKS LTD., a BENSOWS^WATCHES WWW infix to THB 1UBKBT, IT MARBRIS CASH PRICES. 1b Silver Cases. Ju8t W^tch for fLrnSm*KS/l7 Ths MARVEL of the 20th CENTURY. BENSON'S jmT\ m ENGLISH LEVER. "TTiTE wish the public to buv ft Good LONDOK* T \Wm ▼▼ MADE ENGLISH" LEVEK. instea4 ■MraBStf |B ^mnoQ country-tuads English. S>vif», ot nVS^ jHHjfiS Amarican work, and are sure thai will finti •« 11ml amta much cheaper in the long iuu. bunco our hjtro. A$\ duotion of thiii Wateh for »Lo»« who du not wish to Ip8iAJ more 23 lOa, I VSLX. jgro yMm Ths movement is J-plaV r-.t nor Londoa maka, Jswelled in 7 actions In M .ivo SU>t«inf Silver Crystal Glass Cases. £ 8 lute Sent free and g&fe at wr risk, to a^l parts of the World lor cash, or P.0.0. BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES bom £ 2 to £ 500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE <k«-, Ao. Posfi f«e oe» application. Zc SKt«v Ca««"s. BBHSr»W"5l AIMinm watches 8»lw. Crystal Gla«s prioe £ 2. Uneqnalled to}-'any other Wsieb /#.i \«h| Seleftivns v? Watches or Jtwelftry sent fr*f on receipt of rrffrence. (if 7 OLD WATCHES AND JEWE1XEKY TAKEN IN liXC-HANQE. wii rt mVmm WATCHES and JEWEI,I.EitY sent free by post at our risk to aOf mjt BMHSB put8 of the World or Cash fee Post Offica Order. Jo W. BENSON, Ltd., WW f h I^JKK B.M. THE QUKKKS WATCBMAKTBS. VK &X i tmsB THE STEAM factory— 1M 62 4 64, LOOGATE HILL, LONOOti. OtOSKS for fttwwistisn Church, School, and PubMc ffirtlrtnH VABTIovlaks POST Fam ^rlenis COVENTRY CRA ,12 YEARS. KwctwHiTwomit. tonfl cyclr at the oh OELVest (i UARAME I PgEMSgftS,SWIFTS, prkv, h Reader ? Very weil. then, 3"c tne ou best, and 1 will MLn Slit n't: rr quot e you Pounds vlH^ roOCRESS, Wv^lOW rhe Makers' and «. SSHSHS- B.CVCLE _«T 1 .a. Agent. prk«. m 10 tf&M A OR « w. Coventry machines at such ■*> 'A ACH WH> ml\ cut pricss aw I can and mark you—each is ^sBhlbk/f4A man run srr>gvj mtm and soid to Maker1» standard speoftcatkmy I |CJT<B rmt can s>ajr ju»t •• much »* you «*a /AWf fnOl klwlv spart S»U* remember—the machine is despatch** on /JBS. 1 H f> » *pe>rcrrai iinmediateh on paymentot smal. <Je- m nil BsJss ^EhkX posit. Budge-Wh it-worths from £ 3 15a. cash. /JaRjp I llV/g¥ n Edwo. OBRiEN, LTO. C^Hkl Cycle ^cycles m<M ,„